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  • Nirvana (1997)
  • R
    113 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Nirvana (1997)
113 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

The main character Solo in Nirvana, a computer game developed by Jimi for release in 3 days, has gained self-awareness after a virus attack. Solo wants to be deleted. Jimi wants to find his ex.
Gabriele Salvatores (written by) | Pino Cacucci (screenplay collaborator) | Gloria Corica (screenplay collaborator)
Vittorio Cecchi Gori | Rita Rusic (as Rita Cecchi Gori) | Maurizio Totti
Casting Director
Richard Epcar (version: english)
Production Designers
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Updated Jan 24, 1997

Release date
Aug 22, 1997 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Lambert
Jimi Dini Jimi Dini   See fewer
Sergio Rubini
Joystick Joystick   See fewer
Emmanuelle Seigner
Lisa (as Emanuelle Seigner) Lisa (as Emanuelle Seigner)   See fewer
Claudio Bisio
Corvo Rosso Corvo Rosso   See fewer
Antonio Catania
Venditore Paranoie Venditore Paranoie   See fewer
Gigio Alberti
Dr. Rauschenberg Dr. Rauschenberg   See fewer
Ugo Conti
Turista Siciliano Turista Siciliano   See fewer
Silvio Orlando
Portiere Indiano Portiere Indiano   See fewer
Oreste Guidi
Tedesco Tedesco   See fewer
Hal Yamanouchi
Psicologo Okasama Starr (as Haruhiko Yamanouchi) Psicologo Okasama Starr (as Haruhiko Yamanouchi)   See fewer
Avinash Ganesh
Avinash Avinash   See fewer
Antonello Grimaldi
Portiere Pakistano Portiere Pakistano   See fewer
Bebo Storti
Uomo in Meditazione Uomo in Meditazione   See fewer
Fabio Sartor
Poliziotto Poliziotto   See fewer
Corinna Agustoni
Assistente del Guru Assistente del Guru   See fewer
Leonardo Gajo
Gaz Gaz Gaz Gaz   See fewer
Gianni Palladino
Camionista Camionista   See fewer
Renato Sarti
Uomo Drogato Uomo Drogato   See fewer
Luca Torraca
Presidente Presidente   See fewer
Riccardo Zinna
Mafioso Mafioso   See fewer
Bed Cerchiai
Asli (as Bedlu Cerchiai) Asli (as Bedlu Cerchiai)   See fewer
William Chiu
Giapponese Sushi Bar Giapponese Sushi Bar   See fewer
Coco Leonardi
Padre Jimi (as Benito Leonardi) Padre Jimi (as Benito Leonardi)   See fewer
Giuseppe Messina
Barista Barista   See fewer
Daniel Auber
Ragazzo Bar (as Daniele Auber) Ragazzo Bar (as Daniele Auber)   See fewer
Luisa Corna
Dea Kali Dea Kali   See fewer
Alessandro Cremona
Poliziotto Poliziotto   See fewer
Alessandro Eccelsi
Uomo Nudo Uomo Nudo   See fewer
Reynold Joh Kerr
Tipo Gentile Tipo Gentile   See fewer
Christine Krug
Prostituta in Vetrina Prostituta in Vetrina   See fewer
Rosario Marino
Barbone Barbone   See fewer
Dodo Oltrecolli
Irlandese Irlandese   See fewer
Roman Pavlushev
Soldato (as Roman Pavlouchev) Soldato (as Roman Pavlouchev)   See fewer
Vincenzo Petrarolo
Indiano che Corre Indiano che Corre   See fewer
Elisabetta Riva
Prostituta Virtuale Prostituta Virtuale   See fewer
Giovanni Sorenti
Venditore d'Organi Venditore d'Organi   See fewer
Marialuisa Tadei
Annunciatrice Annunciatrice   See fewer
Eugenio Ciotola
1° Cacciatore d'Organi 1° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Marcello Mazzarella
2° Cacciatore d'Organi 2° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Michael Oyegunle
3° Cacciatore d'Organi 3° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Stefania Ventura
4° Cacciatore d'Organi 4° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Bachir Ahmet Diakhate
5° Cacciatore d'Organi 5° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Rocco Di Gioia
6° Cacciatore d'Organi 6° Cacciatore d'Organi   See fewer
Lorenzo Loris
1° Risolutore 1° Risolutore   See fewer
Valerio Staffelli
2° Risolutore 2° Risolutore   See fewer
Loredana Zupanic
3° Risolutore 3° Risolutore   See fewer
Aminata Fall
1° Guardia del Corpo Psicologo 1° Guardia del Corpo Psicologo   See fewer
Victor Kanu
2° Guardia del Corpo Psicologo 2° Guardia del Corpo Psicologo   See fewer
Agostino Canepa
1° Poliziotto Gioco 1° Poliziotto Gioco   See fewer
Federico Pasquetto
2° Poliziotto Gioco 2° Poliziotto Gioco   See fewer
Angiola Baggi
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Saverio Moriones
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Franco Zucca
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Germaine Damar
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Raul Manso
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Ricardo Perna
Poliziotto (uncredited) Poliziotto (uncredited)   See fewer
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