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  • Witness to the Mob (1998)
  • R
    TV Movie | 124 min | Crime, Drama
Witness to the Mob (1998)
TV Movie | 124 min | Crime, Drama

Underboss "The Bull" Gravano rises through the ranks of the Gambino mob. His brutal past catches up to him when he lands behind bars and faces the life-threatening decision to turn state's evidence against his former friend, John Gotti.
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Stanley Weiser (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 10, 1998

Release date
May 10, 1998 (United States)


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106 cast members
Name Known for
Nicholas Turturro
Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano   See fewer
Tom Sizemore
John Gotti John Gotti   See fewer
Debi Mazar
Deborah Gravano Deborah Gravano   See fewer
Abe Vigoda
Paul Castellano Paul Castellano   See fewer
Philip Baker Hall
Toddo Aurello Toddo Aurello   See fewer
Adam J. Roth
The sign painter The sign painter   See fewer
Frank Vincent
Frankie DeCicco Frankie DeCicco   See fewer
Lenny Venito
Sal DiMaggio Sal DiMaggio   See fewer
Johnny Williams
Angelo Ruggiero Angelo Ruggiero   See fewer
Frankie Valli
Frank LoCascio Frank LoCascio   See fewer
Michael Imperioli
Louie Milito Louie Milito   See fewer
Vincent Pastore
Mikey De Batt Mikey De Batt   See fewer
Michael Ryan Segal
Nicky Cowboy Nicky Cowboy   See fewer
Richard Bright
Joe (Old Man) Paruta Joe (Old Man) Paruta   See fewer
Chris Cenatiempo
Jimmy Falcona Jimmy Falcona   See fewer
John Cenatiempo
Jake Falcone Jake Falcone   See fewer
Steven Randazzo
Jimmy Rotondo Jimmy Rotondo   See fewer
Richard Council
Louie Di Bono Louie Di Bono   See fewer
Kirk Acevedo
Nicky Scibetta Nicky Scibetta   See fewer
Nicholas Kepros
Vincent 'The Chin' Vincent 'The Chin'   See fewer
Jessica DiCicco
Karen (as Jessica Di Cicco) Karen (as Jessica Di Cicco)   See fewer
Kathrine Narducci
Linda Milito Linda Milito   See fewer
Arthur J. Nascarella
Bruce Mouw Bruce Mouw   See fewer
Jason Robards III
Andrew Maloney Andrew Maloney   See fewer
Christopher Lawford
Prosecuter John Gleeson Prosecuter John Gleeson   See fewer
Robert Modica
Albert Krieger Albert Krieger   See fewer
Ray Abbott
Shooter Shooter   See fewer
George Antonopoulos
FBI Prankster At Window FBI Prankster At Window   See fewer
Peter Appel
Eddie Garafolo Eddie Garafolo   See fewer
Ben Baird
Press photographer (as Benjamin V. Baird) Press photographer (as Benjamin V. Baird)   See fewer
Frank Bonsangue
Actor (credit only) Actor (credit only)   See fewer
Elaine Brier
Wedding Singer Wedding Singer   See fewer
Francesca Carlin
TV Reporter #2 TV Reporter #2   See fewer
Jason Cicardo
Wise Guy Wise Guy   See fewer
Leonardo Cimino
Neil Dellacroce Neil Dellacroce   See fewer
Sam Coppola
Judge Leo Glasser Judge Leo Glasser   See fewer
Gerard Cordero
Wiseguy #1 Wiseguy #1   See fewer
Cher Cosenza
Child to gangster (as Cheryl Cosenza) Child to gangster (as Cheryl Cosenza)   See fewer
Robert Crest
Mobster Mobster   See fewer
Drena De Niro
Girl in beauty shop Girl in beauty shop   See fewer
Joey Dee
Joey colucci (as Joseph Dee) Joey colucci (as Joseph Dee)   See fewer
Vinny DeGennaro
The Get Away Driver (as VinDiGi) The Get Away Driver (as VinDiGi)   See fewer
Alan Del Tufo
Young Louie Milito Young Louie Milito   See fewer
Danielle Di Vecchio
TV Reporter #3 TV Reporter #3   See fewer
Craig DiFrancia
Mob Guy Mob Guy   See fewer
Jeffrey Donovan
Agent #1 Agent #1   See fewer
