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  • Mr. Jones (1993)
  • R
    114 min | Drama, Romance
Mr. Jones (1993)
114 min | Drama, Romance

After being arrested during a manic episode, a man who suffers from bipolar disorder is treated by a psychiatrist who begins to develop romantic feelings towards him.
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Eric Roth (story) (screenplay) | Michael Cristofer (screenplay)
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Release date
Oct 8, 1993 (United States)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Richard Gere
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones   See fewer
Lena Olin
Libbie Libbie   See fewer
Anne Bancroft
Dr. Catherine Holland Dr. Catherine Holland   See fewer
Tom Irwin
Patrick Patrick   See fewer
Delroy Lindo
Howard Howard   See fewer
Lauren Tom
Amanda Amanda   See fewer
Thomas Kopache
Mr. Wilson Mr. Wilson   See fewer
Peter Jurasik
Dr. Rosen Dr. Rosen   See fewer
León Singer
Hot Dog Vendor Hot Dog Vendor   See fewer
Anna Maria Horsford
Judge Harris Judge Harris   See fewer
Edward Padilla
Bellboy Bellboy   See fewer
Epatha Harris
Daughter Daughter   See fewer
Anne Lange
Therapist Therapist   See fewer
Mark Lowenthal
Richard Richard   See fewer
Joyce Guy
Nurse Nurse   See fewer
Sal Lopez
Henry Henry   See fewer
Scott Thomson
Conrad Conrad   See fewer
Bill Moseley
Worker Worker   See fewer
Barry Neikrug
Piano Salesman Piano Salesman   See fewer
Thomas Mikal Ford
Arnie / Violent Patient Arnie / Violent Patient   See fewer
Dinah Lenney
Registrar Registrar   See fewer
Laura O'Loughlin
Young Girl Young Girl   See fewer
Marguerite Pini
Girlfriend Girlfriend   See fewer
Peter Vogt
Bank Supervisor Bank Supervisor   See fewer
Deryn Warren
Saleswoman Saleswoman   See fewer
David Brisbin
Mr. Warner Mr. Warner   See fewer
Dana Lee
Mr. Chang Mr. Chang   See fewer
Irene Tsu
Mrs. Chang Mrs. Chang   See fewer
Kathy Kinney
Homeless Lady Homeless Lady   See fewer
Annie McEnroe
Crying Woman Crying Woman   See fewer
Maury Efrems
Crying Man Crying Man   See fewer
Albert Henderson
Patient Patient   See fewer
John Durbin
Patient Patient   See fewer
Roman Cisneros
Public Defender Public Defender   See fewer
Lucinda Jenney
Christine Christine   See fewer
Donald Barra
Orchestra Conductor Orchestra Conductor   See fewer
Taylor Negron
Motorcyle Man Motorcyle Man   See fewer
Cindi Braun
Music Student (uncredited) Music Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Jorga Caye
Court Room (uncredited) Court Room (uncredited)   See fewer
Adam Karlen
Boyfriend (uncredited) Boyfriend (uncredited)   See fewer
Sheryl Lee
June (uncredited) June (uncredited)   See fewer
Bill Pullman
Construction Site Foreman (uncredited) Construction Site Foreman (uncredited)   See fewer
Bob Sallese
Attorney (uncredited) Attorney (uncredited)   See fewer
Wayne Edward Sherwood
Mental Patient (uncredited) Mental Patient (uncredited)   See fewer
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