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  • Shooting Fish (1997)
  • PG
    109 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance
Shooting Fish (1997)
109 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

Two con artists' plan to steal enough for a house are twisted when a pretty girl enters the picture.
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Release date
May 1, 1998 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Rowena Cooper
Jez's Teacher Jez's Teacher   See fewer
Scott Charles
Samuel Samuel   See fewer
Antonia Corrigan
Antonia Antonia   See fewer
Myles Anderson
Jez - Age 8 Jez - Age 8   See fewer
Jane Lapotaire
Dylan's Headmistress Dylan's Headmistress   See fewer
Harry Ditson
IRS Man IRS Man   See fewer
Jacob Macoby
Dylan - Age 8 Dylan - Age 8   See fewer
Tom Chadbon
Mr. Greenaway Mr. Greenaway   See fewer
Kate Beckinsale
Georgie Georgie   See fewer
Phyllis Logan
Mrs. Ross Mrs. Ross   See fewer
Vicki Bensted
Bank Clerk Bank Clerk   See fewer
Ralph Ineson
Mr. Ray Mr. Ray   See fewer
Nicola Duffett
Mrs. Ray Mrs. Ray   See fewer
Larry Randall
Golfer 1 Golfer 1   See fewer
Neil Peplow
Golfer 2 Golfer 2   See fewer
Claire Cox
Floss Floss   See fewer
Arabella Weir
Mrs. Stratton-Luce Mrs. Stratton-Luce   See fewer
Nickolas Grace
Mr. Stratton-Luce Mr. Stratton-Luce   See fewer
Annette Crosbie
Mrs. Cummins Mrs. Cummins   See fewer
Alan Cooke
Car Park Attendant Car Park Attendant   See fewer
Andree Evans
Mrs. Furnival-Jones Mrs. Furnival-Jones   See fewer
Ralph Watson
Vigilante 1 Vigilante 1   See fewer
Harry Gostelow
Vigilante 2 Vigilante 2   See fewer
Wolf Christian
Mr. Thor Mr. Thor   See fewer
Louis Schwartz
Bandaged Baby Bandaged Baby   See fewer
Alan Sollinger
Gasometer Foreman Gasometer Foreman   See fewer
Cosmo Scurr
Boy With Tennis Ball Boy With Tennis Ball   See fewer
Paul Kynman
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
Philip York
Detective Detective   See fewer
Peter Capaldi
Mr. Gilzean Mr. Gilzean   See fewer
Nicholas Woodeson
Mr. Collyns Mr. Collyns   See fewer
Louis Mahoney
Magistrate Magistrate   See fewer
John Clegg
Church Vicar Church Vicar   See fewer
Emily Braham
Bridesmaid Bridesmaid   See fewer
Phil Evans
Prison Guard 1 Prison Guard 1   See fewer
Richard Holmes
Prison Guard 2 (as Otto Jarman) Prison Guard 2 (as Otto Jarman)   See fewer
Adam Fogerty
Bruiser Bruiser   See fewer
David Glover
Prison Governor Prison Governor   See fewer
Catherine Russell
Crematorium Cleaning Lady Crematorium Cleaning Lady   See fewer
Ronald Markham
Crematorium Vicar Crematorium Vicar   See fewer
Richard Graydon
Racehorse Trainer (as Dickie Graydon) Racehorse Trainer (as Dickie Graydon)   See fewer
Tim Stern
Panfield, Jockey Panfield, Jockey   See fewer
Paul Williamson
Weighing-In Official Weighing-In Official   See fewer
Peter O'Sullevan
Race Commentator (voice) Race Commentator (voice)   See fewer
Geoffrey Whitehead
Horse Owner Horse Owner   See fewer
Linda Spurrier
The Hon Mrs. Wescot The Hon Mrs. Wescot   See fewer
Ahmed Khalil
Prince Ahmed (as Ahmed Khahil) Prince Ahmed (as Ahmed Khahil)   See fewer
Barry Woolgar
Friend of Lady Georgina Friend of Lady Georgina   See fewer
Cole Henderson
Horseshoer (uncredited) Horseshoer (uncredited)   See fewer
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