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  • Mistrial (1996)
  • R
    TV Movie | 89 min | Action, Drama, Thriller
Mistrial (1996)
TV Movie | 89 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

A policeman is upset that a man he arrested for killing two cops may be freed on a technicality. He therefore takes matters into his own hands to try the case.
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Updated Nov 2, 1996

Release date
Nov 2, 1996 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Bill Pullman
Steve Donohue Steve Donohue   See fewer
Robert Loggia
Captain Lou Unger Captain Lou Unger   See fewer
Blair Underwood
Lieutenant C. Hodges Lieutenant C. Hodges   See fewer
Leo Burmester
Commissioner Russell Crane Commissioner Russell Crane   See fewer
Roma Maffia
Laurie Meisinger Laurie Meisinger   See fewer
James Rebhorn
Mayor Taylor Mayor Taylor   See fewer
Jon Seda
Eddie Rios Eddie Rios   See fewer
Josef Sommer
Nick Mirsky Nick Mirsky   See fewer
Casey Siemaszko
Detective Bobby Zito Detective Bobby Zito   See fewer
Kate Burton
Katherine Donohue Katherine Donohue   See fewer
Peter MacNeill
Chief Inspecter Ray Hartman Chief Inspecter Ray Hartman   See fewer
Roberta Maxwell
Judge Friel Judge Friel   See fewer
Anita La Selva
Paula Lomax (as Anita LaSelva) Paula Lomax (as Anita LaSelva)   See fewer
Stewart Bick
Assistant Evan Glassman Assistant Evan Glassman   See fewer
Alice Poon
Linda Woo Linda Woo   See fewer
Bruce Beaton
Stanley Shapiro Stanley Shapiro   See fewer
Richard Chevolleau
Willy Sandoval Willy Sandoval   See fewer
Gene Mack
Sergeant B. Adams Sergeant B. Adams   See fewer
Hugh Thompson
Sergeant A. Reeves Sergeant A. Reeves   See fewer
Christina Cox
Officer Ida Cruz Officer Ida Cruz   See fewer
Miriam Colon
Mrs. Cruz Mrs. Cruz   See fewer
Brad Borbridge
Officer Peter Randazzo Officer Peter Randazzo   See fewer
Penny Crone
Fox Reporter Fox Reporter   See fewer
Scott Wickware
Patrolman #1 Patrolman #1   See fewer
Tony Meyler
Patrolman #2 Patrolman #2   See fewer
Ombretta Carfagnini
Denise Viera Denise Viera   See fewer
André Todorovic
Gilberto Rios Gilberto Rios   See fewer
Don Allison
Call-In Show Host Call-In Show Host   See fewer
Cecilley Carroll
Lisa Donohue Lisa Donohue   See fewer
Christopher Redman
Martin Donohue Martin Donohue   See fewer
Carol Anderson
Demo Leader Demo Leader   See fewer
Tony Nappo
Citrano Citrano   See fewer
Bill Boggs
N.Y. Reporter N.Y. Reporter   See fewer
Michael Cumpsty
Terry Lynch Terry Lynch   See fewer
Dan Duran
CNN Reporter CNN Reporter   See fewer
Jonathan Farber
Radio Reporter Radio Reporter   See fewer
Philip Akin
Foreman Foreman   See fewer
Howard Hoover
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Paul James Saunders
Reporter #3 (as Paul Saunders) Reporter #3 (as Paul Saunders)   See fewer
Roger McKeen
Court Officer D. Brown Court Officer D. Brown   See fewer
Scott Gibson
Young Corrections Officer Young Corrections Officer   See fewer
Markus Parilo
Officer D. Strauss Officer D. Strauss   See fewer
Jack Newman
Mr. Press Mr. Press   See fewer
Brenda Robins
Leonore Leonore   See fewer
Philip Williams
Bailiff (S. Ryans) Bailiff (S. Ryans)   See fewer
Douglas O'Keeffe
ESU Lieutenant (P. Gilles) ESU Lieutenant (P. Gilles)   See fewer
Nerene Virgin
Reporter #4 Reporter #4   See fewer
Suzanne Coy
Reporter #5 Reporter #5   See fewer
Rick Demas
Handcuffed Prisoner Handcuffed Prisoner   See fewer
Robert Thomas
Prisoner #2 Prisoner #2   See fewer
Justin Bill
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Carin McLean
Reporter #6 Reporter #6   See fewer
Peter Snider
Reporter #7 Reporter #7   See fewer
Saskia Garel
Reporter #8 Reporter #8   See fewer
Edward Way
Courtroom Person #1 Courtroom Person #1   See fewer
Solomon Walker
Courtroom Person #2 Courtroom Person #2   See fewer
Donna Marie Christie
Courtroom Person #3 Courtroom Person #3   See fewer
Michael A. Miranda
Supporting (uncredited) Supporting (uncredited)   See fewer
Aleksandar Petko
Courtroom Personel (uncredited) Courtroom Personel (uncredited)   See fewer
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