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  • For Love or Money (1993)
  • PG
    96 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
For Love or Money (1993)
96 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Doug's a concierge at a luxury hotel on Manhattan. He saves all his tips towards his plan for a hotel. A potential investor seduces the girl, Doug loves, with false promises of leaving his wife. Doug's dilemma: hotel project or girl?
Mark Rosenthal (written by) | Lawrence Konner (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 1, 1993 (United States)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Michael J. Fox
Doug Ireland Doug Ireland   See fewer
Gabrielle Anwar
Andy Hart Andy Hart   See fewer
Anthony Higgins
Christian Hanover Christian Hanover   See fewer
Michael Tucker
Harry Wegman Harry Wegman   See fewer
Bob Balaban
Ed Drinkwater Ed Drinkwater   See fewer
Isaac Mizrahi
Julian Russell Julian Russell   See fewer
Patrick Breen
Gary Taubin Gary Taubin   See fewer
Udo Kier
Mr. Himmelman Mr. Himmelman   See fewer
Simon Jones
Albert Albert   See fewer
Dianne Brill
Gloria Gloria   See fewer
Dan Hedaya
Gene Salvatore Gene Salvatore   See fewer
Susan Blommaert
Charlotte Charlotte   See fewer
Fyvush Finkel
Milton Glickman Milton Glickman   See fewer
Mike Moyer
Charlie the Doorman Charlie the Doorman   See fewer
Daniel Hagen
Vincent, Bartender Vincent, Bartender   See fewer
Paula Laurence
Mrs. Elinor Vigushin Mrs. Elinor Vigushin   See fewer
Donna Mitchell
Eleanor Hanover Eleanor Hanover   See fewer
Debra Monk
Mrs. Wegman Mrs. Wegman   See fewer
Nicole Beach
Julian Russell Girl Julian Russell Girl   See fewer
Susan Ringo
Mrs. Brinkerhoff Mrs. Brinkerhoff   See fewer
John Cunningham
Mr. Brinkerhoff Mr. Brinkerhoff   See fewer
Ann McDonough
Mrs. Nimkoff Mrs. Nimkoff   See fewer
Richmond Hoxie
Josh Bailey Josh Bailey   See fewer
Alice Playten
Mrs. Prissilla Bailey Mrs. Prissilla Bailey   See fewer
Erick Avari
Benny the Jewler Benny the Jewler   See fewer
Douglas Seale
Freddy Freddy   See fewer
David Lipman
Man in Elevator Man in Elevator   See fewer
Le Clanché du Rand
Woodsy Woman Woodsy Woman   See fewer
Anne Lange
Anne, Tiffany Saleswoman Anne, Tiffany Saleswoman   See fewer
Salem Ludwig
Customer Customer   See fewer
Louis Cantarini
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Jed Krascella
Stage Manager Stage Manager   See fewer
Gabor Morea
Maitre D' Maitre D'   See fewer
Beverly Peer
Musician Musician   See fewer
Rob Scott
Musician Musician   See fewer
Al Cerullo
Co-Pilot Co-Pilot   See fewer
Dan Brennan
Tiffany Guard Tiffany Guard   See fewer
Suzanne O'Neill
Tatiana Tatiana   See fewer
Tim Gallin
Eliot, Limo Driver Eliot, Limo Driver   See fewer
Steven Randazzo
Gangster Gangster   See fewer
Steve Ames
Gangster Gangster   See fewer
Harry Elgin
Gangster Gangster   See fewer
Alvin Alexis
Bicyclist Bicyclist   See fewer
Nick Cosco
Piano Player Piano Player   See fewer
Jane Deacy
Traffic Policeman Traffic Policeman   See fewer
Anna Bayle
Model Model   See fewer
Model Model   See fewer
Kimora Lee Simmons
Model (as Kimora) Model (as Kimora)   See fewer
Model Model   See fewer
Akure Wall
Model Model   See fewer
Hélène Cardona
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Dono Cunningham
Fashion Show Patron (uncredited) Fashion Show Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Beatrice de Borg
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Bambi DeVille
Woman in Cocktail Lounge (uncredited) Woman in Cocktail Lounge (uncredited)   See fewer
Kathleen LaGue
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Al Lewis
Grandpa (archive footage) (uncredited) Grandpa (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Doris McCarthy
Hotel Guest (uncredited) Hotel Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard B. Shull
Concierge trading tickets (uncredited) Concierge trading tickets (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Taylor
Garbage Man (uncredited) Garbage Man (uncredited)   See fewer
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