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  • Innocent Victims (1996)
  • TV Movie | 240 min | Crime, Drama
Innocent Victims (1996)
TV Movie | 240 min | Crime, Drama

Defense attorneys attempt to reverse Timothy Hennis' supposed wrongful prosecution on three charges of murder and his sentence to death.
Scott Whisnant (book) | Gy Waldron (teleplay)
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Updated Jan 21, 1996

Release date
Jan 21, 1996 (United States)


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81 cast members
Name Known for
Ricky Schroder
Billy Richardson (as Rick Schroder) Billy Richardson (as Rick Schroder)   See fewer
John Corbett
Tim Hennis Tim Hennis   See fewer
Tom Irwin
Jerry Beaver Jerry Beaver   See fewer
Howard Hesseman
Smithline Smithline   See fewer
Rue McClanahan
Marylou Hennis Marylou Hennis   See fewer
John P. Connolly
D.B. Guiness D.B. Guiness   See fewer
Liza Snyder
Angela Hennis Angela Hennis   See fewer
Rondi Reed
Bonnie Griffin Bonnie Griffin   See fewer
Ben Browder
Gary Eastburn Gary Eastburn   See fewer
Hal Holbrook
Bob Hennis Bob Hennis   See fewer
Richard Fancy
Richard Tasman Richard Tasman   See fewer
Dean Norris
Frank Sarezin Frank Sarezin   See fewer
Kevin Scannell
Ralph Carling Ralph Carling   See fewer
Lisa Waltz
Actress Actress   See fewer
George Alvarez
Deputy Archer Deputy Archer   See fewer
Tim Monsion
Harlin Carlin Harlin Carlin   See fewer
Marilyn McIntyre
Linda Badgely Linda Badgely   See fewer
Rutanya Alda
Lorraine Taylor Lorraine Taylor   See fewer
Janet Eilber
Carolyn Beaver Carolyn Beaver   See fewer
Chris Ellis
Alan Hallis Alan Hallis   See fewer
Glenn Morshower
Detective Prell Detective Prell   See fewer
Allan Wasserman
Judge Johnson Judge Johnson   See fewer
Phillip Cates
Crime reporter (as Philip Cates) Crime reporter (as Philip Cates)   See fewer
Tony Colitti
Dennis Reno Dennis Reno   See fewer
Don Keefer
Grandfather Grandfather   See fewer
Deborah Strang
Cynthia Hollis Cynthia Hollis   See fewer
Darnell Suttles
Dave Palmer Dave Palmer   See fewer
Stacy Edwards
Barbara Richardson Barbara Richardson   See fewer
Perry Moore
Gary Durone Gary Durone   See fewer
J.G. Hertzler
Roy (as John Hertzler) Roy (as John Hertzler)   See fewer
Ann Walker
Dorothy Popejoy Dorothy Popejoy   See fewer
Walter Addison
McLendon McLendon   See fewer
Diane Amos
Mildred Guinn Mildred Guinn   See fewer
Gil Cates Jr.
Rockie Deputy Rockie Deputy   See fewer
Ralph Meyering Jr.
Deputy Warden Deputy Warden   See fewer
Jessica Berlin
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Patricia Forte
Mrs. Susan Breck Mrs. Susan Breck   See fewer
Jack Gallagher
First TV news anchor First TV news anchor   See fewer
Michael Ashe
Second TV news anchor Second TV news anchor   See fewer
Linda Galloway
Mrs. Koonce Mrs. Koonce   See fewer
Gary Hollis
Mr. Koonce Mr. Koonce   See fewer
Gunther Jenson
Death Row guard Death Row guard   See fewer
Howard S. Miller
Marvin Daly Marvin Daly   See fewer
Steve O'Connor
First court clerk First court clerk   See fewer
Todd Patrick Breaugh
Second Court Clerk Second Court Clerk   See fewer
Scott N. Stevens
TV reporter TV reporter   See fewer
Dierk Torsek
First judge First judge   See fewer
Amanda van Maanen
Jana Eastburn Jana Eastburn   See fewer
Alexander Zale
Dr. Raynes Dr. Raynes   See fewer
Martin Cassidy
Mike White Mike White   See fewer
Ken Daly
Deputy clerk Deputy clerk   See fewer
Francia Dimase
Amy Reid Amy Reid   See fewer
Charles Dougherty
Pines Market manager Pines Market manager   See fewer
Bebe Drake
Ruth Roswell Ruth Roswell   See fewer
John T. Grantham
County guard County guard   See fewer
Roger Jackson
John Green John Green   See fewer
Kathy Molter
Julie Duvale Julie Duvale   See fewer
Ricki Leigh
Kristina Hennis Kristina Hennis   See fewer
Will Rothhaar
Matt Richardson Matt Richardson   See fewer
Douglas Stark
Justice Parod Justice Parod   See fewer
Phillip Stewart
Mr. Griffin (husband of Bonnie Griffin played by actress Rondi Reed) Mr. Griffin (husband of Bonnie Griffin played by actress Rondi Reed)   See fewer
Rachel Winfree
Frances Ramsey Frances Ramsey   See fewer
Phillip Cates
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Frances Conroy
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tony Devon
William Hart William Hart   See fewer
Mike Monteleone
Judge Thompson Judge Thompson   See fewer
William Nakia Yelland
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Ari Meyers
Stacy Carolwood (uncredited) Stacy Carolwood (uncredited)   See fewer
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