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  • Mafia! (1998)
  • PG-13
    87 min | Comedy, Crime
Mafia! (1998)
87 min | Comedy, Crime

Takeoff on the Godfather with the son of a mafia king taking over for his dying father
Jim Abrahams (written by) | Greg Norberg (written by) | Michael McManus (written by)
John Frizzell (as Gianni Frizzelli)
Casting Director
Production Designer
William A. Elliott (as William Elliott)
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Release date
Jul 24, 1998 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Jay Mohr
Anthony 'Tony' Cortino Anthony 'Tony' Cortino   See fewer
Billy Burke
Joey Cortino Joey Cortino   See fewer
Christina Applegate
Diane Steen Diane Steen   See fewer
Pamela Gidley
Pepper Gianini Pepper Gianini   See fewer
Lloyd Bridges
Vincenzo Cortino Vincenzo Cortino   See fewer
Jason Fuchs
Young Vincenzo Cortino Young Vincenzo Cortino   See fewer
Joe Viterelli
Dominick Clamato Dominick Clamato   See fewer
Tony Lo Bianco
Cesar Marzoni Cesar Marzoni   See fewer
Blake Hammond
Fatso Paulie Orsatti Fatso Paulie Orsatti   See fewer
Philip Suriano
Frankie Totino (as Phil Suriano) Frankie Totino (as Phil Suriano)   See fewer
Vincent Pastore
Gorgoni Gorgoni   See fewer
Carol Ann Susi
Clamato's Wife Clamato's Wife   See fewer
Gregory Sierra
Bonifacio Bonifacio   See fewer
Vera Lockwood
Rosa Cortino Rosa Cortino   See fewer
Martin Charles Warner
Jimmy Big Features Jimmy Big Features   See fewer
Joseph Jumbo Rufo
Willy Denunzio Willy Denunzio   See fewer
T.J. Cannata
The Boy Diane The Boy Diane   See fewer
Louis Mandylor
Middle Aged Vincenzo Middle Aged Vincenzo   See fewer
Georgia Simon
Middle Aged Rosa Cortino Middle Aged Rosa Cortino   See fewer
Joey Dente
Middle Aged Clamato Middle Aged Clamato   See fewer
Seth Adkins
Tiny Anthony Tiny Anthony   See fewer
Sebastian Aza
Young Joey Young Joey   See fewer
Andreas Katsulas
Narducci Narducci   See fewer
Monica Mikala
Young Rosa Young Rosa   See fewer
Anthony Jesse Cruz
Young Clamato Young Clamato   See fewer
James Costa
Immigration Thug Immigration Thug   See fewer
Sofia Milos
Young Sophia Young Sophia   See fewer
Anthony Crivello
Luigi Cortino Luigi Cortino   See fewer
Saverio Carubia
Villager Villager   See fewer
Bill Livingston
Guess The Number Croupier Guess The Number Croupier   See fewer
Gerald Emerick
Guess The Number Player Guess The Number Player   See fewer
Frankie Como
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Brian Tahash
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Richard Abraham
Evil Priest Evil Priest   See fewer
Frank Birney
Wedding Priest Wedding Priest   See fewer
Don Bovingloh
Funeral Priest Funeral Priest   See fewer
Henry Harris
Nonchalant Guy Nonchalant Guy   See fewer
Daniel Klein
Judas (as Dan Klein) Judas (as Dan Klein)   See fewer
Pat Harvey
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Jerry Haleva
Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein   See fewer
Mr. Oh
Korean Soldier Korean Soldier   See fewer
Jack I. Bernstein
ATM Man with Double Chin ATM Man with Double Chin   See fewer
Cate Caplin
Tango Dancer Tango Dancer   See fewer
Frank Welker
Special Vocal Effects (voice) Special Vocal Effects (voice)   See fewer
Catherine Lloyd Burns
Woman in Vegas Show (uncredited) Woman in Vegas Show (uncredited)   See fewer
Ursula Burton
How Many Fingers Gambler (uncredited) How Many Fingers Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Cornelius
Don Cornelius (uncredited) Don Cornelius (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Crabbe
Smoking man at strip club (uncredited) Smoking man at strip club (uncredited)   See fewer
Darlene Dillinger
Three African American girls (uncredited) Three African American girls (uncredited)   See fewer
Rachel Galvin
Girl at Wedding (uncredited) Girl at Wedding (uncredited)   See fewer
Sherman Hemsley
George Jefferson (uncredited) George Jefferson (uncredited)   See fewer
Florence Griffith Joyner
Running Woman (uncredited) Running Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Langton
Bodyguard (uncredited) Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Laverty
Croupier (uncredited) Croupier (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul McMichael
Villager (uncredited) Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Luciano Miele
Villager #2 (uncredited) Villager #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Nathan D. Nearman
Valet Attendant / Gambler and Cattle Prod Victim (uncredited) Valet Attendant / Gambler and Cattle Prod Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicole Pano
Rosa's Older Sister (uncredited) Rosa's Older Sister (uncredited)   See fewer
John D. Park
Dead Man (uncredited) Dead Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Deep Roy
Small Hitman (uncredited) Small Hitman (uncredited)   See fewer
Sam Sako
Desert Man (uncredited) Desert Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Isabel Sanford
Mrs. Louise Jefferson (uncredited) Mrs. Louise Jefferson (uncredited)   See fewer
Herb Santos Jr.
The Cheater's Partner (uncredited) The Cheater's Partner (uncredited)   See fewer
Cory A Santos
Mafia Bodyguard (uncredited) Mafia Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek (uncredited) Alex Trebek (uncredited)   See fewer
Edward Tubbs
Slot Machine Gambler (uncredited) Slot Machine Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
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