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  • Gospa (1995)
  • PG
    125 min | Drama, History
Gospa (1995)
125 min | Drama, History

In 1981 in Medjugorje (BA), a group of kids claim that Virgin Mary appeared to them on a hill. The local priest believes them and spreads the word. Religious tourism blossoms. The communist government is concerned and arrests the priest.
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Release date
Oct 13, 1995 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Martin Sheen
Father Jozo Zovko Father Jozo Zovko   See fewer
Michael York
Milan Vukovic Milan Vukovic   See fewer
Morgan Fairchild
Sister Fabijana Zovko Sister Fabijana Zovko   See fewer
Paul Guilfoyle
Miodrag Dobrovic Miodrag Dobrovic   See fewer
George Coe
father Ferdo Vlasic father Ferdo Vlasic   See fewer
Ray Girardin
father Zrinko Cuvalo father Zrinko Cuvalo   See fewer
Frank Finlay
Monsignor Monsignor   See fewer
Tony Zazula
prosecutor Govanovic prosecutor Govanovic   See fewer
William Hootkins
judge Marulic judge Marulic   See fewer
Angelo Santiago
Vlado Palic Vlado Palic   See fewer
Mustafa Nadarevic
major Stovic major Stovic   See fewer
Zlatko Crnkovic
Zoran Rankovic Zoran Rankovic   See fewer
Slavko Brankov
2nd Jail Guard 2nd Jail Guard   See fewer
Ivan Brkic
1st Jail Guard 1st Jail Guard   See fewer
Petar Buntic
Sceptical Man Sceptical Man   See fewer
Daniela Colic-Prizmic
French Jurnalist (as Nela Colic-Prizmic) French Jurnalist (as Nela Colic-Prizmic)   See fewer
Antonia Cutic
Woman on the Hill (as Antonija Cutic) Woman on the Hill (as Antonija Cutic)   See fewer
Ivanka Dabetic
Macek's mother Macek's mother   See fewer
Terezija Dadic-Lepetic
Elderly woman Elderly woman   See fewer
Vanja Drach
German Jurnalist German Jurnalist   See fewer
William Greene
Marcello Bompiani Marcello Bompiani   See fewer
Goran Grgic
Interviewer Interviewer   See fewer
Ivica Joncic
Soldier on Apparation Hill Soldier on Apparation Hill   See fewer
Ljubo Kapor
Jail Clerk (as Ljubomir Kapor) Jail Clerk (as Ljubomir Kapor)   See fewer
Vasja Kovacic
Roadside Signer 3 Roadside Signer 3   See fewer
Virginia Kraljevic
Ivanka Ivankovic Ivanka Ivankovic   See fewer
Danko Ljustina
Guard Simo Guard Simo   See fewer
Marko Makovicic
Ivan Dragicevic (as Marko Makovicic) Ivan Dragicevic (as Marko Makovicic)   See fewer
Mary Maruna
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Josip Masina
Nikola Benkovic Nikola Benkovic   See fewer
Stojan Matavulj
Major Stovic's Aide Major Stovic's Aide   See fewer
Boris Miholjevic
Bishop's Secretary Bishop's Secretary   See fewer
Bozidar Oreskovic
1st Policeman 1st Policeman   See fewer
Robert Plemic
Court Guard Court Guard   See fewer
Sinisa Popovic
Arresting Officer Arresting Officer   See fewer
Frank Raiter
Slavko Vasilj Slavko Vasilj   See fewer
Mile Rupcic
Roadside Signer 2 Roadside Signer 2   See fewer
Alen Salinovic
Roadside Signer 1 Roadside Signer 1   See fewer
Zarko Savic
Interrogation Officer Interrogation Officer   See fewer
Marija Sedlar
Marija Pavlovic Marija Pavlovic   See fewer
Aspen Sheridan
Vicka Ivankovic Vicka Ivankovic   See fewer
Vasek Simek
Bishop Subic (as Vasek C. Simek) Bishop Subic (as Vasek C. Simek)   See fewer
Bozidar Smiljanic
Father Ivan Father Ivan   See fewer
Sinisa Straga
Jakov Colo Jakov Colo   See fewer
Kresimir Sulentic
Carpenter Carpenter   See fewer
Boris Svrtan
Dragan Macek Dragan Macek   See fewer
Paul Tivers
British Journalist British Journalist   See fewer
Anica Tomic
Mirjana Dragicevic Mirjana Dragicevic   See fewer
Dara Vukic
Slavic Woman Slavic Woman   See fewer
Timothy Wheeler
Slaven Zafranovic Slaven Zafranovic   See fewer
Kresimir Zidaric
Bishop's Driver Bishop's Driver   See fewer
Ranko Zidaric
Dobrovic's Aide Dobrovic's Aide   See fewer
Zvonimir Zoricic
2nd Policeman 2nd Policeman   See fewer
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