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  • Bean (1997)
  • PG-13
    89 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family
Bean (1997)
89 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

The bumbling Mr. Bean travels to America when he is given the responsibility of bringing a highly valuable painting to a Los Angeles museum.
Rowan Atkinson (character "Mr. Bean") | Richard Curtis (character "Mr. Bean") (written by) | Robin Driscoll (written by)
Chris Blunden (as Christopher Blunden)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Peter S. Larkin (as Peter Larkin)
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Release date
Nov 7, 1997 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Rowan Atkinson
Mr. Bean Mr. Bean   See fewer
Peter MacNicol
David Langley David Langley   See fewer
John Mills
Chairman (as Sir John Mills) Chairman (as Sir John Mills)   See fewer
Pamela Reed
Alison Langley Alison Langley   See fewer
Harris Yulin
George Grierson George Grierson   See fewer
Burt Reynolds
General Newton General Newton   See fewer
Danny Goldring
Security Buck Security Buck   See fewer
Johnny Galecki
Stingo Wheelie Stingo Wheelie   See fewer
Chris Ellis
Det. Butler Det. Butler   See fewer
Andrew Lawrence
Kevin Langley Kevin Langley   See fewer
Peter Egan
Lord Walton Lord Walton   See fewer
Peter Capaldi
Gareth Gareth   See fewer
June Brown
Delilah Delilah   See fewer
Peter James
Dr. Rosenblum Dr. Rosenblum   See fewer
Clive Corner
Dr. Cutler Dr. Cutler   See fewer
Rob Brownstein
Dick Journo Dick Journo   See fewer
Julia Pearlstein
Phyllis Quill Phyllis Quill   See fewer
Tom McGowan
Walter Merchandise Walter Merchandise   See fewer
Sandra Oh
Bernice Schimmel Bernice Schimmel   See fewer
Tricia Vessey
Jennifer Langley Jennifer Langley   See fewer
Alison Goldie
Stewardess Nicely Stewardess Nicely   See fewer
Dakin Matthews
Tucker, Passenger Tucker, Passenger   See fewer
Scott Charles
Timmy Pewker Jr Timmy Pewker Jr   See fewer
Thomas Mills
Officer Stubbles Officer Stubbles   See fewer
Ronnie Yeskel
Mrs. Goodwoman Mrs. Goodwoman   See fewer
Richard Gant
Lt. Brutus Lt. Brutus   See fewer
Priscilla Shanks
Sylvia Grierson Sylvia Grierson   See fewer
Richard Hicks
Kart Pusherman Kart Pusherman   See fewer
Gigi Fields
Nurse Desking Nurse Desking   See fewer
Lela Ivey
Nurse Pots Nurse Pots   See fewer
David Doty
Dr. Jacobson Dr. Jacobson   See fewer
Robert Curtis Brown
Dr. Frowning (as Robert Curtis-Brown) Dr. Frowning (as Robert Curtis-Brown)   See fewer
April Grace
Nurse Pans Nurse Pans   See fewer
Perry Anzilotti
Dr. Squeaking Dr. Squeaking   See fewer
Janni Brenn
Nurse Dyper Nurse Dyper   See fewer
Annette Helde
Nurse Gripes Nurse Gripes   See fewer
Richard Irving
Anxious Man (uncredited) Anxious Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Lowe
Passenger (uncredited) Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul McMichael
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Louis E. Rosas
Venice Freak (uncredited) Venice Freak (uncredited)   See fewer
Maridean Mansfield Shepard
LAX Traveler (uncredited) LAX Traveler (uncredited)   See fewer
Teddy (uncredited) Teddy (uncredited)   See fewer
Reg Thomason
National Art Gallery Board Member (uncredited) National Art Gallery Board Member (uncredited)   See fewer
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