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  • Mrs Dalloway (1997)
  • PG-13
    97 min | Drama, Romance
Mrs Dalloway (1997)
97 min | Drama, Romance

In 1923 London, socialite Clarissa Dalloway's (Vanessa Redgrave's) well-planned party is overshadowed by the return of an old suitor she had known thirty-three years earlier.
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Eileen Atkins (screenplay) | Virginia Woolf (novel)
Stephen Bayly | Lisa Katselas (as Lisa Katselas Paré)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Feb 20, 1998 (United States)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Vanessa Redgrave
Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway   See fewer
Natascha McElhone
Young Clarissa Young Clarissa   See fewer
Michael Kitchen
Peter Walsh Peter Walsh   See fewer
Alan Cox
Young Peter Young Peter   See fewer
Sarah Badel
Lady Rosseter Lady Rosseter   See fewer
Lena Headey
Young Sally Young Sally   See fewer
John Standing
Richard Dalloway Richard Dalloway   See fewer
Robert Portal
Young Richard Young Richard   See fewer
Oliver Ford Davies
Hugh Whitbread Hugh Whitbread   See fewer
Hal Cruttenden
Young Hugh Young Hugh   See fewer
Rupert Graves
Septimus Warren Smith Septimus Warren Smith   See fewer
Amelia Bullmore
Rezia Warren Smith Rezia Warren Smith   See fewer
Margaret Tyzack
Lady Bruton Lady Bruton   See fewer
Robert Hardy
Sir William Bradshaw Sir William Bradshaw   See fewer
Richenda Carey
Lady Bradshaw Lady Bradshaw   See fewer
Katie Carr
Elizabeth Dalloway Elizabeth Dalloway   See fewer
Selina Cadell
Miss Kilman Miss Kilman   See fewer
Phyllis Calvert
Aunt Helena Aunt Helena   See fewer
John Franklyn-Robbins
Lionel, Clarissa's Father Lionel, Clarissa's Father   See fewer
Alistair Petrie
Herbert Herbert   See fewer
Rupert Baker
Joseph Breitkopf Joseph Breitkopf   See fewer
Janet Henfrey
Miss Pym Miss Pym   See fewer
Polly Pritchett
Nursemaid Nursemaid   See fewer
Jane Whittenshaw
1st Woman by Lake 1st Woman by Lake   See fewer
Susie Fairfax
2nd Woman by Lake 2nd Woman by Lake   See fewer
Hilda Braid
Woman in deckchair Woman in deckchair   See fewer
Derek Smee
Man in deckchair Man in deckchair   See fewer
Fanny Carby
Singer Singer   See fewer
Denis Lill
Doctor Holmes Doctor Holmes   See fewer
Richard Stirling
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Neville Phillips
Mr. Wilkins Mr. Wilkins   See fewer
Peter Cellier
Lord Lezham Lord Lezham   See fewer
Kate Binchy
Ellie Henderson Ellie Henderson   See fewer
Edward Jewesbury
Professor Brierly Professor Brierly   See fewer
Jack Galloway
Sir Harry Audley Sir Harry Audley   See fewer
Tony Steedman
Prime Minister Prime Minister   See fewer
Faith Brook
Lady Bexborough Lady Bexborough   See fewer
Nancy Nevinson
Mrs. Hilberry Mrs. Hilberry   See fewer
Oscar Pearce
Bookshop Assistant (uncredited) Bookshop Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
Reg Thomason
Reggie (uncredited) Reggie (uncredited)   See fewer
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