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  • Walker (1987)
  • R
    94 min | Biography, Drama, History
Walker (1987)
94 min | Biography, Drama, History

An unconventional retelling of the life of William Walker, a 19th century American mercenary leader who became the president of Nicaragua.
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Rudy Wurlitzer (written by)
Alex Cox | Carlos Puente (as Carlos Puente Ortega)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 4, 1987 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Ed Harris
William Walker William Walker   See fewer
Richard Masur
Ephraim Squier Ephraim Squier   See fewer
Rene Auberjonois
Major Siegfried Hennington Major Siegfried Hennington   See fewer
Keith Szarabajka
Timothy Crocker Timothy Crocker   See fewer
Sy Richardson
Captain Hornsby Captain Hornsby   See fewer
Xander Berkeley
Byron Cole Byron Cole   See fewer
John Diehl
Stebbins Stebbins   See fewer
Peter Boyle
Cornelius Vanderbilt Cornelius Vanderbilt   See fewer
Marlee Matlin
Ellen Martin Ellen Martin   See fewer
Alfonso Arau
Raousset Raousset   See fewer
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Munoz (as Pedro Armendariz) Munoz (as Pedro Armendariz)   See fewer
Roberto López Espinoza
Mayorga (as Roberto Lopez Espinoza) Mayorga (as Roberto Lopez Espinoza)   See fewer
Gerrit Graham
Norvell Walker Norvell Walker   See fewer
William O'Leary
James Walker James Walker   See fewer
Alan Bolt
Don Domingo Don Domingo   See fewer
Miguel Sandoval
Parker French Parker French   See fewer
René Assa
Doctor Jones (as Rene Assa) Doctor Jones (as Rene Assa)   See fewer
Bennet Guillory
Achilles Kewen Achilles Kewen   See fewer
Bruce Wright
Anderson Anderson   See fewer
Richard Edson
Turley Turley   See fewer
Karl Braun
Bruno Van Namzer (as Charley Braun) Bruno Van Namzer (as Charley Braun)   See fewer
Linda Callahan
Mrs. Bingham Mrs. Bingham   See fewer
Richard Zobel
Lemuel Lemuel   See fewer
Renn Woods
Alta Kewen (as Ren Woods) Alta Kewen (as Ren Woods)   See fewer
Frederick Neumann
Willy Marshall Willy Marshall   See fewer
David Hayman
Father Rossiter Father Rossiter   See fewer
Edward Tudor-Pole
Doubleday Doubleday   See fewer
Joe Strummer
Faucet Faucet   See fewer
Sharon Barr
Darlene Darlene   See fewer
Kathy Burke
Annie Mae Annie Mae   See fewer
Fox Harris
District Attorney District Attorney   See fewer
Ed Pansullo
Major Angus Major Angus   See fewer
Jack Slater
Sanders Sanders   See fewer
Spider Stacy
Davenport (as Spider Stacey) Davenport (as Spider Stacey)   See fewer
Del Zamora
Padre Vigil Padre Vigil   See fewer
Biff Yeager
Rudler Rudler   See fewer
Paulino Rodriguez
Castellon Castellon   See fewer
Dick Rude
Washburn Washburn   See fewer
Bob Tzudiker
Garrison Garrison   See fewer
Rick Barker
Breckenridge Breckenridge   See fewer
Robert Dickman
Company Man Company Man   See fewer
Joe Celeste
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
Martin Aylett
1st Reporter 1st Reporter   See fewer
Ramón Álvarez
2nd Reporter (as Ramon Alvarez) 2nd Reporter (as Ramon Alvarez)   See fewer
Raymond Kettless
3rd Reporter (as Raymund Kettless) 3rd Reporter (as Raymund Kettless)   See fewer
Tom Collins
4th Reporter 4th Reporter   See fewer
Louis Mathews
Priest Priest   See fewer
Dexter Taylor
Liverpool Liverpool   See fewer
Michèle Winstanley
Maid (as Michele Winstanley) Maid (as Michele Winstanley)   See fewer
Helene Farber
Streetwalker (uncredited) Streetwalker (uncredited)   See fewer
Ronald Reagan
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
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