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  • Passenger 57 (1992)
  • R
    84 min | Action, Crime, Thriller
Passenger 57 (1992)
84 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

An airline security expert must take action when he finds himself trapped on a passenger jet when terrorists seize control of it.
Stewart Raffill (story) | Dan Gordon (story) (screenplay) | David Loughery (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 6, 1992 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Wesley Snipes
John Cutter John Cutter   See fewer
Bruce Payne
Charles Rane Charles Rane   See fewer
Tom Sizemore
Sly Delvecchio Sly Delvecchio   See fewer
Alex Datcher
Marti Slayton Marti Slayton   See fewer
Bruce Greenwood
Stuart Ramsey Stuart Ramsey   See fewer
Robert Hooks
Dwight Henderson Dwight Henderson   See fewer
Elizabeth Hurley
Sabrina Ritchie Sabrina Ritchie   See fewer
Michael Horse
Forget Forget   See fewer
Marc Macaulay
Vincent Vincent   See fewer
Ernie Lively
Chief Biggs Chief Biggs   See fewer
Duchess Tomasello
Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Edwards   See fewer
William Edward Roberts
Matthew (as Cameron Roberts) Matthew (as Cameron Roberts)   See fewer
Joel Fogel
Dr. Bauman Dr. Bauman   See fewer
Lori Bedford
Surgical Receptionist Surgical Receptionist   See fewer
Kent Lindsey
Agent Claflin Agent Claflin   See fewer
Rand MacPherson
SWAT Commander SWAT Commander   See fewer
Lou Bedford
Attorney Phillips Attorney Phillips   See fewer
Elena Ayala
Lisa Cutter Lisa Cutter   See fewer
Mike Speller
Headwaiter Headwaiter   See fewer
Kareen Germain
Security Attendant Security Attendant   See fewer
Michael H. Moss
Agent Manning (as Michael Moss) Agent Manning (as Michael Moss)   See fewer
Jim McDonald
Agent Duncan Agent Duncan   See fewer
Lesa Thurman
Norman's Mother Norman's Mother   See fewer
Janet Elder
Screaming Woman Screaming Woman   See fewer
Alicia Allred
Flight Attendant Flight Attendant   See fewer
Frank Causey
Captain Whitehurst Captain Whitehurst   See fewer
Marty Connell
First Officer First Officer   See fewer
Frank Hart
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer   See fewer
Tom Nowicki
Sly's Assistant Sly's Assistant   See fewer
Linda Vick
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Robert Midden
Pistol-Whipped Passenger Pistol-Whipped Passenger   See fewer
Dennis Letts
Frank Allen Frank Allen   See fewer
Janis Benson
Nora Allen Nora Allen   See fewer
Gary Rorman
Douglas Douglas   See fewer
Lindsey Diamond
Hostage Woman Hostage Woman   See fewer
Dean Carlberg
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot   See fewer
Brett Rice
Cop #1 (as James Brett Rice) Cop #1 (as James Brett Rice)   See fewer
Henry J. McGauley
Store Hold-Up Man Store Hold-Up Man   See fewer
Michael Conner
FBI Agent (as Michael D. Conner) FBI Agent (as Michael D. Conner)   See fewer
Carl Cole
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter   See fewer
Jack Gibson
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Lisa Capriani
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Mike Agresta
Doctor 3 (uncredited) Doctor 3 (uncredited)   See fewer
Russell Baird
Passenger at Airport Terminal (uncredited) Passenger at Airport Terminal (uncredited)   See fewer
Renee Behan
Passenger (uncredited) Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Beltz
Airline Security Agent (uncredited) Airline Security Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Brock Burnett
SWAT Sharpshooter (uncredited) SWAT Sharpshooter (uncredited)   See fewer
Rocky Essex
Airport EMT (uncredited) Airport EMT (uncredited)   See fewer
Sven Granlund
Pilot Extra (uncredited) Pilot Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Pui Fan Lee
Plane Purser (uncredited) Plane Purser (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Mccollum
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Damian Mcknight
Passenger #2 (uncredited) Passenger #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryk O.
Firefighter (uncredited) Firefighter (uncredited)   See fewer
Angelina Riposta
Airline Passenger (uncredited) Airline Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Russell Sanderlin Sr.
The Cowboy (uncredited) The Cowboy (uncredited)   See fewer
Ginger Stanley
Plane Passenger (uncredited) Plane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
James Stone
Cop #2 (uncredited) Cop #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Vaught
Vincent (dead crew) (uncredited) Vincent (dead crew) (uncredited)   See fewer
Sandra Von Johnson
Flight Attendant (uncredited) Flight Attendant (uncredited)   See fewer
Tory Wynter
Business Man / Plane passenger (uncredited) Business Man / Plane passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
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