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  • The Arrow (1997–1997)
  • TV Mini-series | 180 min | Drama, History
The Arrow (1997–1997)
TV Mini-series | 180 min | Drama, History

The true story of how Canada built and destroyed the world's most advanced fighter plane back in the 1950s.
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Keith Ross Leckie (screenplay by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Jan 12, 1997

Release date (First episode)
Jan 12, 1997 (Canada)


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50 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Dan Aykroyd
Crawford Gordon Jr. Crawford Gordon Jr.   See fewer
Sara Botsford
Kate O'Hara Kate O'Hara   See fewer
Ron White
Jack Woodman Jack Woodman   See fewer
Aidan Devine
Jim Chamberlain Jim Chamberlain   See fewer
Nigel Bennett
James Floyd James Floyd   See fewer
Jonathan Whittaker
Fred Smye Fred Smye   See fewer
Ian D. Clark
Edward Critchley Edward Critchley   See fewer
David Lawrence Brown
Joe Paloffski (as Dave Brown) Joe Paloffski (as Dave Brown)   See fewer
Catherine Fitch
Ruby Paloffski Ruby Paloffski   See fewer
Robin Gammell
C.D. Howe C.D. Howe   See fewer
Robert Haley
John George Diefenbaker John George Diefenbaker   See fewer
Michael Moriarty
Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower   See fewer
Michael Ironside
C.I.A. Director C.I.A. Director   See fewer
Christopher Plummer
George Hees George Hees   See fewer
Mauralea Austin
June Callwood June Callwood   See fewer
Colette Stevenson
Claire Connors Claire Connors   See fewer
Art Hindle
Colonel Fairchild Colonel Fairchild   See fewer
Lynne Cormack
Mary Gordon Mary Gordon   See fewer
Vernon Chapman
George Pearkes George Pearkes   See fewer
Lubomir Mykytiuk
Jan Zurakowski Jan Zurakowski   See fewer
Frank Adamson
Air Marshall Wilf Curtis Air Marshall Wilf Curtis   See fewer
John Nelles
John Pallet (as John E. Nelles) John Pallet (as John E. Nelles)   See fewer
Niklas Konowal
George O'Hara George O'Hara   See fewer
Chris Sigurdson
Engineer 1 Engineer 1   See fewer
John Bekavac
Engineer 2 Engineer 2   See fewer
Walter High
Gordon's Limo Driver Gordon's Limo Driver   See fewer
Wilfrid Bray
Technician 2 Technician 2   See fewer
Lora Schroeder
Gloria Collinson Gloria Collinson   See fewer
Robert G. Slade
Electronic Engineer 1 (as Robert Slade) Electronic Engineer 1 (as Robert Slade)   See fewer
John Bluethner
Engineer 3 Engineer 3   See fewer
Dan Weber
Technical Director Technical Director   See fewer
Ker Wells
Army Lieutenant Army Lieutenant   See fewer
Kim McCaw
Union Rep Union Rep   See fewer
Keith James
Headhunter 1 Headhunter 1   See fewer
Wayne Nicklas
Headhunter 2 Headhunter 2   See fewer
David Gillies
Technician 1 Technician 1   See fewer
Robert Huculak
Worker 1 Worker 1   See fewer
Gene Pyrz
Worker 2 Worker 2   See fewer
Jeff Madden
Press 1 Press 1   See fewer
James Durham
C.O. American C.O. American   See fewer
Nancy Jane Drake
Mrs. Sparkhall (as Nancy Drake) Mrs. Sparkhall (as Nancy Drake)   See fewer
Lee J. Campbell
T.V. Reporter T.V. Reporter   See fewer
Richard Blackburn
U.S. Government Official U.S. Government Official   See fewer
Richard Hurst
T.V. News Announcer T.V. News Announcer   See fewer
Blake Taylor
Professor Sedgefield Professor Sedgefield   See fewer
Darach McDonnell
Radar Operator Radar Operator   See fewer
Conrad Sweatman
Crawford Gordon III Crawford Gordon III   See fewer
John Diefenbaker
Self in Newsreel (archive footage) (uncredited) Self in Newsreel (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Brad Leiman
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
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