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  • Bride of Violence 2 (1993)
  • TV Movie | 180 min | Drama
Bride of Violence 2 (1993)
TV Movie | 180 min | Drama

Nancy now lives as a nun in a Sicilian monastery. The don arranges for her to see her daughter on occasion. A rival group within his outfit wants to use this to bring in the change of leadership. There's also a journalist snooping around.
Sveva Casati Modignani (novel "Woman of Honor") | Brian L. Ross (teleplay) (as Brian Ross) | Ralph L. Thomas (teleplay)
Production Designer

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Updated Nov 28, 1993

Release date
Nov 28, 1993 (United States)


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76 cast members
Name Known for
Carol Alt
Nancy Pertinace Nancy Pertinace   See fewer
Michael Ontkean
Hank Parnell Hank Parnell   See fewer
Eli Wallach
Frank Latella Frank Latella   See fewer
Louis Ferreira
Frank Jr. (as Justin Louis) Frank Jr. (as Justin Louis)   See fewer
Burt Young
Vincent Domenici Vincent Domenici   See fewer
Miguel Fernandes
Nearco Latella Nearco Latella   See fewer
Anthony DeSando
Albert Lamanna Albert Lamanna   See fewer
Susan Spafford
Angela Latella Angela Latella   See fewer
Eva Grimaldi
Brenda Lamanna Brenda Lamanna   See fewer
Carl Alacchi
Joe Spero Joe Spero   See fewer
Caterina Boratto
Mother Superior Mother Superior   See fewer
Lorne Brass
Blades Blades   See fewer
Chip Chuipka
Johnny Doyle Johnny Doyle   See fewer
Anthony Kroeger
Leadpipe Leadpipe   See fewer
Alessio Orano
Nunzio Nunzio   See fewer
Rosa Maria Grauso
Marcella Marcella   See fewer
John Walsh
Fredo Fredo   See fewer
Ian MacDonald
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Nereo Lorenzi
Don Ciccio Don Ciccio   See fewer
Al Vandecruys
Ray - Editor Ray - Editor   See fewer
J.C. Page
Dockyard Guard Dockyard Guard   See fewer
Claire Riley
T.V. Reporter T.V. Reporter   See fewer
Garth Gilker
Homeless Homeless   See fewer
Bruce Dinsmore
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Jane Wheeler
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Pierre Lenoir
Reporter #3 Reporter #3   See fewer
Dean Hagopian
Reporter #4 Reporter #4   See fewer
Dorian Joe Clark
Sergeant Sergeant   See fewer
Deano Clavet
Young Boxer Young Boxer   See fewer
Norris Domingue
Bomb Maker Bomb Maker   See fewer
Ricardo Juárez
Rodriguez Rodriguez   See fewer
Richard Jutras
Capo #1 Capo #1   See fewer
Ralph Allison
Mr. Goldman Mr. Goldman   See fewer
Bernard Ranger
Handome Man (sic) Handome Man (sic)   See fewer
Pietro Oliveri
Second Shark Second Shark   See fewer
Gary Plaxton
Jameson Jameson   See fewer
Edouard Saad
Paulie the Bouncer Paulie the Bouncer   See fewer
Donny Lucas
Jamaican Don (as Donny James Lucas) Jamaican Don (as Donny James Lucas)   See fewer
Marc Désourdy
Lamanna Made St. Lamanna Made St.   See fewer
Linda E. Smith
Nina Nathan (as Linda Smith) Nina Nathan (as Linda Smith)   See fewer
Andrew Wade
Wiseguy #1 Wiseguy #1   See fewer
Susan Glover
Dr. McMain Dr. McMain   See fewer
Roland Smith
Wiseguy #2 Wiseguy #2   See fewer
Roland Nincheri
Eldest Don Eldest Don   See fewer
Cecile Clermont
Pretty Nurse Pretty Nurse   See fewer
Johnny Goar
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Robert Higden
Orderly Orderly   See fewer
Joseph Tranba
Vietnamese Man Vietnamese Man   See fewer
Harry Standjofski
Space Suit Space Suit   See fewer
Darcy Laurie
Simonelli Driver Simonelli Driver   See fewer
Frayne McCarthy
Hospital Technician Hospital Technician   See fewer
Emidio Michetti
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Anna Maria Natalini
Lamanna's Secretary Lamanna's Secretary   See fewer
Cyrus Elias
Impatient Man Impatient Man   See fewer
Saverio D'Ercole
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver   See fewer
Lewis E. Ciannelli
Elderly Man (as Lewis Ciannelli) Elderly Man (as Lewis Ciannelli)   See fewer
Jeff Kennedy
Handsome Man Handsome Man   See fewer
Annelie Harryson
Sister Teresa Sister Teresa   See fewer
Giancarlo Palermo
Salvatore Salvatore   See fewer
Robert Sommer
Specialist Specialist   See fewer
Philippe Hartmann
Joe Spero's Henchman (uncredited) Joe Spero's Henchman (uncredited)   See fewer
Serge Martineau
Mafiosi Guard (uncredited) Mafiosi Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Ivan Zingariello
Stall salesman (uncredited) Stall salesman (uncredited)   See fewer
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