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  • Zoya (1995)
  • TV-PG
    TV Movie | 171 min | Drama, Romance
Zoya (1995)
TV Movie | 171 min | Drama, Romance

A young Russian Countess escapes the 1917 revolution and, despite hardship, makes a new life for herself in America.
Richard A. Colla (as Richard Colla)
L. Virginia Browne (written by) | Danielle Steel (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 17, 1995

Release date
Sep 17, 1995 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Melissa Gilbert
Zoya Ossipov Zoya Ossipov   See fewer
Bruce Boxleitner
Clayton Andrews Clayton Andrews   See fewer
Don Henderson
Feodor Feodor   See fewer
Zane Carney
Young Nicholas Young Nicholas   See fewer
Taryn Davis
Young Sasha Young Sasha   See fewer
David Warner
Prince Vladimir Prince Vladimir   See fewer
Diana Rigg
Evgenia Evgenia   See fewer
Peggy Cass
Mrs. Molloy Mrs. Molloy   See fewer
Jane How
Natalya Natalya   See fewer
Richard Durden
Konstantin Konstantin   See fewer
Samuel West
Nicolai (as Sam West) Nicolai (as Sam West)   See fewer
Brian Williams
Firefighter (as Brian A. Williams) Firefighter (as Brian A. Williams)   See fewer
James Hanlon
Firefighter Firefighter   See fewer
Gregory Hlady
Diaghilev Diaghilev   See fewer
Burtt Harris
Fitzhugh Fitzhugh   See fewer
Henderson Forsythe
Arnold Evan Arnold Evan   See fewer
Byron Johnson
Pershing Soldier Pershing Soldier   See fewer
Clare Sims
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Margaret Hilton
Nanny Alice Nanny Alice   See fewer
Jessica Kardos
Another Dancer Another Dancer   See fewer
Catherine Colvey
Lillian Lillian   See fewer
Robert Vezina
Raynaud Owner Raynaud Owner   See fewer
Gabriel Gascon
Paris Doctor Paris Doctor   See fewer
Emma Stevens
Grand Duchess Marina Grand Duchess Marina   See fewer
Kristofer Batho
Grand Duke Cyril Grand Duke Cyril   See fewer
Pat McNamara
Stage Manager Stage Manager   See fewer
Jane Wheeler
Female Gossip #1 Female Gossip #1   See fewer
Susan Almgren
Female Gossip #2 (as Susie Almgren) Female Gossip #2 (as Susie Almgren)   See fewer
Julie Cox
Maria Maria   See fewer
Jennifer Hilary
Tsarina Tsarina   See fewer
Sebastien Joannette
Ritz Soldier Ritz Soldier   See fewer
Oleg Botin
Petty Officer Petty Officer   See fewer
Philip Casnoff
Simon Hirsch Simon Hirsch   See fewer
Cameron Bancroft
Nicholas Nicholas   See fewer
Julian Stone
Freddy Freddy   See fewer
Susan Haskell
Elizabeth Elizabeth   See fewer
Tiffany Amber Knight
Zoe (Teen) Zoe (Teen)   See fewer
Jacob Bloom
Matthew (Age 5) Matthew (Age 5)   See fewer
Maxim Roy
Colette Colette   See fewer
Gregory Perrelli
Matthew (Age 10) Matthew (Age 10)   See fewer
Sarabeth Sherbine
Zoe (Age 6) Zoe (Age 6)   See fewer
Billy Kay
Newsboy Newsboy   See fewer
Stephanie Maillery
Salesgirl Salesgirl   See fewer
Erin Simms
Bunny Bunny   See fewer
Altynai Asylmuratova
Dancer: "Giselle" (as Altynia Asylmuratova) Dancer: "Giselle" (as Altynia Asylmuratova)   See fewer
Yulian Makarov
Officer #1 (as Yulian Zhulin) Officer #1 (as Yulian Zhulin)   See fewer
Aleksei Nilin
Officer #2 (as Alexei Nilin) Officer #2 (as Alexei Nilin)   See fewer
Dean St. John
WW 2 Radio Announcer (uncredited) WW 2 Radio Announcer (uncredited)   See fewer
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