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  • Mobsters (1991)
  • R
    104 min | Crime, Drama
Mobsters (1991)
104 min | Crime, Drama

From start to finish, this is a story of friendship between four street-wise mates who don't mind using violence to achieve the lives that they want. They trust no one but each other, which is vital to their success as mobsters.
Michael Mahern (story) (screenplay) | Nicholas Kazan (screenplay)
Stephen J. Roth (as Steve Roth)
Joe D'Augustine | M. Scott Smith (as Scott Smith)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Jul 26, 1991 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Christian Slater
Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano   See fewer
Costas Mandylor
Frank Costello Frank Costello   See fewer
Richard Grieco
Bugsy Siegel Bugsy Siegel   See fewer
Jeremy Schoenberg
Crapshooter Crapshooter   See fewer
Miles Perlich
Crapshooter Crapshooter   See fewer
Patrick Dempsey
Meyer Lansky Meyer Lansky   See fewer
Anto Nolan
Irish Cop Irish Cop   See fewer
Andy Romano
Antonio Luciano Antonio Luciano   See fewer
Bianca Rossini
Rosalie Luciano Rosalie Luciano   See fewer
Stevie Restivo
Little Brother Little Brother   See fewer
Caroline Gillette
Little Sister Little Sister   See fewer
Michael Gambon
Don Faranzano Don Faranzano   See fewer
Tracy Swenson
Joey's Mother Joey's Mother   See fewer
Anthony Quinn
Don Masseria Don Masseria   See fewer
Sean Blackman
Another Italian Another Italian   See fewer
Bryan Law
Irish Thug Irish Thug   See fewer
Clark Heathcliff Brolly
Mike Shane (as Clark Heathcliffe Brolly) Mike Shane (as Clark Heathcliffe Brolly)   See fewer
Trish Steele
Costello's Mother Costello's Mother   See fewer
Leonard Termo
Joe Palermo Joe Palermo   See fewer
Chris Penn
Tommy Reina (as Christopher Penn) Tommy Reina (as Christopher Penn)   See fewer
F. Murray Abraham
Arnold Rothstein Arnold Rothstein   See fewer
Fyvush Finkel
Tailor Tailor   See fewer
Russell Curry
Black Gangster Black Gangster   See fewer
Carmen Twillie
Blues Singer Blues Singer   See fewer
Don Brockett
Irish Politician Irish Politician   See fewer
Leslie Bega
Anna Lansky Anna Lansky   See fewer
Seymour Cassel
Father Bonotto Father Bonotto   See fewer
Anya Longwell
Showgirl Showgirl   See fewer
Monique Noel
Showgirl (as Monique Noel Lovelace) Showgirl (as Monique Noel Lovelace)   See fewer
Karen Russell
Showgirl Showgirl   See fewer
Nicholas Sadler
Mad Dog Coll Mad Dog Coll   See fewer
Jennifer Gatti
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Lara Flynn Boyle
Mara Motes Mara Motes   See fewer
Frank Collison
Sonny Catania Sonny Catania   See fewer
Joe Viterelli
Joe Profaci Joe Profaci   See fewer
Lynette Walden
Cute Debutante Cute Debutante   See fewer
Jim Michael
Tony No Nose (as James Michael) Tony No Nose (as James Michael)   See fewer
Steve Picerni
Luciano's Driver Luciano's Driver   See fewer
Jim Wilkey
Coll's Driver Coll's Driver   See fewer
Ron Marquette
Maitre d' Maitre d'   See fewer
Russ Fega
Nathan Citron Nathan Citron   See fewer
Anna Berger
Mrs. Greene Mrs. Greene   See fewer
Jan Solomita
Wedding Guest Wedding Guest   See fewer
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Wedding Guest Wedding Guest   See fewer
Elizabeth Graham
Cute Girl Cute Girl   See fewer
Ava Fabian
Cute Girl Cute Girl   See fewer
Stan Stein
Card Player (as Stan Barry) Card Player (as Stan Barry)   See fewer
Billy Bastiani
Short Stick (as Bill Bastiani) Short Stick (as Bill Bastiani)   See fewer
John Chappoulis
Joe Bonnano Joe Bonnano   See fewer
Titus Welliver
Al Capone Al Capone   See fewer
Richard Garneau
Room Service Waiter Room Service Waiter   See fewer
Willie Garson
Telephone Operator (as Willy Garson) Telephone Operator (as Willy Garson)   See fewer
Chuck Picerni Jr.
Bodyguard (as Charles Picerni Jr.) Bodyguard (as Charles Picerni Jr.)   See fewer
Nick Dimitri
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Kerry Wall
Dancer (as Kerry Brennan) Dancer (as Kerry Brennan)   See fewer
Lada Boder
Dancer (as Lada Buder) Dancer (as Lada Buder)   See fewer
Melissa Dorf
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Suzie Hardy
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Trish Pamish
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Rachel Parker
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Anna Villa
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Cie Allman
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Sabrina Bertaccini
Chorus girl (uncredited) Chorus girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Tina Cote
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Theo Coumbis
Bodyguard (uncredited) Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike George
Musician (uncredited) Musician (uncredited)   See fewer
Loralyn Peterson
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Daisy Alexandra Sylbert-Torres
Wedding Guest, Street urchin (uncredited) Wedding Guest, Street urchin (uncredited)   See fewer
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