Wyatt Earp's primary photo
  • Wyatt Earp (1994)
  • PG-13
    191 min | Action, Adventure, Biography
Wyatt Earp (1994)
191 min | Action, Adventure, Biography

From Wichita to Dodge City, to the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, a man becomes a myth in this thrilling journey of romance, adventure, and desperate heroic action.
Lawrence Kasdan (directed by)
Dan Gordon (written by) | Lawrence Kasdan (written by)
Kevin Costner (produced by) | Lawrence Kasdan (produced by) | Jim Wilson (produced by)
James Newton Howard (music by)
Carol Littleton (edited by)
Casting Director
Jennifer Shull (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 24, 1994 (United States)


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112 cast members
Name Known for
Kevin Costner
Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp   See fewer
Dennis Quaid
Doc Holliday Doc Holliday   See fewer
Gene Hackman
Nicholas Earp Nicholas Earp   See fewer
David Andrews
James Earp James Earp   See fewer
Linden Ashby
Morgan Earp Morgan Earp   See fewer
Jeff Fahey
Ike Clanton Ike Clanton   See fewer
Joanna Going
Josie Marcus Josie Marcus   See fewer
Mark Harmon
Sheriff Johnny Behan Sheriff Johnny Behan   See fewer
Michael Madsen
Virgil Earp Virgil Earp   See fewer
Catherine O'Hara
Allie Earp Allie Earp   See fewer
Bill Pullman
Ed Masterson Ed Masterson   See fewer
Isabella Rossellini
Big Nose Kate Big Nose Kate   See fewer
Tom Sizemore
Bat Masterson Bat Masterson   See fewer
JoBeth Williams
Bessie Earp Bessie Earp   See fewer
Mare Winningham
Mattie Blaylock Mattie Blaylock   See fewer
James Gammon
Mr. Sutherland Mr. Sutherland   See fewer
Rex Linn
Frank McLaury Frank McLaury   See fewer
Randle Mell
John Clum John Clum   See fewer
Adam Baldwin
Tom McLaury Tom McLaury   See fewer
Annabeth Gish
Urilla Sutherland Urilla Sutherland   See fewer
Lewis Smith
Curly Bill Brocius Curly Bill Brocius   See fewer
Ian Bohen
Young Wyatt Young Wyatt   See fewer
Betty Buckley
Virginia Earp Virginia Earp   See fewer
Alison Elliott
Lou Earp Lou Earp   See fewer
Todd Allen
Sherm McMasters Sherm McMasters   See fewer
Mackenzie Astin
Francis O'Rourke Francis O'Rourke   See fewer
Jim Caviezel
Warren Earp Warren Earp   See fewer
Karen Grassle
Mrs. Sutherland Mrs. Sutherland   See fewer
John Dennis Johnston
Frank Stillwell (as John Denis Johnston) Frank Stillwell (as John Denis Johnston)   See fewer
Téa Leoni
Sally Sally   See fewer
Martin Kove
Ed Ross Ed Ross   See fewer
Jack Kehler
Bob Hatch Bob Hatch   See fewer
Kirk Fox
Pete Spence Pete Spence   See fewer
Norman Howell
Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo   See fewer
Boots Southerland
Marshal Fred White Marshal Fred White   See fewer
Scotty Augare
Indian Charlie Indian Charlie   See fewer
Gabriel Folse
Billy Clanton Billy Clanton   See fewer
Kris Kamm
Billy Claiborne Billy Claiborne   See fewer
John Lawlor
Judge Spicer Judge Spicer   See fewer
Monty Stuart
Dutch Wiley Dutch Wiley   See fewer
Hugh Ross
Erwin Sutherland Erwin Sutherland   See fewer
Gregory Avellone
Traveler Traveler   See fewer
Michael McGrady
John Shanssey John Shanssey   See fewer
Mary Jo Niedzielski
Martha Earp Martha Earp   See fewer
Scott Paul
Young Morgan Young Morgan   See fewer
Oliver Hendrickson
Young Warren Young Warren   See fewer
Darwin Mitchell
Tom Chapman Tom Chapman   See fewer
Steve Kniesel
Bullwacker Bullwacker   See fewer
Larry Sims
Dirty Sodbuster Dirty Sodbuster   See fewer
Greg Goossen
Friend of Bullwacker Friend of Bullwacker   See fewer
Clark Sanchez
Mike Donovan Mike Donovan   See fewer
Ed Beimfohr
Faro Dealer Faro Dealer   See fewer
Giorgio E. Tripoli
Judge Earp Judge Earp   See fewer
Ben Zeller
Dr. Seger Dr. Seger   See fewer
Rockne Tarkington
Stable Hand Stable Hand   See fewer
Scott Rasmussen
Minister Minister   See fewer
