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  • Primary Colors (1998)
  • R
    143 min | Comedy, Drama
Primary Colors (1998)
143 min | Comedy, Drama

A man joins the political campaign of a smooth-operator candidate for President of the United States of America.
Joe Klein (novel) (as Anonymous) | Elaine May (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 20, 1998 (United States)


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107 cast members
Name Known for
John Travolta
Governor Jack Stanton Governor Jack Stanton   See fewer
Emma Thompson
Susan Stanton Susan Stanton   See fewer
Billy Bob Thornton
Richard Jemmons Richard Jemmons   See fewer
Kathy Bates
Libby Holden Libby Holden   See fewer
Adrian Lester
Henry Burton Henry Burton   See fewer
Larry Hagman
Gov. Fred Picker Gov. Fred Picker   See fewer
Diane Ladd
Mamma Stanton Mamma Stanton   See fewer
Paul Guilfoyle
Howard Ferguson Howard Ferguson   See fewer
Caroline Aaron
Lucille Kaufman Lucille Kaufman   See fewer
Tommy Hollis
Fat Willie Fat Willie   See fewer
Rob Reiner
Izzy Rosenblatt Izzy Rosenblatt   See fewer
Ben Jones
Arlen Sporken Arlen Sporken   See fewer
J.C. Quinn
Uncle Charlie Uncle Charlie   See fewer
Allison Janney
Miss Walsh Miss Walsh   See fewer
Robert Klein
Norman Asher Norman Asher   See fewer
Mykelti Williamson
Dewayne Smith Dewayne Smith   See fewer
James Denton
Mitch (as Jamie Denton) Mitch (as Jamie Denton)   See fewer
Monique Ridge-Williams
Tawana Carter (as Monique L. Ridge) Tawana Carter (as Monique L. Ridge)   See fewer
Ned Eisenberg
Brad Lieberman Brad Lieberman   See fewer
Brian Markinson
Randy Culligan Randy Culligan   See fewer
Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera Geraldo Rivera   See fewer
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose Charlie Rose   See fewer
Larry King
Larry King Larry King   See fewer
O'Neal Compton
Sailorman Shoreson Sailorman Shoreson   See fewer
Kevin Cooney
Lawrence Harris Lawrence Harris   See fewer
Bonnie Bartlett
Martha Harris Martha Harris   See fewer
Cynthia O'Neal
Elegant Woman Elegant Woman   See fewer
Chelcie Ross
Charlie Martin Charlie Martin   See fewer
John Vargas
Lorenzo Delgado Lorenzo Delgado   See fewer
Tony Shalhoub
Eddie Reyes Eddie Reyes   See fewer
Bianca Lawson
Loretta Loretta   See fewer
Robert Cicchini
Jimmy Ozio Jimmy Ozio   See fewer
William Stanford Davis
Jack Mandela Washington (as Stan Davis) Jack Mandela Washington (as Stan Davis)   See fewer
Rolando Molina
Anthony Ramirez Anthony Ramirez   See fewer
Ross Benjamin
Peter Goldsmith Peter Goldsmith   See fewer
Stacy Edwards
Jennifer Rogers Jennifer Rogers   See fewer
Kristoffer Ryan Winters
Terry Hicks Terry Hicks   See fewer
Susan Kussman
Ella Louise Ella Louise   See fewer
Robert Symonds
Bart Nilson Bart Nilson   See fewer
Gia Carides
Cashmere McLeod Cashmere McLeod   See fewer
Robert Easton
Dr. Beauregard Dr. Beauregard   See fewer
Scott Burkholder
Danny Scanlon Danny Scanlon   See fewer
Bill Maher
Bill Maher Bill Maher   See fewer
Lu Elrod
Chubby Woman Chubby Woman   See fewer
Michael Haley
Shipyard Announcer (as R.M. Haley) Shipyard Announcer (as R.M. Haley)   See fewer
Daryce Richman
Linda Feldstein (as Darice Richman) Linda Feldstein (as Darice Richman)   See fewer
Rosalie Peck
Retiree Retiree   See fewer
Susan Forristal
Bugger Bugger Woman Bugger Bugger Woman   See fewer
James Earl Jones
CNN Voiceover (voice) CNN Voiceover (voice)   See fewer
Eric Boyd
Bagpiper Bagpiper   See fewer
Clark Heathcliff Brolly
Pundit no.1 (voice) (as Clark Heathcliffe Brolly) Pundit no.1 (voice) (as Clark Heathcliffe Brolly)   See fewer
James DuMont
Man #1 in Airport Bar Man #1 in Airport Bar   See fewer
Amaris Dupree
Emily Lopez Emily Lopez   See fewer
Tom Griffith
News Anchor (as Tom Griffin) News Anchor (as Tom Griffin)   See fewer
Noah Michael Levine
Airport Traveler Airport Traveler   See fewer
Richard Livingston
