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  • Looking for Lola (1997)
  • PG
    99 min | Comedy
Looking for Lola (1997)
99 min | Comedy

Mike lies to his parents about how successful his life is. He meets Lola, a dancer from Mexico, and lies to them that she's his girlfriend. They decide to visit him to meet her, so his friends help him pretend that his lies are true.
Boaz Davidson (story) | John Thompson (story) | Les Weldon (screenplay)
Irek Hartowicz (as Ireneusz Hartowicz)
Casting Directors
Production Designer

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Updated Dec 31, 1997

Release date
Dec 31, 1997 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Mark Kassen
Mike Greenbaum Mike Greenbaum   See fewer
Adam Biesk
Benny Benny   See fewer
Michael Kagan
Max Greenbaum Max Greenbaum   See fewer
Brenda Pickleman
Doris Greenbaum Doris Greenbaum   See fewer
Leeza Davidson
Sally Greenbaum Sally Greenbaum   See fewer
Joe Viterelli
Salvatore Greco Salvatore Greco   See fewer
Tony Perez
Jose Gomez Jose Gomez   See fewer
Loyda Ramos
Alma Gomez Alma Gomez   See fewer
Anna Davidson
Anna Gomez Anna Gomez   See fewer
Kurt Fuller
Dr. Gregory Hinson Dr. Gregory Hinson   See fewer
Nancy Linari
Selma Hinson Selma Hinson   See fewer
David Purdham
Perry Monahan Perry Monahan   See fewer
Michelle Azar
Leanne Leanne   See fewer
Armin Shimerman
Maitre'd Maitre'd   See fewer
Frank Kopyc
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Chris Raffaele
Dominic Dominic   See fewer
DeeDee Rescher
Neighbor (as Dee Dee Rescher) Neighbor (as Dee Dee Rescher)   See fewer
Patrick Birkett
Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace   See fewer
Henry Woronicz
Show Producer Show Producer   See fewer
Brian George
Show Director Show Director   See fewer
Miranda Garrison
Show Choreographer Show Choreographer   See fewer
Erik Zivot
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Steve MacDonald
Doctor #2 Doctor #2   See fewer
Yumi Iwama
Nurse Nurse   See fewer
Emily Love
Flower Girl Flower Girl   See fewer
Herman Santana
Jolly Cigar Lover Jolly Cigar Lover   See fewer
Marco De La Cruz
Drag Queen Drag Queen   See fewer
Robert Alvarez
Dancer / Assistant Choreographer Dancer / Assistant Choreographer   See fewer
Kristie Capozzoli
Dancer (as Kristie Canavan) Dancer (as Kristie Canavan)   See fewer
Anita Finlay
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jesus Fuentes
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Benee Leavy
Strolling violinist Strolling violinist   See fewer
Mark Meismer
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Melody Rae
Dance Instructor Dance Instructor   See fewer
Allen Walls
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Rudy Zalez
Actor Actor   See fewer
Eric Zivot
Doctor (as Erik Zivot) Doctor (as Erik Zivot)   See fewer
Joseph Benjamin Stewart
Bar Extra (uncredited) Bar Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
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