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  • Stewardess School (1986)
  • R
    89 min | Action, Comedy
Stewardess School (1986)
89 min | Action, Comedy

The zany "stewdents" at a wacky flight attendants' school have all sorts of wild and crazy high-flying adventures in this '80s comedy.
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Ken Blancato (written by)
Fred J. Koenekamp (as Anton Ken Krawczyk)
Casting Director
Melissa Skoff (as Mellisa Skoff)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 1986 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Brett Cullen
Philo Henderson Philo Henderson   See fewer
Mary Cadorette
Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson   See fewer
Don Most
George Bunkle (as Donald Most) George Bunkle (as Donald Most)   See fewer
Sandahl Bergman
Wanda Polanski Wanda Polanski   See fewer
Wendie Jo Sperber
Jolean Winters Jolean Winters   See fewer
Judy Landers
Sugar Dubois Sugar Dubois   See fewer
Dennis Burkley
'Snake' Pellino 'Snake' Pellino   See fewer
Julia Montgomery
Pimmie Polk Pimmie Polk   See fewer
Corinne Bohrer
Cindy Adams Cindy Adams   See fewer
Rob Paulsen
Larry Falkwell Larry Falkwell   See fewer
William Bogert
Roger Weidermeyer Roger Weidermeyer   See fewer
Sherman Hemsley
Mr. Buttersworth Mr. Buttersworth   See fewer
Vicki Frederick
Miss Grummet Miss Grummet   See fewer
Alan Rosenberg
Mad Bomber Mad Bomber   See fewer
Rod McCary
Captain Biff Captain Biff   See fewer
Vito Scotti
Carl Stromboli Carl Stromboli   See fewer
Lillian Müller
Beautiful Blonde (as Yuliis Ruval) Beautiful Blonde (as Yuliis Ruval)   See fewer
Earl Boen
Mr. Adams Mr. Adams   See fewer
Toni Sawyer
Mrs. Adams Mrs. Adams   See fewer
Joe Dorsey
Captain Captain   See fewer
Casey Sander
Dudley Dudley   See fewer
John Allen
Bubba Brock Bubba Brock   See fewer
Brooke Bundy
Mrs. Polk Mrs. Polk   See fewer
Gloria LeRoy
Grandma Polk Grandma Polk   See fewer
Leslie Scarborough
Allison (as Leslie Huntly) Allison (as Leslie Huntly)   See fewer
Pilar Del Rey
Sarah Stromboli Sarah Stromboli   See fewer
Mark Neely
FAA Inspector FAA Inspector   See fewer
Barbara Whinnery
Gushy Woman Gushy Woman   See fewer
Paul Eiding
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Paul Barselou
Doctor Mackie Doctor Mackie   See fewer
Richard Lineback
Sgt. Striker Sgt. Striker   See fewer
Ron Ross
Stanley Peterson Stanley Peterson   See fewer
Lenore Woodward
Poodle Lady Poodle Lady   See fewer
Anita Dangler
Dowager Dowager   See fewer
Tim Hoskins
Boy (as Timothy Hoskins) Boy (as Timothy Hoskins)   See fewer
Bert Hinchman
'Hip' Man 'Hip' Man   See fewer
Rowena Balos
'Hip' Woman 'Hip' Woman   See fewer
John O'Leary
Older Man Older Man   See fewer
Paddi Edwards
Older Woman Older Woman   See fewer
William O'Connell
Attorney Attorney   See fewer
Richard Erdman
Attorney Attorney   See fewer
Thomas W. Ashworth
Bailiff (as Tom Ashworth) Bailiff (as Tom Ashworth)   See fewer
Justin Lord
Co-Pilot Co-Pilot   See fewer
Bill Erwin
Orchestra Conductor (as William Erwin) Orchestra Conductor (as William Erwin)   See fewer
Conrad Dunn
Referee Referee   See fewer
Billy Varga
Fight Manager Fight Manager   See fewer
Joan Lemmo
Butch Butch   See fewer
Robert Towers
Cuddles Cuddles   See fewer
Fran Ryan
Fainting Lady Fainting Lady   See fewer
Marie Denn
Lady in Elevator Lady in Elevator   See fewer
Teddy Wilson
Probation Officer (as Theodore Wilson) Probation Officer (as Theodore Wilson)   See fewer
Kathleen O'Haco
Masked Marvel Masked Marvel   See fewer
Linda Lutz
Laughing Woman Laughing Woman   See fewer
Andrew J. Kuehn
Man at Elevator Man at Elevator   See fewer
Carole Kean
School Instructor School Instructor   See fewer
Lela Rochon
School Instructor School Instructor   See fewer
Lenora Logan
School Instructor School Instructor   See fewer
Hartley Silver
Man in Plane Man in Plane   See fewer
Phyllis Cowan
Girl at Party Girl at Party   See fewer
Suzanne Dunn
Stewardess #1 Stewardess #1   See fewer
Priscilla Linn
Stewardess #2 Stewardess #2   See fewer
Paul Bradley
Butler Butler   See fewer
Cathleen MacIntosh
Woman in Plane Woman in Plane   See fewer
Viola Kates Stimpson
Blind Lady Blind Lady   See fewer
David Sterago
Navigator Navigator   See fewer
Kathy Chaffin
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
George Golden
Airplane Passenger (uncredited) Airplane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Kym Washington Longino
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Rodney
Blind Man (uncredited) Blind Man (uncredited)   See fewer
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