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  • Orlando (1992)
  • PG-13
    94 min | Biography, Drama, Fantasy
Orlando (1992)
94 min | Biography, Drama, Fantasy

After Queen Elizabeth I commands him not to grow old, a young nobleman struggles with love and his place in the world.
Virginia Woolf (based on the book by) | Walter Donohue (story editor) | Sally Potter
Aleksey Rodionov (as Alexey Rodionov) | Andrew Speller
Casting Director
Production Designers
Ben van Os (co-production_designer) | Jan Roelfs
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Release date
Jun 9, 1993 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Tilda Swinton
Orlando Orlando   See fewer
Quentin Crisp
Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I   See fewer
Jimmy Somerville
Singer / Angel Singer / Angel   See fewer
John Bott
Orlando's Father Orlando's Father   See fewer
Elaine Banham
Orlando's Mother Orlando's Mother   See fewer
Anna Farnworth
Clorinda Clorinda   See fewer
Sara Mair-Thomas
Favilla Favilla   See fewer
Anna Healy
Euphrosyne Euphrosyne   See fewer
Dudley Sutton
King James I King James I   See fewer
Simon Russell Beale
Earl of Moray Earl of Moray   See fewer
Matthew Sim
Lord Francis Vere Lord Francis Vere   See fewer
Jerome Willis
Translator Translator   See fewer
Viktor Stepanov
Russian Ambassador (as Victor Stepanov) Russian Ambassador (as Victor Stepanov)   See fewer
Charlotte Valandrey
Princess Sasha Princess Sasha   See fewer
Mary MacLeod
First Woman First Woman   See fewer
Barbara Hicks
Second Woman Second Woman   See fewer
Aleksandr Medvedev
Russian Sailor (as Alexander Medvedev) Russian Sailor (as Alexander Medvedev)   See fewer
Toby Stephens
Othello Othello   See fewer
Oleg Pogudin
Desdemona (as Oleg Pogodin) Desdemona (as Oleg Pogodin)   See fewer
George Antoni
First Valet (as George Yiasoumi) First Valet (as George Yiasoumi)   See fewer
Toby Jones
Second Valet Second Valet   See fewer
Robert Demeger
Third Valet Third Valet   See fewer
Lol Coxhill
First Butler First Butler   See fewer
Thom Osborn
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Heathcote Williams
Nick Greene / Publisher Nick Greene / Publisher   See fewer
Thom Hoffman
King William of Orange King William of Orange   See fewer
Sarah Crowden
Queen Mary Queen Mary   See fewer
Lothaire Bluteau
The Khan The Khan   See fewer
John Wood
Archduke Harry Archduke Harry   See fewer
Hugh Munro
Second Butler Second Butler   See fewer
Peter Hayward
Harpsichordist Harpsichordist   See fewer
Andrew Watts
Counter Tenor Counter Tenor   See fewer
Kathryn Hunter
Countess Countess   See fewer
Roger Hammond
Mr Swift Mr Swift   See fewer
Peter Eyre
Mr Pope Mr Pope   See fewer
Ned Sherrin
Mr Addison Mr Addison   See fewer
Cyril Lecomte
Young Man Young Man   See fewer
Olivia Lancelot
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
John Grillo
First Official First Official   See fewer
Martin Wimbush
Second Official Second Official   See fewer
Billy Zane
Shelmerdine Shelmerdine   See fewer
Terence Soall
Third Butler Third Butler   See fewer
Jessica Swinton
Orlando's Daughter Orlando's Daughter   See fewer
John Byrne
Courtier (uncredited) Courtier (uncredited)   See fewer
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