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  • FairyTale: A True Story (1997)
  • PG
    99 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy
FairyTale: A True Story (1997)
99 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

In 1917, two children take a photograph, which is soon believed by some to be the first scientific evidence of the existence of fairies.
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Albert Ash (story) | Tom McLoughlin (story) | Ernie Contreras (story) (screenplay)
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Release date
Oct 24, 1997 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Harvey Keitel
Harry Houdini Harry Houdini   See fewer
Jason Salkey
James Collins James Collins   See fewer
Peter O'Toole
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle   See fewer
Lara Morgan
Jean Doyle Jean Doyle   See fewer
Adam Franks
Adrian Doyle Adrian Doyle   See fewer
Guy Witcher
Denis Doyle Denis Doyle   See fewer
Joseph May
Houdini's Assistant Houdini's Assistant   See fewer
John Bradley
Portly Gentleman Portly Gentleman   See fewer
Anna Chancellor
Peter Pan Peter Pan   See fewer
Florence Hoath
Elsie Wright Elsie Wright   See fewer
Phoebe Nicholls
Polly Wright Polly Wright   See fewer
Leonard Kavanagh
Stage Manager Stage Manager   See fewer
Elizabeth Earl
Frances Griffiths Frances Griffiths   See fewer
Paul McGann
Arthur Wright Arthur Wright   See fewer
Anton Lesser
Wounded Corporal Wounded Corporal   See fewer
Bob Peck
Harry Briggs Harry Briggs   See fewer
Lynn Farleigh
Mrs Thornton Mrs Thornton   See fewer
Tara Marie
Judith Judith   See fewer
Bill Nighy
Edward Gardner Edward Gardner   See fewer
Tim McInnerny
John Ferret John Ferret   See fewer
Peter Mullan
Sergeant Farmer Sergeant Farmer   See fewer
Jim Wiggins
Albert, the Postman Albert, the Postman   See fewer
David Calder
Harold Snelling Harold Snelling   See fewer
Anthony Calf
Geoffrey Hodson Geoffrey Hodson   See fewer
John Grillo
Mr West Mr West   See fewer
Benjamin Whitrow
Mr Binley Mr Binley   See fewer
Dick Brannick
News Vendor News Vendor   See fewer
Barbara Hicks
City Woman City Woman   See fewer
Christopher Godwin
City Businessman City Businessman   See fewer
Andrew Cryer
First Soldier First Soldier   See fewer
Paul Popplewell
Second Soldier (as Paul Popperwell) Second Soldier (as Paul Popperwell)   See fewer
David Norman
O'Neill O'Neill   See fewer
Anna Ramsay
Charlotte (as Anna Ramsey) Charlotte (as Anna Ramsey)   See fewer
Peter Wight
Newspaper Editor Newspaper Editor   See fewer
Willie Ross
Old Print Worker Old Print Worker   See fewer
Ina Clough
Lady calling to Fairies Lady calling to Fairies   See fewer
Carol Noakes
Station Photographer Station Photographer   See fewer
Stephen Chapman
Boy in Hospital Boy in Hospital   See fewer
Bill Stewart
Chess MC Chess MC   See fewer
Don Henderson
Sydney Chalker Sydney Chalker   See fewer
Stuart Howson
Red-faced Man Red-faced Man   See fewer
James Danaher
Joseph Wright Joseph Wright   See fewer
Martin Gent
Pushy Photographer Pushy Photographer   See fewer
Anthony Collin
Older Photographer Older Photographer   See fewer
Tom Georgeson
First Reporter First Reporter   See fewer
Angus Barnett
Second Reporter Second Reporter   See fewer
Suzy Barton
Lutey, a Fairy Lutey, a Fairy   See fewer
Ali Bastian
Lull, a Fairy Lull, a Fairy   See fewer
Anna Brecon
Elabigathe, a Fairy Elabigathe, a Fairy   See fewer
Sean Buckley
Mr Bandylegs, a Fairy Mr Bandylegs, a Fairy   See fewer
Lindsey Butcher
Tib, a Fairy Tib, a Fairy   See fewer
Norma Cohen
Nanny Button Cap, a Fairy Nanny Button Cap, a Fairy   See fewer
Matt Costain
Prince Malakin, a Fairy Prince Malakin, a Fairy   See fewer
Philip Fowler
Fenoderee, a Fairy Fenoderee, a Fairy   See fewer
Katie Gibbon
Pinket, a Fairy Pinket, a Fairy   See fewer
Sophie Griffiths
Sib, a Fairy (as Sophy Griffiths) Sib, a Fairy (as Sophy Griffiths)   See fewer
Sara Li Gustafsson
Loireag, a Fairy Loireag, a Fairy   See fewer
Tara Kemp
Gull, a Fairy Gull, a Fairy   See fewer
William Lawrance
Tom Cockle, a Fairy Tom Cockle, a Fairy   See fewer
Caleb Lloyd
Lob, a Fairy Lob, a Fairy   See fewer
Marianne Melhus
Florella, a Fairy Florella, a Fairy   See fewer
Genevieve Monastesse
Morgana, a Fairy Morgana, a Fairy   See fewer
Simon Penman
Peerifool, a Fairy Peerifool, a Fairy   See fewer
Briony Plant
Yarthkins, a Fairy Yarthkins, a Fairy   See fewer
Anna-Louise Plowman
Shellycoat, a Fairy Shellycoat, a Fairy   See fewer
Jane Read-Wilson
Asrai, a Fairy Asrai, a Fairy   See fewer
Isabel Rocamora
Queen Mab, a Fairy Queen Mab, a Fairy   See fewer
Tom Sturridge
Hob, a Fairy (as Thomas Sturridge) Hob, a Fairy (as Thomas Sturridge)   See fewer
Mark Tate
Habetrot, a Fairy Habetrot, a Fairy   See fewer
Hayley Tibbins
Patch, a Fairy Patch, a Fairy   See fewer
Felicity Brangan
Miss Ashton (uncredited) Miss Ashton (uncredited)   See fewer
Martin L. Evans
Lad (uncredited) Lad (uncredited)   See fewer
Harry Fielder
Theatre Stagehand (uncredited) Theatre Stagehand (uncredited)   See fewer
Mel Gibson
Frances' Father (uncredited) Frances' Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Hal Lindes
Angel (uncredited) Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
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