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  • Little Nothings (1992)
  • 95 min | Comedy
Little Nothings (1992)
95 min | Comedy

A typical French department store: Les Grandes Galeries. All kind of things can be found in there, as well as all kinds of people. Mr Lepetit has just been appointed General Manager of the company.
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Cédric Klapisch (story) (written by) | Jackie Berroyer (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 11, 1992

Release date
Nov 11, 1992 (France)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Fabrice Luchini
Lepetit Lepetit   See fewer
Daniel Berlioux
Jacques Martin Jacques Martin   See fewer
Marc Berman
Pizzuti Pizzuti   See fewer
Olivier Broche
Lefèvre Lefèvre   See fewer
Antoine Chappey
François François   See fewer
Billy Komg
Mamadou Mamadou   See fewer
Odette Laure
Madame Yvonne Madame Yvonne   See fewer
Elisabeth Macocco
Madame Dujardin Madame Dujardin   See fewer
Marc Maury
Johnny Bonjour Johnny Bonjour   See fewer
Pierre-Olivier Mornas
Roger (as Pierre Olivier Mornas) Roger (as Pierre Olivier Mornas)   See fewer
Jean-Michel Martial
Hubert (as Jean Michel Martial) Hubert (as Jean Michel Martial)   See fewer
Maïté Nahyr
La directrice de coordination La directrice de coordination   See fewer
Fred Personne
Monsieur Roi Monsieur Roi   See fewer
Lucette Raillat
Micheline Micheline   See fewer
Eric Forterre
Fred (as Eric Rey) Fred (as Eric Rey)   See fewer
Marina Tomé
Monitrice sourire (as Marina Rodriguez Tomé) Monitrice sourire (as Marina Rodriguez Tomé)   See fewer
Karin Viard
Isabelle Isabelle   See fewer
Coraly Zahonero
Véronique Véronique   See fewer
Simon Abkarian
Danseur grec Danseur grec   See fewer
Jacques Benoist
Homme salle d'attente Homme salle d'attente   See fewer
Joël Brisse
Homme au bras cassé Homme au bras cassé   See fewer
Luc Desportes
Monsieur Spirou Monsieur Spirou   See fewer
Jean-François Guédy
Cadre salle d'attente Cadre salle d'attente   See fewer
Claire Hammond
Consultante communication Consultante communication   See fewer
Daniel Léger
Portier Portier   See fewer
Christophe Loizillon
Monsieur. Tekbo Monsieur. Tekbo   See fewer
Odette Martina
Secrétaire Secrétaire   See fewer
Frédérique Moidon
Mère de Benjamin Mère de Benjamin   See fewer
Désirée Olmi
Conseillère matrimoniale Conseillère matrimoniale   See fewer
Michel Perrier
Client synthétiseur Client synthétiseur   See fewer
Olivier Rabourdin
Chanteur métro Chanteur métro   See fewer
Jacques Royer
Père Benjamin Père Benjamin   See fewer
Stéphanie Sec
Soeur Roger Soeur Roger   See fewer
Gérard Touratier
Financier Financier   See fewer
Claire Wauthion
Madame Lepetit Madame Lepetit   See fewer
Clémentine Yelnik
Râleuse métro Râleuse métro   See fewer
Brigitte Boucher
Femme salle d'attente Femme salle d'attente   See fewer
Jacques Bourdat
Client peinture Client peinture   See fewer
Maryline Chanteloup
Vendeuse perruques Vendeuse perruques   See fewer
Christine Culerier
Mme Lefèvre Mme Lefèvre   See fewer
Luisa Gaillard
Mme Chaussette en bois Mme Chaussette en bois   See fewer
Alain Guillo
Moniteur Moniteur   See fewer
Consuelo De Haviland
La journaliste La journaliste   See fewer
Arlette Le Breton
Femme salle d'attente Femme salle d'attente   See fewer
Jean Luisi
Voisin Monsieur. Roi Voisin Monsieur. Roi   See fewer
Juan Antonio Martinez
Client réveil Client réveil   See fewer
Jules Nassah
Client café Client café   See fewer
Nadine Pelle
Joggeuse Joggeuse   See fewer
Pascal Queneau
Moniteur Moniteur   See fewer
Boguslawa Schubert
Chauffeur de taxi Chauffeur de taxi   See fewer
Natasha Solignac
Caissière cafétéria Caissière cafétéria   See fewer
Antoine Violette
Serveur café Serveur café   See fewer
Line Wiblé
Cliente bagages (as Line Wible) Cliente bagages (as Line Wible)   See fewer
Evelyne Etienne
Mannequin Mannequin   See fewer
Sonia Bechu
Mannequin Mannequin   See fewer
Laurence Ferreira Barbosa
Femme terrasse café (uncredited) Femme terrasse café (uncredited)   See fewer
Cédric Klapisch
L'homme au caméscope (uncredited) L'homme au caméscope (uncredited)   See fewer
Renée Le Calm
Une passagère du métro (uncredited) Une passagère du métro (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Morrisey
Un caméraman (uncredited) Un caméraman (uncredited)   See fewer
Olivier Pélisson
Client perruques (uncredited) Client perruques (uncredited)   See fewer
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