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  • Big Business (1988)
  • PG
    97 min | Comedy
Big Business (1988)
97 min | Comedy

Two couples of sisters from New York and from the countryside discover that they are connected in an incredible way.
Jim Abrahams (directed by)
Dori Pierson (written by) | Marc Reid Rubel (written by) (as Marc Rubel)
Michael Peyser (produced by) | Steve Tisch (produced by)
Lee Holdridge (music by)
Harry Keramidas (edited by)
Casting Director
Howard Feuer (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 10, 1988 (United States)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Bette Midler
Sadie Shelton / Sadie Ratliff Sadie Shelton / Sadie Ratliff   See fewer
Lily Tomlin
Rose Shelton / Rose Ratliff Rose Shelton / Rose Ratliff   See fewer
Fred Ward
Roone Dimmick Roone Dimmick   See fewer
Edward Herrmann
Graham Sherbourne Graham Sherbourne   See fewer
Michele Placido
Fabio Alberici Fabio Alberici   See fewer
Barry Primus
Michael Michael   See fewer
Michael Gross
Dr. Jay Marshall Dr. Jay Marshall   See fewer
Deborah Rush
Binky Shelton Binky Shelton   See fewer
Nicolas Coster
Hunt Shelton Hunt Shelton   See fewer
Patricia Gaul
Iona Ratliff Iona Ratliff   See fewer
J.C. Quinn
Garth Ratliff Garth Ratliff   See fewer
Norma MacMillan
Nanny Lewis Nanny Lewis   See fewer
Joe Grifasi
Desk Clerk Desk Clerk   See fewer
John Vickery
Hotel Manager Hotel Manager   See fewer
John Hancock
Older Harlan Older Harlan   See fewer
Seth Green
Jason Jason   See fewer
Lucy Webb
Wenona Wenona   See fewer
Roy Brocksmith
Dr. Parker Dr. Parker   See fewer
Lewis Arquette
Mr. Stokes Mr. Stokes   See fewer
Eddie Cordell
Young Harlan Young Harlan   See fewer
Ritch Brinkley
Mayor Bill Finker Mayor Bill Finker   See fewer
Tony Mockus Jr.
Board Member #1 Board Member #1   See fewer
Carmen Argenziano
Board Member #2 Board Member #2   See fewer
Fred Parnes
Bellboy Bellboy   See fewer
Danny Chambers
Male Staffer #2 (as Dan Chambers) Male Staffer #2 (as Dan Chambers)   See fewer
Lois De Banzie
Edwardian Room Hostess Edwardian Room Hostess   See fewer
Al Mancini
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Nicholas Rutherford
Lil Levon Lil Levon   See fewer
Andi Chapman
Sadie's Secretary Sadie's Secretary   See fewer
Chick Hearn
Sports Announcer Sports Announcer   See fewer
Troy Damien
Hank Ratliff Hank Ratliff   See fewer
Ryan Francis
Merle Ratliff Merle Ratliff   See fewer
Louis Rukeyser
Taxi Victim Taxi Victim   See fewer
Kymberly Gold
Triplet #1 (as Kymberly Goldman) Triplet #1 (as Kymberly Goldman)   See fewer
Michelle Gold
Triplet #2 (as Michelle Goldman) Triplet #2 (as Michelle Goldman)   See fewer
Traci Lee Gold
Triplet #3 (as Traci Goldman) Triplet #3 (as Traci Goldman)   See fewer
Crystal Field
Bag Lady Bag Lady   See fewer
Everett Quinton
Window Dresser Window Dresser   See fewer
Sandy Davis
Saleslady in Dress Shop Saleslady in Dress Shop   See fewer
Natalie Dolishny
Moramax Employee #1 Moramax Employee #1   See fewer
Nancy Lazarus
Moramax Employee #2 Moramax Employee #2   See fewer
Shirley Mitchell
Stockholder Stockholder   See fewer
Charles Middleton
Stockholder #2 (as Charles J. Middleton) Stockholder #2 (as Charles J. Middleton)   See fewer
Irving Hellman
Stockholder #3 Stockholder #3   See fewer
Judy Armstrong
Y.M.C.A. Desk Clerk Y.M.C.A. Desk Clerk   See fewer
Tom La Grua
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Brianne Sommers
Woman with Whippet Woman with Whippet   See fewer
Alice Gruenberg
Attractive Woman with Yorkies Attractive Woman with Yorkies   See fewer
Jane Butenoff
Professional Hooker in Time Square Professional Hooker in Time Square   See fewer
Louise Yaffe
Director's Mother in Lobby Director's Mother in Lobby   See fewer
Nancy Cohen
Steel Drum Dancer (uncredited) Steel Drum Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Gene Cross
Onlooker (uncredited) Onlooker (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike George
Musician (uncredited) Musician (uncredited)   See fewer
Kathryn Janssen
Sales Clerk In Boutique (uncredited) Sales Clerk In Boutique (uncredited)   See fewer
Lynne Lerner
Blood Clot Lady (uncredited) Blood Clot Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
Christine MacDonald
Dancing Woman (uncredited) Dancing Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Parker
Boy who says cowplop (uncredited) Boy who says cowplop (uncredited)   See fewer
Ruth Leon Weiman
Patron in Tea Room (uncredited) Patron in Tea Room (uncredited)   See fewer
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