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  • The Bill: Target (1996)
  • Video | 74 min | Crime, Drama
The Bill: Target (1996)
Video | 74 min | Crime, Drama

Feature length episode of the popular TV series. WPC Ackland finds herself the target of an assassin's bullet.
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Geoff McQueen (deviser) | Edward Canfor-Dumas (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designers

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Updated Mar 11, 1996

Release date
Mar 11, 1996 (United Kingdom)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Trudie Goodwin
W.P.C. Ackland W.P.C. Ackland   See fewer
Simon Rouse
D.C.I. Meadows D.C.I. Meadows   See fewer
Tom Butcher
P.C. Loxton P.C. Loxton   See fewer
Ben Roberts
Acting Supt. Conway Acting Supt. Conway   See fewer
Shaun Scott
D.I. Deakin D.I. Deakin   See fewer
Kevin Lloyd
D.C. Lines D.C. Lines   See fewer
Billy Murray
D.S. Beech D.S. Beech   See fewer
Tom Cotcher
D.C. Woods D.C. Woods   See fewer
Iain Fletcher
D.C. Skase D.C. Skase   See fewer
Robert Perkins
Sgt. Steele Sgt. Steele   See fewer
Alan Westaway
P.C. Slater P.C. Slater   See fewer
Huw Higginson
P.C. Garfield P.C. Garfield   See fewer
Eric Richard
Sgt. Cryer Sgt. Cryer   See fewer
Peter Ellis
Ch. Supt. Brownlow Ch. Supt. Brownlow   See fewer
Mark Spalding
Ch. Insp. Stritch Ch. Insp. Stritch   See fewer
Colin Tarrant
Insp. Monroe Insp. Monroe   See fewer
Graham Cole
P.C. Stamp P.C. Stamp   See fewer
Kerry Peers
W.D.C. Croft W.D.C. Croft   See fewer
Lynne Miller
W.P.C. Marshall W.P.C. Marshall   See fewer
Andrew Paul
P.C. Quinnan P.C. Quinnan   See fewer
Tony O'Callaghan
Sgt. Boyden Sgt. Boyden   See fewer
Mark Wingett
D.C. Carver D.C. Carver   See fewer
Lisa Geoghan
W.P.C. Page W.P.C. Page   See fewer
Jeff Stewart
P.C. Hollis P.C. Hollis   See fewer
Seeta Indrani
W.P.C Datta W.P.C Datta   See fewer
Stephen Beckett
P.C. Jarvis P.C. Jarvis   See fewer
Clive Wedderburn
P.C. McCann P.C. McCann   See fewer
Mary Jo Randle
W.D.S. Jo Morgan W.D.S. Jo Morgan   See fewer
Oliver Haden
D.I. Scales D.I. Scales   See fewer
Terence Harvey
Commander Voss Commander Voss   See fewer
Antony Carrick
Supt. Graves (as Antony Garrick) Supt. Graves (as Antony Garrick)   See fewer
James Vaughan
ARV P.C. ARV P.C.   See fewer
Zita Sattar
W.D.C. Watson W.D.C. Watson   See fewer
Joan Ann Maynard
Mrs. Henry Mrs. Henry   See fewer
Eddie Tagoe
Mr. Henry Mr. Henry   See fewer
Dwayne Thomas
Mark Henry Mark Henry   See fewer
Dee Sadler
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Derek Elroy
Benny Clarke Benny Clarke   See fewer
Ian Price
Atkin Atkin   See fewer
Sally Edwards
Aldington Aldington   See fewer
Richard Vanstone
John Kerr John Kerr   See fewer
Gareth Williams
Derek Phillips Derek Phillips   See fewer
Bill Rourke
Prison Officer Prison Officer   See fewer
Rob Turnbull
Addict at Crack House Addict at Crack House   See fewer
Lesley Clare O'Neill
Mrs. Cooper Mrs. Cooper   See fewer
Amanda Abbington
Lady Car Driver Lady Car Driver   See fewer
Barry Aird
Intruder Intruder   See fewer
Sarah Whittuck
Lindy Burns Lindy Burns   See fewer
Mark Chapman
D.I Jones (uncredited) D.I Jones (uncredited)   See fewer
Victor Gallucci
D.C. Baker (uncredited) D.C. Baker (uncredited)   See fewer
Louise Harrison
W.P.C. Harris (uncredited) W.P.C. Harris (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Mackintosh
D.S. Greig (uncredited) D.S. Greig (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrea Mason
W.P.C. Keane (uncredited) W.P.C. Keane (uncredited)   See fewer
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