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  • Folks! (1992)
  • PG-13
    107 min | Comedy, Drama
Folks! (1992)
107 min | Comedy, Drama

A slightly self absorbed yuppie takes in his parents including his senile father, after their home burns down. But his personal and professional life fall apart soon after.
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Robert Klane (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
May 1, 1992 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Selleck
Jon Aldrich Jon Aldrich   See fewer
Don Ameche
Harry Aldrich Harry Aldrich   See fewer
Anne Jackson
Mildred Aldrich Mildred Aldrich   See fewer
Christine Ebersole
Arlene Aldrich Arlene Aldrich   See fewer
Wendy Crewson
Audrey Aldrich Audrey Aldrich   See fewer
Kevin Chevalia
Kevin (as Kevin Timothy Chevalia) Kevin (as Kevin Timothy Chevalia)   See fewer
Maggie Murphy
Maggie (as Margaret Murphy) Maggie (as Margaret Murphy)   See fewer
Joseph Wayne Miller
Jerry (as Joseph Miller) Jerry (as Joseph Miller)   See fewer
J. Patrick McCormack
Howard (as John McCormack) Howard (as John McCormack)   See fewer
Peter Burns
Another Trader Another Trader   See fewer
Jon Favreau
Chicago Taxi Driver Chicago Taxi Driver   See fewer
Kevin Barry Howe
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Christopher Campbell
Taxi Driver #1 (as Christopher J. Campbell) Taxi Driver #1 (as Christopher J. Campbell)   See fewer
Omar Cabral
Dr. Aviano Dr. Aviano   See fewer
Marilyn Dodds Frank
Mrs. Henney Mrs. Henney   See fewer
Doris Carey
Nurse (as Doris Carey Ferguson) Nurse (as Doris Carey Ferguson)   See fewer
Will Knickerbocker
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver   See fewer
George Petrie
Sammy (as George O. Petrie) Sammy (as George O. Petrie)   See fewer
Ilse Earl
Lois Elliott Lois Elliott   See fewer
Mal Jones
Retired Doctor Retired Doctor   See fewer
Sid Raymond
Retired Attorney Retired Attorney   See fewer
George Ortuzar
Doorman (as George O.) Doorman (as George O.)   See fewer
Bob Gordon
William William   See fewer
Jerry Hotchkiss
Neighbor #1 Neighbor #1   See fewer
Dee Dee Deering
Neighbor #1's Wife Neighbor #1's Wife   See fewer
Evelyn Brooks
Retired Lawyer's Wife Retired Lawyer's Wife   See fewer
Roberto Escobar
Florida Cop Florida Cop   See fewer
Wanda Christine
County Nurse County Nurse   See fewer
Joseph R. Ryan
Patient Patient   See fewer
Teri McEvoy
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Ross Gottstein
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Frankie Davila
Shoe Salesman Shoe Salesman   See fewer
Toni Fleming
Lady Shoe Buyer Lady Shoe Buyer   See fewer
Juan Ramírez
Shoe Store Owner Shoe Store Owner   See fewer
Nydia Rodriguez Terracina
Shoe Store Owner's Wife Shoe Store Owner's Wife   See fewer
Frank Dominelli
Thug #1 Thug #1   See fewer
Tom Milanovich
Thug #2 Thug #2   See fewer
Mary Seibel
Condo Manager Condo Manager   See fewer
Richard Sullivan Lee
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Gerald Owens
Dr. Bush Dr. Bush   See fewer
Angelo Anthony Buscaglia Jr.
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Evan Lionel
Gang Leader Gang Leader   See fewer
Magic Slim
Blues Singer Blues Singer   See fewer
Tony Mockus Jr.
Chicago Cop Chicago Cop   See fewer
O. Boyd Clow
Lenny's Partner Lenny's Partner   See fewer
Mike Barger
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Mario Nieves
Cousin #2 Cousin #2   See fewer
Juan Olmedo
Cousin #1 Cousin #1   See fewer
Laurence S. Chess
FBI Agent (uncredited) FBI Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Ken Goldstein
Young Tom Selleck (uncredited) Young Tom Selleck (uncredited)   See fewer
David 'The Rock' Nelson
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Ken Waters
Valet (uncredited) Valet (uncredited)   See fewer
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