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  • Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)
  • PG
    137 min | Comedy, Drama, History
Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)
137 min | Comedy, Drama, History

Famed swordsman and poet Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with his cousin Roxane. He has never expressed his love for her as he his large nose undermines his self-confidence. Then he finds a way to express his love to her, indirectly.
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Edmond Rostand (play) | Jean-Paul Rappeneau (written by) | Jean-Claude Carrière (written by)
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Release date
Dec 1, 1990 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Gérard Depardieu
Cyrano De Bergerac Cyrano De Bergerac   See fewer
Anne Brochet
Roxane Roxane   See fewer
Vincent Perez
Christian de Neuvillette Christian de Neuvillette   See fewer
Jacques Weber
Comte De Guiche Comte De Guiche   See fewer
Roland Bertin
Ragueneau Ragueneau   See fewer
Pierre Maguelon
Carbon de Castel-Jaloux Carbon de Castel-Jaloux   See fewer
Josiane Stoléru
The Duenna The Duenna   See fewer
Anatole Delalande
The Child The Child   See fewer
Alain Rimoux
The Father The Father   See fewer
Philippe Volter
Vicomte de Valvert Vicomte de Valvert   See fewer
Jean-Marie Winling
Lignière Lignière   See fewer
Louis Navarre
The Bore The Bore   See fewer
Gabriel Monnet
Montfleury Montfleury   See fewer
François Marié
Bellerose Bellerose   See fewer
Pierre Triboulet
Jodelet Jodelet   See fewer
Baptiste Roussillon
First Soldier First Soldier   See fewer
Christian Roy
Second Soldier Second Soldier   See fewer
Jacques Pater
The Footpad The Footpad   See fewer
Pierre Aussedat
First Marquis First Marquis   See fewer
Yves Aubert
Second Marquis Second Marquis   See fewer
Jean-Damien Barbin
Conceited Young Man Conceited Young Man   See fewer
Gérard Baume
Actor (as Gérard Beaume) Actor (as Gérard Beaume)   See fewer
Cécile Camp
Gremione Gremione   See fewer
Dominique Chevalier
Actor (as Dominique Chevallier) Actor (as Dominique Chevallier)   See fewer
Nicole Chomo
Actress Actress   See fewer
Michel Fau
Ragueneau's 2nd Poet Ragueneau's 2nd Poet   See fewer
Nicole Félix
The Matron The Matron   See fewer
Catherine Ferran
Lise Ragueneau Lise Ragueneau   See fewer
Éric Frey
Second 'Precious' Poet Second 'Precious' Poet   See fewer
Claudine Gabay
Bad-tempered Nun Bad-tempered Nun   See fewer
Philippe Girard
De Guiche's Officer De Guiche's Officer   See fewer
Amélie Gonin
Sister Marthe Sister Marthe   See fewer
Isabelle Gruault
Sister Claire Sister Claire   See fewer
Sandrine Kiberlain
Sister Colette Sister Colette   See fewer
Françoise Lervy
Actress Actress   See fewer
Madeleine Marion
Mother Superior Mother Superior   See fewer
Vincent Nemeth
Ragueneau's 1st Poet Ragueneau's 1st Poet   See fewer
Jérôme Nicolin
The Monk The Monk   See fewer
Quentin Ogier
Baker's Boy Baker's Boy   See fewer
Lucien Pascal
The Academician The Academician   See fewer
Eric Picou
First `Precious' Poet First `Precious' Poet   See fewer
Ludivine Sagnier
The Little Sister The Little Sister   See fewer
Benoît Vergne
Lysimon Lysimon   See fewer
Louise Vincent
Ironing Nun Ironing Nun   See fewer
Matthew Ford
Boy in a Market (uncredited) Boy in a Market (uncredited)   See fewer
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