Orphans (1998)
101 min | Comedy, Drama

Four siblings gathered together for their mother's funeral in Glasgow face individual torments over night during a tumultuous storm that rips the roof off the church.
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 10, 2000 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Douglas Henshall
Michael Michael   See fewer
Gary Lewis
Thomas Thomas   See fewer
Ann Swan
Mother of Family Mother of Family   See fewer
Jan Wilson
Sandra (Woman in Bar) Sandra (Woman in Bar)   See fewer
Lenny Mullan
Julian (Bar Manager) Julian (Bar Manager)   See fewer
Paul Doonan
Lenny (Duncan's brother) Lenny (Duncan's brother)   See fewer
Linda Jane Devlin
Evelyn (Waitress in Bar) (as Linda Cuthbert) Evelyn (Waitress in Bar) (as Linda Cuthbert)   See fewer
Joel Strachan
Neil (Lad in Toilet) Neil (Lad in Toilet)   See fewer
Tam White
Alistair (Taxi Driver) Alistair (Taxi Driver)   See fewer
Vanya Eadie
Maria (Receptionist at Evettes) Maria (Receptionist at Evettes)   See fewer
Michael Mallon
Rab (Cheeky Boy in Street) Rab (Cheeky Boy in Street)   See fewer
Alan Gracie
James (Cheeky Boy in Street) James (Cheeky Boy in Street)   See fewer
Jim Twaddale
Liam (Bus Driver) Liam (Bus Driver)   See fewer
Eric Barlow
Mr. Bell Mr. Bell   See fewer
Frances Carrigan
Mrs. Bell Mrs. Bell   See fewer
Judith A. Williams
Amanda (Baby-sitter) Amanda (Baby-sitter)   See fewer
Michael Sharpe
David (Michael's Son) David (Michael's Son)   See fewer
Lee-Ann McCran
Anne Marie (Paper-girl) Anne Marie (Paper-girl)   See fewer
Debbie Welsh
Melissa (Paper-girl) Melissa (Paper-girl)   See fewer
Donna Chalmer
Bernadette (Paper-girl) Bernadette (Paper-girl)   See fewer
Sarah Hepburn
Louise (Carole's Sister) Louise (Carole's Sister)   See fewer
Deirdre Davis
Alison (Carole's Mum) Alison (Carole's Mum)   See fewer
Sheila Donald
Mrs. Finch Mrs. Finch   See fewer
Catherine Connell
Angela (Michael's Daughter) Angela (Michael's Daughter)   See fewer
John Comerford
Ed (Carole's Dad) Ed (Carole's Dad)   See fewer
Stephen Docherty
Alastair (Barman in Pub) Alastair (Barman in Pub)   See fewer
Alex Norton
Hanson Hanson   See fewer
Louise Dunn
Moira (Woman Collecting) Moira (Woman Collecting)   See fewer
Luke Coulter
Paper Boy (In Pub) Paper Boy (In Pub)   See fewer
Laurie Ventry
Henry (In Basement) Henry (In Basement)   See fewer
Maureen Carr
Minnie (In Basement) Minnie (In Basement)   See fewer
Steven Singleton
Seamus (In Basement) Seamus (In Basement)   See fewer
Kate Brailsford
Deaf Boy's Mum Deaf Boy's Mum   See fewer
Luka Kennedy
Fraser (Deaf Boy) Fraser (Deaf Boy)   See fewer
Helen Devon
Jessica (Woman in Tube) Jessica (Woman in Tube)   See fewer
Josie Aitken Sheridan
Duncan's Baby Duncan's Baby   See fewer
Seamus Ball
Father Fitzgerald Father Fitzgerald   See fewer
Dave Anderson
Uncle Ian Uncle Ian   See fewer
Robert W. Carr
Mr. Leitch (Undertaker) (as Robert Carr) Mr. Leitch (Undertaker) (as Robert Carr)   See fewer
Jenny Swan
Aunt Geraldine Aunt Geraldine   See fewer
James Casey
Peachy Peachy   See fewer
Mary Jane Wells
PC McGiffen (uncredited) PC McGiffen (uncredited)   See fewer
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