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  • The Barber of Siberia (1998)
  • 180 min | Comedy, Drama, History
The Barber of Siberia (1998)
180 min | Comedy, Drama, History

At the turn of the century, a young Russian cadet falls in love with an American beauty, endangering his career and even their lives.
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Nikita Mikhalkov (story) (screenplay) | Rustam Ibragimbekov (screenplay) | Rospo Pallenberg (in cooperation with)
Eduard Artemyev (as Eduard Nikolaevich Artemev)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Feb 20, 1999 (Russia)


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96 cast members
Name Known for
Julia Ormond
Dzheyn (as Dzhuliya Ormond) Dzheyn (as Dzhuliya Ormond)   See fewer
Oleg Menshikov
Tolstoy Tolstoy   See fewer
Richard Harris
Makkreken (as Richard Kharris) Makkreken (as Richard Kharris)   See fewer
Marat Basharov
Polievskiy Polievskiy   See fewer
Nikita Tatarenkov
Alibekov Alibekov   See fewer
Georgiy Dronov
Nazarov Nazarov   See fewer
Artyom Mikhalkov
Buturlin Buturlin   See fewer
Daniel Olbrychski
Kopnovskiy (as Daniel Olbrykhskiy) Kopnovskiy (as Daniel Olbrykhskiy)   See fewer
Marina Neyolova
Mat Tolstogo Mat Tolstogo   See fewer
Avangard Leontev
Dyadya Nikolya Dyadya Nikolya   See fewer
Anna Mikhalkova
Dunyasha Dunyasha   See fewer
Robert Hardy
Forsten (as Robert Khardi) Forsten (as Robert Khardi)   See fewer
Elizabeth Spriggs
Perepelkina (as Elizabet Spriggs) Perepelkina (as Elizabet Spriggs)   See fewer
Nikita Mikhalkov
Imperator Aleksandr III Imperator Aleksandr III   See fewer
Isabelle Renauld
Imperatritsa (as Ezabel Reno) Imperatritsa (as Ezabel Reno)   See fewer
Evgeniy Steblov
Velikiy knyaz Velikiy knyaz   See fewer
Inna Nabatova
Velikaya knyaginya Velikaya knyaginya   See fewer
Filipp Dyachkov
Velikiy knyaz Mikhail Velikiy knyaz Mikhail   See fewer
Vladimir Zaytsev
Adyutant Radkova Adyutant Radkova   See fewer
Viktor Verzhbitskiy
Adyutant Velikogo knyazya Adyutant Velikogo knyazya   See fewer
Leonid Kuravlyov
Vakhmistr Bukin Vakhmistr Bukin   See fewer
Aleksandr Lenkov
Uchenyy Uchenyy   See fewer
Evgeniy Dvorzhetskiy
Terrorist Terrorist   See fewer
Hanna Stredova
Gornichnaya (as Ganna Strzhedova) Gornichnaya (as Ganna Strzhedova)   See fewer
Vladimir Tushko
Provodnik Provodnik   See fewer
Aleksandr Mokhov
Ofitser u Butyrskoy tyurmy Ofitser u Butyrskoy tyurmy   See fewer
Pierre Aussedat
Geller (as Per Osseda) Geller (as Per Osseda)   See fewer
Vladimir Goryushin
Kucher Kuzma Kucher Kuzma   See fewer
Said Nouroux
Abissinskiy prints (as Said Nuru) Abissinskiy prints (as Said Nuru)   See fewer
Evgeniy Buslaev
Gubernator Gubernator   See fewer
Olga Anokhina
Gubernatorsha Gubernatorsha   See fewer
Aleksandr Yakovlev
Maksimych Maksimych   See fewer
Tatyana Kuznetsova
Klassnaya dama Klassnaya dama   See fewer
Mariya Maksakova-Igenbergs
Institutka (as Mariya Maksakova) Institutka (as Mariya Maksakova)   See fewer
Polushke Zdunek
Naborshchik (as Polushka Zdunek) Naborshchik (as Polushka Zdunek)   See fewer
Anatoliy Dokumentov
Dirizher Dirizher   See fewer
Josef Nedorost
Skripach (as Yozhef Nedorost) Skripach (as Yozhef Nedorost)   See fewer
Václav Legner
Inspektor (as Vatslav Legner) Inspektor (as Vatslav Legner)   See fewer
Egor Blokin
Vanyatka Vanyatka   See fewer
Andrey Nikitin
Proshka Proshka   See fewer
Mambo Syril
Sluga printsa (as Vambo Siril) Sluga printsa (as Vambo Siril)   See fewer
Mudio Nartsiss
Sluga printsa (as Mudio Nartsis) Sluga printsa (as Mudio Nartsis)   See fewer
Andrey Savostyanov
Baron fon Bakmen Baron fon Bakmen   See fewer
Andrey Barilo
Yunker Yunker   See fewer
Ivan Lakshin
Yunker Yunker   See fewer
Mac McDonald
Serzhant O'Liri (as Mak MakDonald) Serzhant O'Liri (as Mak MakDonald)   See fewer
Andrew O'Donnels
Polkovnik (as Endryu O'Donnels) Polkovnik (as Endryu O'Donnels)   See fewer
Daniel Evans
Endryu (v maske) (as Deniel Evans) Endryu (v maske) (as Deniel Evans)   See fewer
John Higgins
Kadet (as Dzhon Khiggins) Kadet (as Dzhon Khiggins)   See fewer
Jason Done
Kadet (as Dzheyson Don) Kadet (as Dzheyson Don)   See fewer
Richard Dempsey
Kadet-zaika (as Richard Dempsi) Kadet-zaika (as Richard Dempsi)   See fewer
Igor Sannikov
Liliput 'Napoleon' (as Aleksandr Sannikov) Liliput 'Napoleon' (as Aleksandr Sannikov)   See fewer
Aleksandr Dubina
Inzhener Inzhener   See fewer
Natela Abuladze
Zhena abissinskogo printsa (as Natella Abuladze) Zhena abissinskogo printsa (as Natella Abuladze)   See fewer
Igor Bondarenko
Poteshnyy general (uncredited) Poteshnyy general (uncredited)   See fewer
Leonardo Correia
Malchik (uncredited) Malchik (uncredited)   See fewer
Anzhela Dmitriyeva
Gimnazistka (uncredited) Gimnazistka (uncredited)   See fewer
Nikolay Gadomskiy
Pochetnyy eskort (uncredited) Pochetnyy eskort (uncredited)   See fewer
Sérgio Grilo
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Sergey Kabaylo
Adyutant gubernatora (uncredited) Adyutant gubernatora (uncredited)   See fewer
Pavel Kornakov
Ofitser (uncredited) Ofitser (uncredited)   See fewer
Nadezhda Mikhalkova
Devochka na yarmarke (uncredited) Devochka na yarmarke (uncredited)   See fewer
Yuriy Pisarenko
Fokusnik na yarmarke (uncredited) Fokusnik na yarmarke (uncredited)   See fewer
Anatoliy Skoryakin
General (uncredited) General (uncredited)   See fewer
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