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  • Hitz (1992)
  • R
    85 min | Crime, Drama, Music
Hitz (1992)
85 min | Crime, Drama, Music

A tough female juvenile court judge goes out of her way to try to aid a young man whom she believes has innocently gotten involved with a gang, which puts her life in mortal danger.
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Casting Director
Production Designer
Vincent M. Cresciman (as Vince Cresciman)

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Updated Aug 5, 1992

Release date
Aug 5, 1992 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Elliott Gould
Judge Callow Judge Callow   See fewer
Emilia Crow
Judge Chelsea Walker Judge Chelsea Walker   See fewer
Karen Black
Tiffany Powers Tiffany Powers   See fewer
Ed Lauter
Dallas Hale Dallas Hale   See fewer
Sydney Lassick
Dr. Henry Silver Dr. Henry Silver   See fewer
Francesco Quinn
Jimmy Sollera Jimmy Sollera   See fewer
Thalmus Rasulala
Judge Jackson Judge Jackson   See fewer
Richard Coca
Musico Musico   See fewer
Ben Slack
Mr. Wierzynski Mr. Wierzynski   See fewer
Raymond Cruz
Cyclone Cyclone   See fewer
Dyana Ortelli
Musico's Mother Musico's Mother   See fewer
Consuelo Álvarez
Pepe's Mother Pepe's Mother   See fewer
Peggy Alvarez
Dolores Dolores   See fewer
Phyllis Applegate
Desk Sergeant Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Niles Brewster
Morris Shiva Morris Shiva   See fewer
Andre Rosey Brown
Moso (as Andre 'Rosey' Brown) Moso (as Andre 'Rosey' Brown)   See fewer
Rene Carrasco
Chinese Man Chinese Man   See fewer
James Casey
Bailiff #3 Bailiff #3   See fewer
Ronald Dafney
Skolnick Skolnick   See fewer
Brian Fessenden
Younger Boy Younger Boy   See fewer
Wayne Fielder
Deputy Wayne Deputy Wayne   See fewer
Phyllis Frelich
District Attorney District Attorney   See fewer
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Officer Alvarez Officer Alvarez   See fewer
Daniel A. Haro
Public Defender (as Daniel Haro) Public Defender (as Daniel Haro)   See fewer
Amy Hill
Dorothy Moys Dorothy Moys   See fewer
Joshua Horowitz
Older Boy Older Boy   See fewer
Tammy Hyler
Sales Girl (as Tamara Hyler) Sales Girl (as Tamara Hyler)   See fewer
Arturo Jiménez
Boxer's Side Kick Boxer's Side Kick   See fewer
John F. Kearney
Sebastian Sebastian   See fewer
Keith MacKechnie
Titus' Attorney Titus' Attorney   See fewer
Marshall Martin
Neighbor Neighbor   See fewer
Orestes Matacena
Spanish Interpreter Spanish Interpreter   See fewer
Pat Romano
Injured Youth Injured Youth   See fewer
Robert Saurman
Officer Stahl Officer Stahl   See fewer
Rob Steinberg
Hand Interpreter (as Robert Steinberg) Hand Interpreter (as Robert Steinberg)   See fewer
Ray Stoddard
Bailiff #2 Bailiff #2   See fewer
Brooks Tomb
Singing Flower Vendor Singing Flower Vendor   See fewer
Jacob Vargas
Hispanic Boy Hispanic Boy   See fewer
Ben Woods
Actor Actor   See fewer
Renn Woods
Hollie Glass (as Ren Woods) Hollie Glass (as Ren Woods)   See fewer
Laura Wright
Elderly Clerk Elderly Clerk   See fewer
Galen Yuek
Actor Actor   See fewer
Galen Yuen
Actor Actor   See fewer
Lisa Zebro
Susie Hale Susie Hale   See fewer
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