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  • First Knight (1995)
  • PG-13
    134 min | Action, Adventure, Drama
First Knight (1995)
134 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, who is due to be married to King Arthur. Meanwhile, a violent warlord tries to seize power from Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.
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Jerry Zucker (directed by)
Lorne Cameron (story) | David Hoselton (story) | William Nicholson (story) (screenplay)
Hunt Lowry (produced by) | Jerry Zucker (produced by)
Jerry Goldsmith (music composed by)
Casting Director
Mary Selway (casting by)
Production Designer
John Box (production design by)
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Release date
Jul 7, 1995 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Sean Connery
King Arthur King Arthur   See fewer
Richard Gere
Lancelot Lancelot   See fewer
Julia Ormond
Guinevere Guinevere   See fewer
Ben Cross
Prince Malagant Prince Malagant   See fewer
Liam Cunningham
Agravaine Agravaine   See fewer
Valentine Pelka
Sir Patrise Sir Patrise   See fewer
Colin McCormack
Sir Mador Sir Mador   See fewer
John Gielgud
Oswald Oswald   See fewer
Stuart Bunce
Peter, King's Stableman Peter, King's Stableman   See fewer
Jean Marie Coffey
Petronella Petronella   See fewer
Tom Lucy
Sir Sagramore Sir Sagramore   See fewer
John Blakey
Sir Tor Sir Tor   See fewer
Robert Gwyn Davin
Sir Gawaine Sir Gawaine   See fewer
Sean Blowers
Sir Carados Sir Carados   See fewer
Alexis Denisof
Sir Gaheris Sir Gaheris   See fewer
Daniel Naprous
Sir Amant Sir Amant   See fewer
Jonathan Cake
Sir Gareth Sir Gareth   See fewer
Jonty Miller
Gauntlet Man Gauntlet Man   See fewer
Rose Keegan
Mark's Wife Mark's Wife   See fewer
Mark Ryan
Challenger Challenger   See fewer
Oliver Lewis
Marauder Marauder   See fewer
Wolf Christian
Marauder Marauder   See fewer
Angus Wright
Marauder Marauder   See fewer
Eric Stone
Guard Guard   See fewer
Ryan Todd
Young Lancelot Young Lancelot   See fewer
Dido Miles
Grateful Woman Grateful Woman   See fewer
Michael Hodgson
Young Man in Crowd Young Man in Crowd   See fewer
Susannah Corbett
Young Woman in Crowd Young Woman in Crowd   See fewer
Susan Breslau
Wedding Guest Wedding Guest   See fewer
Kate Zucker
Flower Girl Flower Girl   See fewer
Bob Zucker
Little Boy with Birds Little Boy with Birds   See fewer
Charlotte Zucker
Bread Vendor Bread Vendor   See fewer
Burton Zucker
Bread Vendor (as Burt Zucker) Bread Vendor (as Burt Zucker)   See fewer
Charlotte Barwick
Peasent (uncredited) Peasent (uncredited)   See fewer
Sacha Bennett
Unidentified Role (uncredited) Unidentified Role (uncredited)   See fewer
Rob Brydon
Man in Crowd (uncredited) Man in Crowd (uncredited)   See fewer
Kenneth W Caravan
Nobelman - Villager (uncredited) Nobelman - Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Simon Collins
Armed Town's Folk (uncredited) Armed Town's Folk (uncredited)   See fewer
Rick (ii) Davy
Marauder (uncredited) Marauder (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Dickins
Village Fighter (uncredited) Village Fighter (uncredited)   See fewer
Tim Faraday
Keeper (uncredited) Keeper (uncredited)   See fewer
Harry Fielder
Bearded Villager (uncredited) Bearded Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Owain Griffiths
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Hackett
Villager (uncredited) Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Martin Herdman
Centurian (uncredited) Centurian (uncredited)   See fewer
Bernard Hill
Knight (uncredited) Knight (uncredited)   See fewer
Leslie Maier
Wedding Guest #2 (uncredited) Wedding Guest #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Bellamy Nunn
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek Pykett
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Antonio Rochira
Marauder (uncredited) Marauder (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Rycyk
Action Knight in Opening (uncredited) Action Knight in Opening (uncredited)   See fewer
Guy Standeven
Villager (uncredited) Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Teasdale
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
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