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  • Judge Dredd (1995)
  • R
    96 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Judge Dredd (1995)
96 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

In a dystopian future, Joseph Dredd, the most famous Judge (a police officer with instant field judiciary powers), is convicted for a crime he did not commit and must face his murderous counterpart.
John Wagner (characters) | Carlos Ezquerra (characters) | Michael De Luca (story) | William Wisher (story) (screenplay) | Steven E. de Souza (screenplay)
Charles Lippincott (as Charles M. Lippincott) | Beau Marks (as Beau E.L. Marks)
Harry Keramidas (edited by) | Alex Mackie (edited by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 30, 1995 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Sylvester Stallone
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd   See fewer
Rob Schneider
Fergie Fergie   See fewer
Jürgen Prochnow
Judge Griffin (as Jurgen Prochnow) Judge Griffin (as Jurgen Prochnow)   See fewer
Max von Sydow
Judge Fargo Judge Fargo   See fewer
Diane Lane
Judge Hershey Judge Hershey   See fewer
Joanna Miles
McGruder McGruder   See fewer
Balthazar Getty
Olmeyer Olmeyer   See fewer
Maurice Roëves
Miller (as Maurice Roeves) Miller (as Maurice Roeves)   See fewer
Ian Dury
Geiger Geiger   See fewer
Christopher Adamson
Mean Machine (as Chris Adamson) Mean Machine (as Chris Adamson)   See fewer
Ewen Bremner
Junior Angel Junior Angel   See fewer
Peter Marinker
Judge Esposito Judge Esposito   See fewer
Angus MacInnes
Judge Silver Judge Silver   See fewer
Louise Delamere
Locker Judge Locker Judge   See fewer
Phil Smeeton
Fink Angel Fink Angel   See fewer
Steve Toussaint
Hunter Squad Leader Hunter Squad Leader   See fewer
Bradley Lavelle
Chief Judge Hunter (as Bradley Savelle) Chief Judge Hunter (as Bradley Savelle)   See fewer
Mark Morghan
Judge Killed by Robot Judge Killed by Robot   See fewer
Ed Stobart
Barge Crew Member Barge Crew Member   See fewer
Huggy Leaver
Brutal Prisoner (as Huggy Lever) Brutal Prisoner (as Huggy Lever)   See fewer
Lex Daniel
Brisco (as Alexis Daniel) Brisco (as Alexis Daniel)   See fewer
John Blakey
Border Guard Border Guard   See fewer
Dig Wayne
Reggie Reggie   See fewer
Ashley Artus
Squatter 1 Squatter 1   See fewer
Christopher Glover
Squatter 2 Squatter 2   See fewer
Brendan Fleming
Squatter 3 Squatter 3   See fewer
Stephen Lord
Zed Squatter 1 Zed Squatter 1   See fewer
Phil Kingston
Zed Squatter 2 Zed Squatter 2   See fewer
Ewan Bailey
Aspen Guard Aspen Guard   See fewer
Stuart Mullen
Co-Pilot Co-Pilot   See fewer
Pat Starr
Lily Hammond Lily Hammond   See fewer
Mitchell Ryan
Vartis Hammond Vartis Hammond   See fewer
Adrienne Barbeau
Central (voice) (uncredited) Central (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Sam Barriscale
Cadet Marks (uncredited) Cadet Marks (uncredited)   See fewer
Alan Bond
Rioter (uncredited) Rioter (uncredited)   See fewer
James Bowden
Prison Officer JRB007 (uncredited) Prison Officer JRB007 (uncredited)   See fewer
Frazer Brown
Mega City Thug (uncredited) Mega City Thug (uncredited)   See fewer
Charlie Condou
Cadet (uncredited) Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
Amelia Curtis
Blonde Cadet (uncredited) Blonde Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
Ian Durrant
Mega-City One Civilian (uncredited) Mega-City One Civilian (uncredited)   See fewer
Elly Fairman
Cadet (uncredited) Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Gage
Young Thief (uncredited) Young Thief (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Houghton
Supporting (uncredited) Supporting (uncredited)   See fewer
James Earl Jones
Narrator (voice) (uncredited) Narrator (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Russell MacLeod
Judge Duelin (uncredited) Judge Duelin (uncredited)   See fewer
Casper McQueen
Cadet (uncredited) Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Montalbano
Cadet (uncredited) Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Moraghan
Judge Monroe (uncredited) Judge Monroe (uncredited)   See fewer
Patrick Pasi
Cadet (uncredited) Cadet (uncredited)   See fewer
James Remar
Block Warlord (uncredited) Block Warlord (uncredited)   See fewer
Al Sapienza
Young Judge Who Removes Dredd's Helmet (uncredited) Young Judge Who Removes Dredd's Helmet (uncredited)   See fewer
David Wilde
Rioter (uncredited) Rioter (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Wilson
Pa Angel (uncredited) Pa Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
Fred Wood
Rioter (uncredited) Rioter (uncredited)   See fewer
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