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  • Bird (1988)
  • R
    161 min | Biography, Drama, Music
Bird (1988)
161 min | Biography, Drama, Music

The troubled life and career of jazz musician Charlie "Bird" Parker.
Joel Oliansky (written by)
Clint Eastwood (produced by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 30, 1988 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Forest Whitaker
Charlie 'Bird' Parker Charlie 'Bird' Parker   See fewer
Diane Venora
Chan Parker Chan Parker   See fewer
Michael Zelniker
Red Rodney Red Rodney   See fewer
Keith David
Buster Franklin Buster Franklin   See fewer
Michael McGuire
Brewster Brewster   See fewer
James Handy
Esteves Esteves   See fewer
Damon Whitaker
Young Bird Young Bird   See fewer
Arlen Dean Snyder
Dr. Heath Dr. Heath   See fewer
Sam Robards
Moscowitz Moscowitz   See fewer
Penelope Windust
Bellevue Nurse Bellevue Nurse   See fewer
Glenn Wright
Alcoholic Patient (as Glenn T. Wright) Alcoholic Patient (as Glenn T. Wright)   See fewer
George Orrison
Patient with Checkers Patient with Checkers   See fewer
Bill Cobbs
Dr. Caulfield Dr. Caulfield   See fewer
Hamilton Camp
Mayor of 52nd Street Mayor of 52nd Street   See fewer
Chris Bosley
First Doorman First Doorman   See fewer
George T. Bruce
Second Doorman Second Doorman   See fewer
Jo de Winter
Mildred Berg Mildred Berg   See fewer
Richard Zavaglia
Ralph the Narc Ralph the Narc   See fewer
Anna Thomson
Audrey (as Anna Levine) Audrey (as Anna Levine)   See fewer
Al Pugliese
Owner - Three Deuces Owner - Three Deuces   See fewer
Hubert Kelly
Wilson Wilson   See fewer
Billy J. Mitchell
Prince (as Billy Mitchell) Prince (as Billy Mitchell)   See fewer
Karl Vincent
Stratton Stratton   See fewer
Lou Cutell
Bride's Father Bride's Father   See fewer
Roger Etienne
Parisian Emcee Parisian Emcee   See fewer
Jason Bernard
Benny Tate Benny Tate   See fewer
Gretchen Oehler
Southern Nurse Southern Nurse   See fewer
Richard McKenzie
Southern Doctor Southern Doctor   See fewer
Tony Cox
Pee Wee Marquette Pee Wee Marquette   See fewer
Diane Salinger
Baroness Nica Baroness Nica   See fewer
Johnny Adams
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Natalia Silverwood
Red's Girlfriend Red's Girlfriend   See fewer
Duane Matthews
Engineer Engineer   See fewer
Slim Jim Phantom
Grainger Grainger   See fewer
Peter Crook
Bird's Lawyer Bird's Lawyer   See fewer
Alec Paul Rubinstein
Recording Producer Recording Producer   See fewer
Steve Zettler
Owner - Oasis Club Owner - Oasis Club   See fewer
Ann Weldon
Violet Welles Violet Welles   See fewer
Charley Lang
D.J. at the Paramount D.J. at the Paramount   See fewer
Tim Russ
Harris Harris   See fewer
Richard Jeni
Morello Morello   See fewer
Don Starr
Doctor at Nica's Doctor at Nica's   See fewer
Richard Mawe
Medical Examiner Medical Examiner   See fewer
Jules Dean
Parisian (uncredited) Parisian (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Lane
Reporter at Funeral (uncredited) Reporter at Funeral (uncredited)   See fewer
Stan Rodarte
Man in Alley (uncredited) Man in Alley (uncredited)   See fewer
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