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  • People Like Us (1990)
  • Not Rated
    TV Movie | 200 min | Drama
People Like Us (1990)
Not Rated
TV Movie | 200 min | Drama

When a wealthy scriptwriter and socialite's daughter is murdered, he feels let down by the courts, and so decides to use his powerful position to enable his own form of justice.
William Hale (as Billy Hale)
Dominick Dunne (novel) | Mart Crowley (teleplay) | Kathleen A. Shelley (teleplay)
Dennis C. Lewiston (as Denis Lewiston)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 13, 1990

Release date
May 13, 1990 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Ben Gazzara
Gus Bailey Gus Bailey   See fewer
Connie Sellecca
Ruby Nolte Renthall Ruby Nolte Renthall   See fewer
Eva Marie Saint
Lil Van Degan Altemus Lil Van Degan Altemus   See fewer
Dennis Farina
Elias Renthall Elias Renthall   See fewer
Robert Desiderio
Bernard Slatkin Bernard Slatkin   See fewer
Gary Frank
Hubert Altemus Hubert Altemus   See fewer
Teri Polo
Justine Altemus Slatkin Justine Altemus Slatkin   See fewer
Jean Simmons
Peach Prindible Bailey Peach Prindible Bailey   See fewer
Ron Marquette
Juanito Perez Juanito Perez   See fewer
Gail O'Grady
Rebecca Bailey Rebecca Bailey   See fewer
Tom Schanley
Lefty Flint Lefty Flint   See fewer
Barbara Whinnery
Dodo Fitz Allen Dodo Fitz Allen   See fewer
Keith Buckley
Lord Lucerne Biedermeyer Lord Lucerne Biedermeyer   See fewer
Susan French
Cora Mandell Cora Mandell   See fewer
Meg Gibson
Violet Bastito (as Margaret Gibson) Violet Bastito (as Margaret Gibson)   See fewer
Ruta Lee
Faye Converse Faye Converse   See fewer
Beatrice Straight
Maisie Verdurin Maisie Verdurin   See fewer
Paul Williams
Ezzie Fenwick Ezzie Fenwick   See fewer
Louise Troy
Janet Van Degan Janet Van Degan   See fewer
Charlie Messenger
Laurance Van Degan Laurance Van Degan   See fewer
Tegan West
Byron Macumber Byron Macumber   See fewer
Al Fann
Detective Jackson Detective Jackson   See fewer
Brenda Strong
Brenda Primrose Brenda Primrose   See fewer
Michael Cavanaugh
Michael Jordan Michael Jordan   See fewer
Jonathan Farwell
Ear of Castoria Ear of Castoria   See fewer
George D. Wallace
Max Luby Max Luby   See fewer
Kim Myers
Marguerite Hanrahan Marguerite Hanrahan   See fewer
Sarah Abrell
Laura Van Degan Laura Van Degan   See fewer
Colin Drake
Ormonde Van Degan Ormonde Van Degan   See fewer
Anna Berger
Hester Slatkin Hester Slatkin   See fewer
Wil Albert
Sol Slatkin Sol Slatkin   See fewer
Isobel Estorick
Lorenza Lorenza   See fewer
Anne Betancourt
Immaculata Immaculata   See fewer
Bill Geisslinger
Marv Pink Marv Pink   See fewer
Shanda Cunningham
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Gail Cameron
Beatriz Marshall Beatriz Marshall   See fewer
Sarah Marshall
Countess of Castoria Countess of Castoria   See fewer
Thomas Kopache
Mike O'Rourke Mike O'Rourke   See fewer
Al Rossi
Joe (Lil's Driver) Joe (Lil's Driver)   See fewer
Edward Penn
Hubert Altemus Sr. Hubert Altemus Sr.   See fewer
Richard Riehle
Anthony Feliciano Anthony Feliciano   See fewer
Julia Calderón
Candalaria Candalaria   See fewer
E. Brian Dean
Warden Warden   See fewer
Ron Taylor
Man at Victim's Meeting Man at Victim's Meeting   See fewer
Thom Zimerle
Young Laurance Young Laurance   See fewer
Alan Johnson
Henry Caldwell Henry Caldwell   See fewer
Weldon Bleiler
Lefty's Judge Lefty's Judge   See fewer
Vicki Damante
Runway Model Runway Model   See fewer
Lara Parker
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Stewart
Head Waiter (uncredited) Head Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Grace Zabriskie
Woman in Group Therapy (uncredited) Woman in Group Therapy (uncredited)   See fewer
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