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  • Gotti (1996)
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    TV Movie | 117 min | Biography, Crime, Drama
Gotti (1996)
TV Movie | 117 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

John Gotti rises to head the powerful Gambino crime family before being convicted in 1992 of racketeering and murder.
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Jerry Capeci (book "The Last Gangster: Winning the War Against John Gotti and the Mob") (in part) | Gene Mustain (book "The Last Gangster: Winning the War Against John Gotti and the Mob") (in part) | Steve Shagan (teleplay) (as Steven Shagan)
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Updated Aug 17, 1996

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Aug 17, 1996 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Armand Assante
John Gotti John Gotti   See fewer
William Forsythe
Sammy Gravano Sammy Gravano   See fewer
Richard C. Sarafian
Paul Castellano Paul Castellano   See fewer
Frank Vincent
Robert DiBernardo Robert DiBernardo   See fewer
Anthony Quinn
Neil Dellacroce Neil Dellacroce   See fewer
Dominic Chianese
Joe Armone Joe Armone   See fewer
Robert Miranda
Frank DeCicco Frank DeCicco   See fewer
Scott Cohen
Gene Gotti Gene Gotti   See fewer
Raymond Serra
Frank LoCascio Frank LoCascio   See fewer
Vincent Pastore
Angelo Ruggiero Angelo Ruggiero   See fewer
Marc Lawrence
Carlo Gambino Carlo Gambino   See fewer
Tony Sirico
Joe Dimiglia Joe Dimiglia   See fewer
Alberta Watson
Victoria Gotti Victoria Gotti   See fewer
Al Waxman
Bruce Cutler Bruce Cutler   See fewer
Yank Azman
Judge Nickerson Judge Nickerson   See fewer
Deena Baltman
Diane Giacalone Diane Giacalone   See fewer
Warren Dexter Beatty
Reporter #5 Reporter #5   See fewer
Nigel Bennett
Bruce Mouw Bruce Mouw   See fewer
Michael Bianchin
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Frank Crudele
Nick Scibetta Nick Scibetta   See fewer
George Davis
Scott Favara Scott Favara   See fewer
Tony De Santis
John Favara John Favara   See fewer
Don Dickinson
George Gabriel George Gabriel   See fewer
Dan Duran
T.V. Announcer T.V. Announcer   See fewer
Gil Filar
Frank Gotti Frank Gotti   See fewer
Lucy Filippone
Mrs. Ruggiero Mrs. Ruggiero   See fewer
Ron Gabriel
Tommy Bilotti Tommy Bilotti   See fewer
Marvin Goldhar
Jerry Shargel Jerry Shargel   See fewer
Sharon Heldt
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
Tracey Hoyt
Woman On Camera 5 Woman On Camera 5   See fewer
Jeff Jones
Derelict Derelict   See fewer
Brian Kaulback
Reporter #3 Reporter #3   See fewer
Adam Large
Young Man Young Man   See fewer
Roy Lewis
Marshal #1 Marshal #1   See fewer
Gino Marrocco
Jimmy Failla Jimmy Failla   See fewer
Gerry Mendicino
Peter Gotti Peter Gotti   See fewer
Colin Mochrie
Sound Operator Sound Operator   See fewer
Michelle Moffat
Reporter #4 (as Michelle Moffett) Reporter #4 (as Michelle Moffett)   See fewer
John Nelles
Asst. D.A. Bartley Asst. D.A. Bartley   See fewer
George T. Odom
Black Leader Black Leader   See fewer
Michael A. Miranda
Ralph Galione (as Silvio Oliviero) Ralph Galione (as Silvio Oliviero)   See fewer
Billy Otis
Joey Perillo Joey Perillo   See fewer
Frank Pellegrino
Carmine Russo Carmine Russo   See fewer
Nilo Picchi
Willie Coleta Willie Coleta   See fewer
Joe Pingue
Second Man Second Man   See fewer
Karl Pruner
John Gleeson John Gleeson   See fewer
Barbara Radecki
Mary C.B.S Mary C.B.S   See fewer
Kurt Reis
Judge Leo Glasser Judge Leo Glasser   See fewer
Vito Rezza
First Man First Man   See fewer
Rina Rota
Mrs. Cirelli Mrs. Cirelli   See fewer
Dante Rota
Joe Paruto Joe Paruto   See fewer
A. Frank Ruffo
Frank Bellino Frank Bellino   See fewer
Tim Rykert
Marshal #2 Marshal #2   See fewer
Richard Sali
FBI Cameraman FBI Cameraman   See fewer
Harry Spiegel
Man On Camera Man On Camera   See fewer
Nerene Virgin
Reporter #6 Reporter #6   See fewer
Vlasta Vrana
Romual Piecyk Romual Piecyk   See fewer
Jim Walton
Guard Guard   See fewer
Lloyd White
Court Deputy Court Deputy   See fewer
Christopher Anson
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Aidan Devine
James McBratney James McBratney   See fewer
Patrick Ezerzer
Paul Castalano hitman Paul Castalano hitman   See fewer
Mark Falvo
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
John Galarza
Crew Member Crew Member   See fewer
Brian Kowalchuk
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Jeffrey Kuhn
Jimmy Wynton Jimmy Wynton   See fewer
Scott Madter
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Carson Manning
Hanger attendant Hanger attendant   See fewer
Frank Turek
Young Man Young Man   See fewer
David Berni
Handsome Jimmy (uncredited) Handsome Jimmy (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent Curatola
Associate (uncredited) Associate (uncredited)   See fewer
Sebastian MacLean
Court Room Reporter (uncredited) Court Room Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
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