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  • Millennium (1989)
  • PG-13
    108 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Millennium (1989)
108 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

An NTSB investigator seeking the cause of an airline disaster meets a warrior woman from 1000 years in the future.
John Varley (short story "Air Raid") (screenplay)
Eric Robertson (music composed by) (as Eric N. Robertson)
Casting Director
Deirdre Bowen (as Deidre Bowen)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 25, 1989 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Kris Kristofferson
Bill Smith Bill Smith   See fewer
Cheryl Ladd
Louise Baltimore Louise Baltimore   See fewer
Daniel J. Travanti
Arnold Mayer Arnold Mayer   See fewer
Robert Joy
Sherman Sherman   See fewer
Lloyd Bochner
Walters Walters   See fewer
Brent Carver
Coventry Coventry   See fewer
David McIlwraith
Tom Stanley Tom Stanley   See fewer
Maury Chaykin
Roger Keane Roger Keane   See fewer
Al Waxman
Dr. Brindle Dr. Brindle   See fewer
Lawrence Dane
Vern Rockwell Vern Rockwell   See fewer
Thomas Hauff
Ron Kennedy Ron Kennedy   See fewer
Raymond O'Neill
Harold Davis Harold Davis   See fewer
Philip Akin
Briley Briley   See fewer
David Calderisi
Leacock Leacock   See fewer
Gary Reineke
Carpenter Carpenter   See fewer
Eugene Clark
Craig Ashby Craig Ashby   See fewer
Cedric Smith
Eli Seibel Eli Seibel   See fewer
Michael J. Reynolds
Jerry Bannister Jerry Bannister   See fewer
Victoria Snow
Pinky Djakarta Pinky Djakarta   See fewer
Susannah Hoffmann
Susan Melbourne (as Susannah Hoffman) Susan Melbourne (as Susannah Hoffman)   See fewer
Claudette Roche
Inez Manila (as Claudette Roach) Inez Manila (as Claudette Roach)   See fewer
Barry Meier
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot   See fewer
James Kirchner
Foreman Foreman   See fewer
Bill MacDonald
FBI Agent Morgue FBI Agent Morgue   See fewer
Jamie Shannon
Young Bill Smith Young Bill Smith   See fewer
Timothy Webber
Audio Technician Audio Technician   See fewer
Chapelle Jaffe
The Council Chamber - Stockholm The Council Chamber - Stockholm   See fewer
Chris Britton
The Council Chamber - Buffalo (as Christopher Britton) The Council Chamber - Buffalo (as Christopher Britton)   See fewer
Gerry Quigley
The Council Chamber - Khartoum The Council Chamber - Khartoum   See fewer
Leonard Chow
The Council Chamber - Beijing The Council Chamber - Beijing   See fewer
Scott Thompson
Controller Controller   See fewer
John Kozak
Investigator Investigator   See fewer
James Mainprize
Investigator Investigator   See fewer
Bob Bainborough
Investigator Investigator   See fewer
Daryl Shuttleworth
T.V. Reporter: Crash Site T.V. Reporter: Crash Site   See fewer
Gerard Theoret
Time Scan Operator Time Scan Operator   See fewer
Edward Roy
Gantry Controller Gantry Controller   See fewer
Debbie Kirby
Stewardess Stewardess   See fewer
John Stoneham Sr.
Hijacker (as John Stoneham) Hijacker (as John Stoneham)   See fewer
Linda Goranson
Hostage Hostage   See fewer
Syd Libman
Passenger Passenger   See fewer
Patrick Young
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Paula Barrett
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Richard Fitzpatrick
Reporter #3 Reporter #3   See fewer
Reg Dreger
Reporter #4 Reporter #4   See fewer
Cordelia Strube
Reporter #5 Reporter #5   See fewer
Marvin Caron
Reporter #6 Reporter #6   See fewer
David Bolt
1st Board Member 1st Board Member   See fewer
Maida Rogerson
2nd Board Member 2nd Board Member   See fewer
Mark Terene
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Yank Azman
Evacuation Worker (as Jank Azman) Evacuation Worker (as Jank Azman)   See fewer
Kevin Fullam
TUA Worker TUA Worker   See fewer
William Gillies
Marshall (uncredited) Marshall (uncredited)   See fewer
C.J. Lusby
Blonde at airport (uncredited) Blonde at airport (uncredited)   See fewer
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