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  • Cops (1997)
  • 95 min | Action, Comedy, Crime
Cops (1997)
95 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

A federal agent and his partner team up to dismantle a powerful drug trafficking ring.
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Jorge Nisco | Daniel Barone (co-director)

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Updated Jun 19, 1997

Release date
Jun 19, 1997 (Argentina)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Carlos Calvo
Norberto Lorenzi Norberto Lorenzi   See fewer
Adrián Suar
Guillermo Parodi Guillermo Parodi   See fewer
Rodolfo Ranni
Osvaldo Deambrosi Osvaldo Deambrosi   See fewer
Nancy Dupláa
Guía de turismo Guía de turismo   See fewer
Raúl Rizzo
Alberto Pérez Alberto Pérez   See fewer
Tony Vilas
Alfredo Estévez Alfredo Estévez   See fewer
Isabel Quinteros
Nilda Pérez Nilda Pérez   See fewer
Alejandro Awada
Rápidamente Rápidamente   See fewer
Nelly Prono
Abuela Cármen Abuela Cármen   See fewer
Víctor Laplace
Cesar Lizarraga Cesar Lizarraga   See fewer
Carlos Weber
Superior Superior   See fewer
Manuel Vicente
Esteban Sanargo Esteban Sanargo   See fewer
Emilio Bardi
Jefe matricería Jefe matricería   See fewer
Daniel Marcove
Gerente matricería Gerente matricería   See fewer
Gabo Correa
Compañero Pérez (as Gabriel Correa) Compañero Pérez (as Gabriel Correa)   See fewer
Lana Montalbán
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Noni Avesani
Raptor Raptor   See fewer
Claudio Rissi
Barco 1 Barco 1   See fewer
Luis Aranda
Radio 1 Radio 1   See fewer
Fernando Cia
Radio 2 Radio 2   See fewer
Sergio Bermejo
Radio 3 Radio 3   See fewer
Fabio Alberti
Biblioteco 1 Biblioteco 1   See fewer
Adrián Batista
Biblioteco 2 Biblioteco 2   See fewer
Mario Filgueiras
Sospechoso 1 (as Mario Filgueira) Sospechoso 1 (as Mario Filgueira)   See fewer
Justo Gisbert
Sospechoso 2 Sospechoso 2   See fewer
Daniel Chocarro
Sospechoso 3 Sospechoso 3   See fewer
Alejandro Elías
Sospechoso 4 Sospechoso 4   See fewer
Hector Raubert
Sospechoso 5 Sospechoso 5   See fewer
Joselo Bella
Apostol 1 Apostol 1   See fewer
Pablo Kimarci
Apostol 2 (as Pablo Limarzi) Apostol 2 (as Pablo Limarzi)   See fewer
Jesica Parera
Hija Pérez (as Yésica Perera) Hija Pérez (as Yésica Perera)   See fewer
Patricio Arellano
Hijo Pérez Hijo Pérez   See fewer
Carolina Donato
Guadalupe Guadalupe   See fewer
Natalia Pérez
Amiga Guadalupe Amiga Guadalupe   See fewer
Marcelo Firmano
Policía Civil Policía Civil   See fewer
Alejandro Stordeau
Propietario 3 Propietario 3   See fewer
Cristian Garate
Barman 1 (as Christian Garate) Barman 1 (as Christian Garate)   See fewer
Emiliano Rodríguez
Barman 2 Barman 2   See fewer
Juan C. Palmiciano
Conductor subte Conductor subte   See fewer
Karen La Vikinga
Bailarina stripper (as Karen Schaffner) Bailarina stripper (as Karen Schaffner)   See fewer
Jorge Arbert
Zanquista Zanquista   See fewer
Martin Kalwill
Lanzallamas Lanzallamas   See fewer
Daniel Reyes
Policía Policía   See fewer
Verónica Vieyra
Actress Actress   See fewer
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