Denise Faye
Dawn De Batt Dawn De Batt   See fewer
Joey Franquinha
Gerard (as Joseph Franquinha) Gerard (as Joseph Franquinha)   See fewer
Marie Gabrielle
Vicky Gotti Vicky Gotti   See fewer
John Galarza
Wedding Scene Crew Wedding Scene Crew   See fewer
Charles A. Gargano
John Kravec John Kravec   See fewer
Sean Gavigan
Agent #2 Agent #2   See fewer
David Glass
TV Reporter #1 TV Reporter #1   See fewer
Michael Goldfinger
Bruce Cutler Bruce Cutler   See fewer
Michael Harkins
Arresting Officer Arresting Officer   See fewer
Richard Hecht
Food Vendor #1 Food Vendor #1   See fewer
Matteo Ingrao
Paulie Paulie   See fewer
John Samuel Jordan
Car Thief Car Thief   See fewer
Tony Kruk
Di Bernardo Di Bernardo   See fewer
Gaetano LoGiudice
Gotti Bodyguard Gotti Bodyguard   See fewer
Roseanne Massa
Lois Fiorno Lois Fiorno   See fewer
Boris McGiver
Agent #3 Agent #3   See fewer
Michael McGovern
Foreman Foreman   See fewer
Peter McRobbie
George Pape George Pape   See fewer
Frank Minucci
Norman Du Ponte Norman Du Ponte   See fewer
Nick Muglia
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Dan Musico
French Napier
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Alfred Nittoli
Motts Cassella Motts Cassella   See fewer
Manos Pantelidis
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Joe Passaro
Bobby Esposito Bobby Esposito   See fewer
Garry Pastore
Frankie Hearts Frankie Hearts   See fewer
Stephen Payne
Bosko Radonjich Bosko Radonjich   See fewer
Gary Perez
Agent #4 Agent #4   See fewer
Begonya Plaza
Actress (as Begoña Plaza) Actress (as Begoña Plaza)   See fewer
Nicholas A. Puccio
Crew Member (as Nick Puccio) Crew Member (as Nick Puccio)   See fewer
Lance Reddick
Foreman Trial 2 Foreman Trial 2   See fewer
José Ramón Rosario
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Sonny Rose
Wedding Singer Wedding Singer   See fewer
Ina Rosenthal
Forewoman Trial 4 Forewoman Trial 4   See fewer
Michael Rothberger
Night Shift Guard Night Shift Guard   See fewer
John Rothman
White House Advisor White House Advisor   See fewer
Joseph Siravo
Gene Gotti Gene Gotti   See fewer
Michael 'Scuch' Squicciarini
Bodyguard #1 Bodyguard #1   See fewer
Nick Stellate
Pallbearer Pallbearer   See fewer
Mary Testa
Roseanne Roseanne   See fewer
Terry Von Hightower
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Tessell Williams
Court Clerk Court Clerk   See fewer
Wiley Wisdom
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Jennifer Yeager
Maria De Maggio Maria De Maggio   See fewer
Sonny Zito
Bodyguard #2 Bodyguard #2   See fewer
Patrick Coleman Duncan
Courthouse Rioter (uncredited) Courthouse Rioter (uncredited)   See fewer
Jerry Grayson
Castellano's Driver (uncredited) Castellano's Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Lou Martini Jr.
Groom (uncredited) Groom (uncredited)   See fewer
George F. Miller
FBI Agent in the Court Room (uncredited) FBI Agent in the Court Room (uncredited)   See fewer
Frankie J. Mosca
Wiseguy (uncredited) Wiseguy (uncredited)   See fewer
Jack Serra
Yelling Mobster in Court Scene (uncredited) Yelling Mobster in Court Scene (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Sirico
Tommy Gambino (uncredited) Tommy Gambino (uncredited)   See fewer
John H. Tobin
Waiter in Sparks Steakhouse (uncredited) Waiter in Sparks Steakhouse (uncredited)   See fewer
Katharine Tobin
Nicky Cowboy's Girlfriend (uncredited) Nicky Cowboy's Girlfriend (uncredited)   See fewer
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