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  • Three Fugitives (1989)
  • PG-13
    96 min | Action, Comedy
Three Fugitives (1989)
96 min | Action, Comedy

A reformed bank robber is taken hostage by a desperate man during a bank hold up, but is forced to go on the run with his captor when they're both mistakenly thought to be in cahoots.
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Lauren Shuler Donner (as Lauren Shuler-Donner)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 27, 1989 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Nick Nolte
Lucas Lucas   See fewer
Martin Short
Ned Perry Ned Perry   See fewer
Sarah Rowland Doroff
Meg Perry Meg Perry   See fewer
Alan Ruck
Tener Tener   See fewer
Kenneth McMillan
Horvath Horvath   See fewer
David Arnott
Bank Teller Bank Teller   See fewer
Bruce McGill
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Lee Garlington
Woman Cop Woman Cop   See fewer
Sy Richardson
Tucker Tucker   See fewer
Rick Hall
Dog Handler Dog Handler   See fewer
Bill Cross
Guard at Prison Guard at Prison   See fewer
Stanley Brock
Release Sergeant Release Sergeant   See fewer
John Procaccino
Highway Patrolman Highway Patrolman   See fewer
Kathy Kinney
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Way Ching Yu
Girl in Children's Home Girl in Children's Home   See fewer
Jack McGee
Fisherman Fisherman   See fewer
Albert Henderson
Man in Raincoat Man in Raincoat   See fewer
Larry Cox
Orderly One Orderly One   See fewer
Jeff Perry
Orderly Two Orderly Two   See fewer
Rhoda Gemignani
Radio Operator Radio Operator   See fewer
Clive Rosengren
Desk Sergeant Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Maryssa Larose
Woman at Bank Woman at Bank   See fewer
Tim DeZarn
First Officer (as Tim de Zarn) First Officer (as Tim de Zarn)   See fewer
Larry Miller
Second Officer Second Officer   See fewer
Scott Lincoln
Passenger Cop Passenger Cop   See fewer
John C. Cooke
First Thug First Thug   See fewer
Brian Thompson
Second Thug (as Yahoots Magoondi) Second Thug (as Yahoots Magoondi)   See fewer
Woody Eney
First Cop First Cop   See fewer
John Aylward
Second Cop Second Cop   See fewer
George Catalano
Cop One Cop One   See fewer
Gary Armagnac
Cop Two Cop Two   See fewer
Steven Zediker
Cop Three Cop Three   See fewer
Michael S. Siegel
Cop Four (as Michael Siegel) Cop Four (as Michael Siegel)   See fewer
Mike MacDonald
Sergeant Sergeant   See fewer
Dinah Lenney
Reporter One Reporter One   See fewer
Jeannine Wiest
Reporter Two Reporter Two   See fewer
Paul Tuerpe
Reporter Three Reporter Three   See fewer
Bruno Alexander
Motorcycle Cop One (as Bruno Acalinas) Motorcycle Cop One (as Bruno Acalinas)   See fewer
Lance August
Motorcycle Cop Two Motorcycle Cop Two   See fewer
Charles Noland
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Anthony Frederick
Cop with Phone Cop with Phone   See fewer
Terrence Hollingsworth
Money Quick Customer Money Quick Customer   See fewer
Dean Smith
Playboy Playboy   See fewer
Richard E. Butler
Watchman One Watchman One   See fewer
R.L. Tolbert
Watchman Two Watchman Two   See fewer
Sherman Howard
Canadian Police Officer (uncredited) Canadian Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Danny Nero
Bank Robbery Hostage (uncredited) Bank Robbery Hostage (uncredited)   See fewer
Morris Lee Sullivan
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
Karl A. Wickman
Helicopter Pilot (uncredited) Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)   See fewer
Brian J. Williams
Cop Outside Station (uncredited) Cop Outside Station (uncredited)   See fewer
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