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  • Ty u menya odna (1993)
  • 92 min | Drama
Ty u menya odna (1993)
92 min | Drama

Listening to the sweet sound of the song "You are the only one" Eugene can't choose which shore to join - America or Russia.
Nina Dushenkova (as N. Dushenkova) | N. Viktorova
Production Designer
Mariya Petrova (as Masha Petrova)

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Updated Dec 31, 1993

Release date
Jun 1994 (Russia)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Aleksandr Zbruev
Timoshin (as A. Zbruyev) Timoshin (as A. Zbruyev)   See fewer
Mark Goronok
Timoshin (as M. Goronok) Timoshin (as M. Goronok)   See fewer
Marina Neyolova
Natasha (as M. Neyolova) Natasha (as M. Neyolova)   See fewer
Mariya Lobachova
Natasha (as M. Lobachyova) Natasha (as M. Lobachyova)   See fewer
Svetlana Ryabova
Anya (as S. Ryabova) Anya (as S. Ryabova)   See fewer
Maria Klenskaja
Olya (as M. Kalyonskaya) Olya (as M. Kalyonskaya)   See fewer
Viktor Gogolev
Father (as V. Gogolev) Father (as V. Gogolev)   See fewer
Irina Mazurkevich
His girlfriend (as I. Mazurkevich) His girlfriend (as I. Mazurkevich)   See fewer
Aleksandr Lykov
Goluboy (as A. Lykov) Goluboy (as A. Lykov)   See fewer
Vladimir Kravchenko
Shejtsar (as V. Kravchenko) Shejtsar (as V. Kravchenko)   See fewer
Valeri Nikitenko
Timoshin's servant (as V. Nikitenko) Timoshin's servant (as V. Nikitenko)   See fewer
Yuriy Orlov
Timoshin's servant (as Yu. Orlov) Timoshin's servant (as Yu. Orlov)   See fewer
Vladimir Trukhanov
Timoshin's servant (as V. Trukhanov) Timoshin's servant (as V. Trukhanov)   See fewer
Yefim Kamenetsky
Timoshin's servant (as Ye. Kamenetsky) Timoshin's servant (as Ye. Kamenetsky)   See fewer
Aleksandr Slastin
Predstavitel Merii (as A. Slastin) Predstavitel Merii (as A. Slastin)   See fewer
Ilya Linovich
Okhrana (as I. Linovich) Okhrana (as I. Linovich)   See fewer
S. Zavadsky
Okhrana Okhrana   See fewer
Artur Vakha
Timoshin's neighbor (as A. Vakha) Timoshin's neighbor (as A. Vakha)   See fewer
Yuri Karpenko
His friend (as Yu. Karpenko) His friend (as Yu. Karpenko)   See fewer
Lyudmila Vagner
Registrator ZAGSa (as L. Vagner) Registrator ZAGSa (as L. Vagner)   See fewer
Ivan Parshin
Lesha Kolyvanov (as I. Parshin) Lesha Kolyvanov (as I. Parshin)   See fewer
L. Afanaseva
Student Student   See fewer
Anna Banshchikova
Student (as A. Banshchikova) Student (as A. Banshchikova)   See fewer
O. Vasileva
Student Student   See fewer
K. Ganina
Student Student   See fewer
A. Grigoryev
Student Student   See fewer
L. Guseva
Student Student   See fewer
S. Zharov
Student Student   See fewer
Denis Kirillov
Student (as D. Kirillov) Student (as D. Kirillov)   See fewer
A. Kladko
Student Student   See fewer
Yu. Kozyrkova
Student Student   See fewer
Ekaterina Markova
Student (as E. Markova) Student (as E. Markova)   See fewer
R. Martens
Student Student   See fewer
Gennadi Svir
Student (as G. Svir) Student (as G. Svir)   See fewer
Oksana Skachkova
Student (as O. Skachkova) Student (as O. Skachkova)   See fewer
Andrey Fedortsov
Student (as A. Fyodortsov) Student (as A. Fyodortsov)   See fewer
A. Tsibulsky
Student Student   See fewer
Andrei Chumanov
Student (as A. Chumanov) Student (as A. Chumanov)   See fewer
A. Shevchenko
Student Student   See fewer
Valentin Bukin
Actor (as V. Bukin) Actor (as V. Bukin)   See fewer
Yuriy Ovsyanko
Actor (as Yu. Ovsyanko) Actor (as Yu. Ovsyanko)   See fewer
B. Ulitin
Actor Actor   See fewer
Valeriya Kiselyova
Actress (as V. Kiselyova) Actress (as V. Kiselyova)   See fewer
V. Zinin
Actor Actor   See fewer
O. Dunets
Actor Actor   See fewer
I. Konsul
Actor Actor   See fewer
T. Volchkova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Sergey Lysov
Actor (as S. Lysov) Actor (as S. Lysov)   See fewer
N. Shostak
Actor Actor   See fewer
Sergey Pizhel
Actor (as S. Pizhel) Actor (as S. Pizhel)   See fewer
Tamara Kolesnikova
Actress (as T. Kolesnikova) Actress (as T. Kolesnikova)   See fewer
Leonard Tubelevich
Actor (as L. Tubelevich) Actor (as L. Tubelevich)   See fewer
Kate Baldwin
Actress Actress   See fewer
Viktor Mikhailov
Voditel Voditel   See fewer
Lev Milinder
Timoshin's servant Timoshin's servant   See fewer
Natalya Shostak
Actress Actress   See fewer
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