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  • Q&A (1990)
  • R
    132 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Q&A (1990)
132 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Dirty cop, Mike Brennan thinks he got away with murder. But during a routine Q&A, the righteous assistant DA finds a clue that sets them both on a collision course.
Sidney Lumet (as Alan Smithee: television prints)
Edwin Torres (book) | Sidney Lumet (screenplay) | Alan Smithee (screenplay) (on television prints)
Richard P. Cirincione (as Richard Cirincione)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 27, 1990 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Nick Nolte
Mike Brennan Mike Brennan   See fewer
Timothy Hutton
Al Reilly Al Reilly   See fewer
Armand Assante
Bobby Texador Bobby Texador   See fewer
Patrick O'Neal
Kevin Quinn Kevin Quinn   See fewer
Lee Richardson
Leo Bloomenfeld Leo Bloomenfeld   See fewer
Luis Guzmán
Luis Valentin (as Luis Guzman) Luis Valentin (as Luis Guzman)   See fewer
Charles S. Dutton
Sam Chapman (as Charles Dutton) Sam Chapman (as Charles Dutton)   See fewer
Jenny Lumet
Nancy Bosch Nancy Bosch   See fewer
Paul Calderon
Roger Montalvo Roger Montalvo   See fewer
International Chrysis
Jose Malpica Jose Malpica   See fewer
Dominic Chianese
Larry Pesch (as Dominick Chianese) Larry Pesch (as Dominick Chianese)   See fewer
Leonardo Cimino
Nick Petrone Nick Petrone   See fewer
Fyvush Finkel
Preston Pearlstein Preston Pearlstein   See fewer
Gustavo Brens
Alfonse Segal Alfonse Segal   See fewer
Martin E. Brens
Armand Segal Armand Segal   See fewer
Maurice Schell
Detective Zucker Detective Zucker   See fewer
Thomas Mikal Ford
Lubin (as Tommy A. Ford) Lubin (as Tommy A. Ford)   See fewer
John Capodice
Hank Mastroangelo Hank Mastroangelo   See fewer
Frederick Rolf
District Attorney District Attorney   See fewer
Hal Lehrman
Altshul Altshul   See fewer
Gloria Irizarry
Mrs. Bosch Mrs. Bosch   See fewer
Brian Neill
Sylvester / Sophia Sylvester / Sophia   See fewer
Drew Eliot
Magnus Magnus   See fewer
Frank Raiter
Seabury Seabury   See fewer
Harry Madsen
Tony Vasquez Tony Vasquez   See fewer
Jerry Ciauri
Bruno Valli Bruno Valli   See fewer
George Kodisch
Inspector Flynn Inspector Flynn   See fewer
Cynthia O'Neal
Agnes Quinn Agnes Quinn   See fewer
Victor Colicchio
'After Hours' Alvarado 'After Hours' Alvarado   See fewer
Anibal O. Lleras
'After Hours' Patron (as Anibal Lleras) 'After Hours' Patron (as Anibal Lleras)   See fewer
José Rafael Arango
'After Hours' Patron 'After Hours' Patron   See fewer
David Dill
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Alex Ruiz
Danny Danny   See fewer
Richard Solchik
Phillie Phillie   See fewer
Edward Rogers III
Jose's Apt. Detective Jose's Apt. Detective   See fewer
Junior Perez
'Nancy' Captain 'Nancy' Captain   See fewer
Javier Ríos
Boat Lover Boat Lover   See fewer
June Stein
A.D.A. A.D.A.   See fewer
Olga Merediz
Mrs. Valentin Mrs. Valentin   See fewer
Danny Darrow
Phone Investigator Phone Investigator   See fewer
José Collazo
Fisherman Fisherman   See fewer
José Alvarez
Niteclub Dancer (uncredited) Niteclub Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
G.W. Bailey
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Janis Corsair
TWA Supervisor (uncredited) TWA Supervisor (uncredited)   See fewer
David Hummel
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent Pastore
Man Sitting at Bar (uncredited) Man Sitting at Bar (uncredited)   See fewer
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