Steph Benseman
Pine Bluff Sheriff Pine Bluff Sheriff   See fewer
Bob 'Dutch' Holland
Tubercular Inmate Tubercular Inmate   See fewer
Steve Cormier
Tent Saloon Bartender Tent Saloon Bartender   See fewer
Matt Langseth
Link Borland Link Borland   See fewer
David Doty
Mayor Wilson Mayor Wilson   See fewer
Steven Gregory Tyler
Deputy Ford (as Steven G. Tyler) Deputy Ford (as Steven G. Tyler)   See fewer
Billy Streater
Marshal Mike Meagher Marshal Mike Meagher   See fewer
David L. Stone
Sheriff Larry Deger Sheriff Larry Deger   See fewer
Jake Walker
Mannen Clements Mannen Clements   See fewer
Matt O'Toole
Gyp Clements Gyp Clements   See fewer
Geo Cook
Big Cowboy Big Cowboy   See fewer
Dillinger Steele
Drunk Cowboy Drunk Cowboy   See fewer
Steve Lindsay
Drunk Cowboy Drunk Cowboy   See fewer
Dick Beach
Wagner Wagner   See fewer
Benny Manning
Walker Walker   See fewer
Kathleen O'Hara
Hotel Resident Hotel Resident   See fewer
Nick Benseman
Delivery Boy (as Nicholas Benseman) Delivery Boy (as Nicholas Benseman)   See fewer
Raymond McGraw
Deputy Black (as Sarge McGraw) Deputy Black (as Sarge McGraw)   See fewer
Luce Rains
Spangenberg (as Steven Hartley) Spangenberg (as Steven Hartley)   See fewer
Brett Cullen
Saddle Tramp Saddle Tramp   See fewer
Marlene D. Williams
Saloon Dealer (as Marlene Williams) Saloon Dealer (as Marlene Williams)   See fewer
Paul Ukena
Bar Regular Bar Regular   See fewer
Karen Schwartz
Marshal White's Wife Marshal White's Wife   See fewer
Glen Burns
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
John Furlong
Clem Hafford Clem Hafford   See fewer
Zack McGillis
Rancher Rancher   See fewer
Adam Taylor
Texas Jack Texas Jack   See fewer
Rusty Hendrickson
Turkey Creek Jack Turkey Creek Jack   See fewer
Hanley Smith
Billiard Parlor Patron Billiard Parlor Patron   See fewer
Jonathan Kasdan
Bar Boy (as Jon Kasdan) Bar Boy (as Jon Kasdan)   See fewer
Dale West
Station Master Station Master   See fewer
Albert Trujillo
Camp Foreman (as Al Trujillo) Camp Foreman (as Al Trujillo)   See fewer
John Doe
Tommy Behind-the-Deuce Tommy Behind-the-Deuce   See fewer
Matt Beck
McGee McGee   See fewer
Gary Dueer
Dirk Gird Dirk Gird   See fewer
Roxana Benseman
Saloon Girl (uncredited) Saloon Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Bernier
Fast Draw Cowboy (uncredited) Fast Draw Cowboy (uncredited)   See fewer
Ivan Brutsche
Cavalry Captain (uncredited) Cavalry Captain (uncredited)   See fewer
Bryan David Wright
Young Boy (uncredited) Young Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Shannon Denton
Man with Whores (uncredited) Man with Whores (uncredited)   See fewer
Elias Gallegos
Horseback Outlaw (uncredited) Horseback Outlaw (uncredited)   See fewer
Lawrence Kasdan
Gambler (uncredited) Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
Tanit Lee Lascelles
Townsperson (uncredited) Townsperson (uncredited)   See fewer
Roger Marten
Towns Kid #1 (uncredited) Towns Kid #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Nessel
Wedding Participant (uncredited) Wedding Participant (uncredited)   See fewer
James 'JR' Pollard
Carpetbagger in Saloon (uncredited) Carpetbagger in Saloon (uncredited)   See fewer
John Pritchett
The Drummer (uncredited) The Drummer (uncredited)   See fewer
Nikky Smedley
Townsman's Wife (uncredited) Townsman's Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Thomason
Cowboy at Table (uncredited) Cowboy at Table (uncredited)   See fewer
Melissa van der Schyff
The Mormon Girl (uncredited) The Mormon Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Tracy Weisert
Buttercup (uncredited) Buttercup (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Wilson
Doctor for Virgil Earp (uncredited) Doctor for Virgil Earp (uncredited)   See fewer
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