Richard Livingston Richard Livingston   See fewer
Carlos A. Montes
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Dorie Neal
Muffin / Campaign (voice) Muffin / Campaign (voice)   See fewer
Brian Shakti
Protester Protester   See fewer
Pete Tittl
Funeral mourner Funeral mourner   See fewer
Sara Van Horn
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lesa Whittington
News Anchor (scenes deleted) News Anchor (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Tony Winters
Pundit #3 (as Anthony Winters) Pundit #3 (as Anthony Winters)   See fewer
Jordan Ancel
Muffin (uncredited) Muffin (uncredited)   See fewer
Allan Wayne Anderson
Swimming Pool Guest (uncredited) Swimming Pool Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephen Austin-Skordiles
Union Member (uncredited) Union Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Dara J. Bragg
Crowd member (uncredited) Crowd member (uncredited)   See fewer
Greg Bronson
Campaign Staff (uncredited) Campaign Staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael W. Broomer
Boilermaker (uncredited) Boilermaker (uncredited)   See fewer
Marian Caparrós
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
Sophia Choi
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
Matt Clifford
Hotel Guest (uncredited) Hotel Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Barbara Conway
Campaign Staff (uncredited) Campaign Staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Kacee DeMasi
Voter (uncredited) Voter (uncredited)   See fewer
Freddie Joe Farnsworth
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Phil Faroudja
Background Extra (uncredited) Background Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Michael Frederick
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank Jennings
Featured (uncredited) Featured (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Loeb
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Polli Magaro
Woman in Street (uncredited) Woman in Street (uncredited)   See fewer
Jean Martirez
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul McMichael
Audience Member (uncredited) Audience Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Greg McWhorter
Street Person (uncredited) Street Person (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Mendte
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
John Milford
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Christopher C. Murphy
Newsroom Crew (uncredited) Newsroom Crew (uncredited)   See fewer
Tim Murphy
Union Manager (uncredited) Union Manager (uncredited)   See fewer
Msaada Nia
Governor Picker Supporter (uncredited) Governor Picker Supporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Pike
Partygoer (uncredited) Partygoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Richardson
Editor (uncredited) Editor (uncredited)   See fewer
Secret Service Agent (uncredited) Secret Service Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Rocco Salata
News Videographer (uncredited) News Videographer (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry F. Scott
Union Official (uncredited) Union Official (uncredited)   See fewer
Lorna Scott
Woman in Airport Bar (uncredited) Woman in Airport Bar (uncredited)   See fewer
Sandy E. Scott
Officer Boone (uncredited) Officer Boone (uncredited)   See fewer
Renee Spei
INAUGURAL BALL GUEST (uncredited) INAUGURAL BALL GUEST (uncredited)   See fewer
Jimmy Steinfeldt
Photographer (uncredited) Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Teamkin
Blue Hard Hat (uncredited) Blue Hard Hat (uncredited)   See fewer
Lynn Wanlass
Woman in Red (uncredited) Woman in Red (uncredited)   See fewer
Charlie Weirauch
Muffin (uncredited) Muffin (uncredited)   See fewer
Tim R. Worley
Hotel Bar Patron (uncredited) Hotel Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
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