Drop Zone (1994)
101 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

A tough cop teams up with a professional skydiver to capture a renegade computer hacker on the run from the law.
Tony Griffin (story) | Guy Manos (story) | Peter Barsocchini (story) (screenplay) | John Bishop (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 9, 1994 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Wesley Snipes
Pete Nessip Pete Nessip   See fewer
Gary Busey
Ty Moncrief Ty Moncrief   See fewer
Yancy Butler
Jessie Crossman Jessie Crossman   See fewer
Michael Jeter
Earl Leedy Earl Leedy   See fewer
Corin Nemec
Selkirk Selkirk   See fewer
Kyle Secor
Swoop Swoop   See fewer
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Terry Nessip Terry Nessip   See fewer
Rex Linn
Bobby Bobby   See fewer
Robert LaSardo
Deputy Dog Deputy Dog   See fewer
Sam Hennings
Torski Torski   See fewer
Andy Romano
Tom McCracken Tom McCracken   See fewer
Rick Zieff
Mike Milton Mike Milton   See fewer
Clark Johnson
Bob Covington Bob Covington   See fewer
Charles Boswell
Glenn Blackstone Glenn Blackstone   See fewer
Ed Amatrudo
Detective Fox Detective Fox   See fewer
Melanie Mayron
Mrs. Willins Mrs. Willins   See fewer
A.J. Ross
Roslund Roslund   See fewer
Al Israel
Schuster Stephens Schuster Stephens   See fewer
Steve DuMouchel
Walsh Matthews Walsh Matthews   See fewer
J.P. Patrick
Jump Master Jump Master   See fewer
Tim Powell
Gordon Maples (as Tim A. Powell) Gordon Maples (as Tim A. Powell)   See fewer
Steve Raulerson
Commander Dejaye (as Steven Raulerson) Commander Dejaye (as Steven Raulerson)   See fewer
Dale Swann
747 Captain 747 Captain   See fewer
Keith Leon Williams
747 Flight Engineer 747 Flight Engineer   See fewer
Lexie Bigham
Big Man Passenger Big Man Passenger   See fewer
Ron Kuhlman
DEA Guard DEA Guard   See fewer
Jerry Tondo
DEA Guard DEA Guard   See fewer
Kimberly Scott
Joanne (as Kimberly A. Scott) Joanne (as Kimberly A. Scott)   See fewer
Keith MacKechnie
Night Desk Sergeant Night Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Jan Speck
Flight Attendant #1 Flight Attendant #1   See fewer
John Badham
Yacht Captain (uncredited) Yacht Captain (uncredited)   See fewer
Vince Cecere
Special Agent Jones (uncredited) Special Agent Jones (uncredited)   See fewer
Dana Cox
Paramedic (uncredited) Paramedic (uncredited)   See fewer
Sheldon Fogel
The Official (uncredited) The Official (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Giaimo
Head Jump Official (uncredited) Head Jump Official (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Greenberg
Steve Greenberg, Reporter (uncredited) Steve Greenberg, Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Danny Hanemann
Parachutist (uncredited) Parachutist (uncredited)   See fewer
Dave Knight
DC Skydiving Finals Attendee (uncredited) DC Skydiving Finals Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Lawrence
Airplane Passanger (uncredited) Airplane Passanger (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Rodriguez
Paramedic (uncredited) Paramedic (uncredited)   See fewer
Vic Stagliano
Convict (uncredited) Convict (uncredited)   See fewer
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