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  • The Rocks (1988)
  • TV Movie | 94 min | Drama
The Rocks (1988)
TV Movie | 94 min | Drama

Philip Ryall (as Phillip Ryall) | Keith Thompson
Production Designer

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Updated Apr 4, 1988

Release date
Apr 4, 1988 (Australia)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Andrew McFarlane
Det. Sgt. Mark Castelli Det. Sgt. Mark Castelli   See fewer
Shane Briant
Zoli Scoane Zoli Scoane   See fewer
Dennis Miller
Det. Sr. Constable Abbottson Det. Sr. Constable Abbottson   See fewer
Graham Rouse
Insp. Mack Insp. Mack   See fewer
Kim Krejus
Bonnie Bonnie   See fewer
Cassandra Delaney
Cheri Scoane Cheri Scoane   See fewer
John O'Brien
Danny Young Danny Young   See fewer
Roger Ward
Bill 'The Dentist' Bill 'The Dentist'   See fewer
John Bonney
Assistant Commissioner Astill Assistant Commissioner Astill   See fewer
Pat Bishop
Sgt. Whitten Sgt. Whitten   See fewer
Robert Taylor
Constable Gottlieb Constable Gottlieb   See fewer
David Lynch
Constable Fletcher Constable Fletcher   See fewer
Joe Bugner
'Crusher' Harris (as Joseph Bugner) 'Crusher' Harris (as Joseph Bugner)   See fewer
Rosey Jones
Sharon - Barmaid Sharon - Barmaid   See fewer
Patrick Ward
Sheedy Sheedy   See fewer
David Bracks
Tony 'The Dazzler' Tony 'The Dazzler'   See fewer
Barry Donnelly
Lennie 'The Torch' Lennie 'The Torch'   See fewer
Georgie Sterling
Mrs. Vaughan Mrs. Vaughan   See fewer
John Alansu
Mr. Chang Mr. Chang   See fewer
Geeling Ching
Young Chines Woman (as Geeling) Young Chines Woman (as Geeling)   See fewer
Ann Fay
Const. Marie Const. Marie   See fewer
Barbara Wyndon
Mrs. Singer Mrs. Singer   See fewer
Colleen Clifford
Mrs. Hennessey Mrs. Hennessey   See fewer
Phillip De Carle
Marina Manager Marina Manager   See fewer
Kevin Healy
Sammy (Boardroom) Sammy (Boardroom)   See fewer
James G. Steele
Ron (Boardroom) Ron (Boardroom)   See fewer
Fredric Abbott
Gordon (Boardroom) Gordon (Boardroom)   See fewer
Colin Gow
Matthew (Boardroom) Matthew (Boardroom)   See fewer
Rob Steele
Patrick Patrick   See fewer
Murray Fahey
Paul (Photocopy Room) Paul (Photocopy Room)   See fewer
Leonie Han
Prostitute in street Prostitute in street   See fewer
Scott Ferguson
Policeman #1 Policeman #1   See fewer
Robert Padwick
Policeman #2 Policeman #2   See fewer
Harry Gow
Tiger Tiger   See fewer
Su Cruickshank
Woman in back yard Woman in back yard   See fewer
Vickii Christie
Female computer operator Female computer operator   See fewer
Colin Borgonon
Businessman Businessman   See fewer
Paula Goodman
Well dressed woman Well dressed woman   See fewer
Catriona Gillies
Stills Photographer Stills Photographer   See fewer
Richard Moss
Kiosk owner (as Dick Moss) Kiosk owner (as Dick Moss)   See fewer
Mary Ann Severne
Mother on ferry Mother on ferry   See fewer
Jaiman Bayly
Jeremy on ferry Jeremy on ferry   See fewer
Troy Williams
Older son on ferry Older son on ferry   See fewer
Michael Sparkes
Man on ferry Man on ferry   See fewer
Tony Deary
Senior Constable in alley Senior Constable in alley   See fewer
Chin Yu
Chinese woman in alley Chinese woman in alley   See fewer
Sean Freebairn
Boy on jetty Boy on jetty   See fewer
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