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  • Love in Limbo (1993)
  • 95 min | Comedy
Love in Limbo (1993)
95 min | Comedy

1950s Australia: Ken, 16, gets thrown out of school for selling his drawings of a naked teacher there. He starts working at his uncle's clothing warehouse, where workmates bring him closer to women.
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Updated May 20, 1993

Release date
Jul 16, 1993 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Craig Adams
Ken Riddle Ken Riddle   See fewer
Rhondda Findleton
Gwen Riddle Gwen Riddle   See fewer
Martin Sacks
Max Wiseman Max Wiseman   See fewer
Aden Young
Barry McJannet Barry McJannet   See fewer
Russell Crowe
Arthur Baskin Arthur Baskin   See fewer
Maya Stange
Ivy Riddle Ivy Riddle   See fewer
Bill Young
Uncle Herbert Uncle Herbert   See fewer
Leith Taylor
Mrs. Rutherford Mrs. Rutherford   See fewer
Jill Perryman
Aunt Dorry Aunt Dorry   See fewer
Robert van Mackelenberg
Headmaster Headmaster   See fewer
Peter De Bari
Schoolboy Schoolboy   See fewer
Arianthe Galani
Mrs. Costanides Mrs. Costanides   See fewer
Faye Metaxas
Mrs. Laventis Mrs. Laventis   See fewer
Igor Sas
Maurice Hosking Maurice Hosking   See fewer
Vincent Ball
Cyril Williams Cyril Williams   See fewer
Daina Reid
Brenda Brenda   See fewer
Pat Skevington
Hotel Manageress Hotel Manageress   See fewer
Geoffrey Gibbs
Sir Harry Harvey-Watt Sir Harry Harvey-Watt   See fewer
Margaret Ford
Deaf Woman Deaf Woman   See fewer
Ramsay McLean
Deaf Woman's Husband Deaf Woman's Husband   See fewer
George Shevtsov
Sid Leventine Sid Leventine   See fewer
Eric Rasmussen
Saxophone Player Saxophone Player   See fewer
Craig Calhoun
Piano Player Piano Player   See fewer
Doug Williams
Vocalist Vocalist   See fewer
Niall Mather
Drive-in Heckler Drive-in Heckler   See fewer
Sarah Atkins
Helene Costanides Helene Costanides   See fewer
Rosemary Lenzo
Mrs. Donizetti Mrs. Donizetti   See fewer
Teresa Stewart
Rosa Donizetti Rosa Donizetti   See fewer
John Edmunds
Mr. Baskin Mr. Baskin   See fewer
Andrew Warwick
Head Waiter Head Waiter   See fewer
Glenn Hayden
Merrick Merrick   See fewer
Kate Hall
Elaine Elaine   See fewer
Emily Bott
Dixie Dixie   See fewer
Annie Murtagh-Monks
Chantelle Chantelle   See fewer
Angelique Malcolm
Michelle Michelle   See fewer
Robert Faggetter
Sgt. Hurley Sgt. Hurley   See fewer
Paula Forrest
Miss Cornish Miss Cornish   See fewer
Anthony Ingersent
Mr. Costanides Mr. Costanides   See fewer
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