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  • Flawless (1999)
  • R
    112 min | Crime, Drama
Flawless (1999)
112 min | Crime, Drama

An ultraconservative security guard suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons with the drag queen next door.
Joel Schumacher (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 24, 1999 (United States)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Robert De Niro
Walt Koontz Walt Koontz   See fewer
Barry Miller
Leonard Wilcox Leonard Wilcox   See fewer
Nashom Wooden
Amazing Grace (as Nashom Benjamin) Amazing Grace (as Nashom Benjamin)   See fewer
Vincent Laresca
Raymond Camacho Raymond Camacho   See fewer
John Enos III
Sonny (as John Enos) Sonny (as John Enos)   See fewer
Jude Ciccolella
Detective Noonan Detective Noonan   See fewer
Mina Bern
Mrs. Spivak Mrs. Spivak   See fewer
Madhur Jaffrey
Dr. Nirmala Dr. Nirmala   See fewer
Mark Margolis
Vinnie Vinnie   See fewer
Kyle Rivers
LeShaun LeShaun   See fewer
Sammy Rhee
Mr. Pim Mr. Pim   See fewer
Hyunsoo Lee
Mrs. Pim Mrs. Pim   See fewer
Penny Balfour
Cristal Cristal   See fewer
Winter Ave Zoli
Tasha (as Winter B. Uhlarik) Tasha (as Winter B. Uhlarik)   See fewer
Raven O.
Notorious F.A.G. (as Raven O) Notorious F.A.G. (as Raven O)   See fewer
Joey Arias
Stormy Stormy   See fewer
Craig Braun
Paulie Paulie   See fewer
John Doumanian
Mr. Terzola Mr. Terzola   See fewer
Melissa Osborn
Tourist Tourist   See fewer
John Contratti
Customer Customer   See fewer
Rod Rodriguez
Lesbian Lesbian   See fewer
Alice Williams
Lesbian Lesbian   See fewer
Antonette Schwartzberg
Mrs. Terzola Mrs. Terzola   See fewer
Hamilton De Oliveira
Hotel Janitor Hotel Janitor   See fewer
Logan McCall
EMS Technician EMS Technician   See fewer
John Mack
EMS Technician (as John E. Mack) EMS Technician (as John E. Mack)   See fewer
John R. Corcoran
Physical Therapist Physical Therapist   See fewer
Matt Merchant
Man in Crowd Man in Crowd   See fewer
Kevin Aviance
Singer Singer   See fewer
CoCo LaChine
Singer (as Coco LaChine) Singer (as Coco LaChine)   See fewer
José Ángel García
Singer (as Jose Angel Garcia) Singer (as Jose Angel Garcia)   See fewer
Bruce Roberts
Singer Singer   See fewer
Al Marz
Cristal's Boyfriend Cristal's Boyfriend   See fewer
Nina von Arx
Dancer (as Nina Sonja Peterson) Dancer (as Nina Sonja Peterson)   See fewer
Larry Marx
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Mitchell Lichtenstein
Gay Republican Spokesperson Gay Republican Spokesperson   See fewer
John Fink
Gay Republican Lawyer Gay Republican Lawyer   See fewer
Bret Kropp
Drag Queen Drag Queen   See fewer
Constance Boardman
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Lucy Cerezo-Scully
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Al Thompson
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Alba Albanese
Working Girl (uncredited) Working Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Christian Boeving
Max (uncredited) Max (uncredited)   See fewer
Vava Buitenkant
Hooker (uncredited) Hooker (uncredited)   See fewer
Natalie Carter
Neighbor (uncredited) Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Harkins
Drag Pageant Contestant (uncredited) Drag Pageant Contestant (uncredited)   See fewer
Denice De Jon Nortez
Tango-Dancer (uncredited) Tango-Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Victor Rasuk
Kid from the Neighborhood (uncredited) Kid from the Neighborhood (uncredited)   See fewer
Lois Sach
Comedy show audience (uncredited) Comedy show audience (uncredited)   See fewer
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