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  • The Scout (1994)
  • PG-13
    101 min | Comedy, Drama, Sport
The Scout (1994)
101 min | Comedy, Drama, Sport

The story of a baseball scout who discovers a talented but troubled baseball player.
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Roger Angell (article) | Andrew Bergman (screenplay) | Albert Brooks (screenplay) | Monica Mcgowan Johnson (screenplay) (as Monica Johnson)
Andre Morgan (as Andre E. Morgan) | Albert S. Ruddy
László Kovács (as Laszlo Kovacs)
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 30, 1994 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Albert Brooks
Al Percolo Al Percolo   See fewer
Brendan Fraser
Steve Nebraska Steve Nebraska   See fewer
Dianne Wiest
Doctor H. Aaron Doctor H. Aaron   See fewer
Anne Twomey
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Lane Smith
Ron Wilson Ron Wilson   See fewer
Michael Rapaport
Tommy Lacy Tommy Lacy   See fewer
Barry Shabaka Henley
McDermott McDermott   See fewer
John Capodice
Caruso Caruso   See fewer
Art Garfield
Stan (as Garfield!) Stan (as Garfield!)   See fewer
Louis Giovannetti
World Series Catcher World Series Catcher   See fewer
Stephen Demek
Yankee Catcher Yankee Catcher   See fewer
Ralph Drischell
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Brett Rickaby
George's Assistant George's Assistant   See fewer
Jack Rader
Mr. Lacy Mr. Lacy   See fewer
Marcia Rodd
Mrs. Lacy Mrs. Lacy   See fewer
Steve Eastin
Clubhouse Manager Clubhouse Manager   See fewer
John LaMotta
Elevator Guard Elevator Guard   See fewer
Luis Cortés
Mexican Desk Clerk Mexican Desk Clerk   See fewer
Chuck Waters
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Antonio Lewis Todd
Yankee Player Yankee Player   See fewer
Abel Woolridge
Nachito Fan Nachito Fan   See fewer
Gabriel Pingarrón
Mexican Umpire Mexican Umpire   See fewer
Loló Navarro
Widow in Stands Widow in Stands   See fewer
Frank Slaten
College Umpire College Umpire   See fewer
Charlie Stavola
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Jimmy Raitt
World Series Umpire World Series Umpire   See fewer
Larry Loonin
Radar Gun Man Radar Gun Man   See fewer
Harsh Nayyar
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
J.K. Simmons
Assistant Coach Assistant Coach   See fewer
Bruce Wright
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Steven M. Porter
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Josh Clark
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jordan Lage
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Chris Willman
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Bob Costas
Bob Costas Bob Costas   See fewer
John Roland
John Roland John Roland   See fewer
George M. Steinbrenner III
George Steinbrenner George Steinbrenner   See fewer
Rosanna Scotto
Rosanna Scotto Rosanna Scotto   See fewer
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Tony Bennett   See fewer
Carl White
Carl White Carl White   See fewer
Bobby Murcer
Bobby Murcer Bobby Murcer   See fewer
Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey Steve Garvey   See fewer
Tim McCarver
Tim McCarver Tim McCarver   See fewer
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Tom Kelly   See fewer
John B. Sterling
John Sterling John Sterling   See fewer
Ken Brett
Ken Brett Ken Brett   See fewer
Bret Saberhagen
Bret Saberhagen Bret Saberhagen   See fewer
Reggie Smith
Reggie Smith Reggie Smith   See fewer
Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez Keith Hernandez   See fewer
Roy Firestone
Roy Firestone Roy Firestone   See fewer
Bob Sheppard
Bob Sheppard Bob Sheppard   See fewer
Phil Pote
Phil Pote Phil Pote   See fewer
Bob Tewksbury
Bob Tewksbury Bob Tewksbury   See fewer
Ozzie Smith
Ozzie Smith Ozzie Smith   See fewer
Adam Boster
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Ernie Charles
Yankee Baseball Player (uncredited) Yankee Baseball Player (uncredited)   See fewer
Matthew T. Gitkin
Tigers / Yankees Baseball Player (uncredited) Tigers / Yankees Baseball Player (uncredited)   See fewer
Bobby Harwell
Baseball Scout (uncredited) Baseball Scout (uncredited)   See fewer
John Maczko
Yankee Coach (uncredited) Yankee Coach (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
Sign Holder Opening Day (uncredited) Sign Holder Opening Day (uncredited)   See fewer
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