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  • The Third Twin (1997)
  • TV Movie | 139 min | Thriller
The Third Twin (1997)
TV Movie | 139 min | Thriller

A researcher's life is in danger when she discovers a secret cloning operation.
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Ken Follett (novel) | Cindy Myers (teleplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 9, 1997

Release date
Nov 9, 1997 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Kelly McGillis
Dr. Jean 'Jeannie' Ferrami Dr. Jean 'Jeannie' Ferrami   See fewer
Jason Gedrick
Steve Logan / other twins Steve Logan / other twins   See fewer
Larry Hagman
Berrington Jones Berrington Jones   See fewer
Regina Taylor
Sgt. Michelle 'Mish' Delaware Sgt. Michelle 'Mish' Delaware   See fewer
Marion Ross
Lila Ferrami Lila Ferrami   See fewer
Jan Rubes
Actor Actor   See fewer
Kenneth Welsh
Preston Barck Preston Barck   See fewer
Linda Sorensen
Lorraine Logan Lorraine Logan   See fewer
Tom Butler
Col. Charles Logan Col. Charles Logan   See fewer
Ralph Waite
Senator Proust Senator Proust   See fewer
Damir Andrei
Neighbor Neighbor   See fewer
Christina Collins
Lt. Gambol Lt. Gambol   See fewer
Robert Haley
Minsky Minsky   See fewer
Quyen Hua
Marianne Marianne   See fewer
Bill MacDonald
Det. Allaston Det. Allaston   See fewer
Steve Mousseau
Robinson Robinson   See fewer
Dini Petty
Talk Show Host Talk Show Host   See fewer
Jim Codrington
Kiosk Guard Kiosk Guard   See fewer
Philip Craig
Jack Budgen Jack Budgen   See fewer
Elliot Mandelcorn
Senator's Aide (as Bryan Elliot) Senator's Aide (as Bryan Elliot)   See fewer
Domenico Fiore
Gym Guard Gym Guard   See fewer
Jennifer Foster
Genetico Receptionist Genetico Receptionist   See fewer
Naomi Gaskin
Jogger #1 Jogger #1   See fewer
Michael Daingerfield
Young Guard Young Guard   See fewer
Peter Jervis
Philly Cop Philly Cop   See fewer
Lonnie King
Deputy D.A. Deputy D.A.   See fewer
Mark Lutz
Adam Sloane Adam Sloane   See fewer
Tino Monte
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Greg Morris
Male Student Male Student   See fewer
Michael A. Miranda
N.Y.C. Detective (as Silvio Oliviero) N.Y.C. Detective (as Silvio Oliviero)   See fewer
Sean Orr
Pentagon Guard Pentagon Guard   See fewer
Steve Pernie
Fire Captain Fire Captain   See fewer
Cara Pifko
Talkative Student Talkative Student   See fewer
Franco Rovazzi
First Twin First Twin   See fewer
Beatriz Pizano
Prison Wife Prison Wife   See fewer
Susan Rodomar
Berrington Woman Berrington Woman   See fewer
Massimo Rovazzi
Second Twin Second Twin   See fewer
Maria Sacani
Fighting Twin Fighting Twin   See fewer
Richard Sali
Ransome Ransome   See fewer
Pedro Salvín
Prison Husband Prison Husband   See fewer
Hadley Sandiford
Science Building Guard Science Building Guard   See fewer
Angela Vint
Jogger #2 Jogger #2   See fewer
Katie Boland
Bold Twin Bold Twin   See fewer
Ken Follett
Manservant Manservant   See fewer
Summer Weiler
Female Student (as Summer Brockwell) Female Student (as Summer Brockwell)   See fewer
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