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  • Stakeout (1987)
  • R
    117 min | Action, Comedy, Crime
Stakeout (1987)
117 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Two detectives observe an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend, but complications set in when one of them falls for her.
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John Badham (directed by)
Jim Kouf (written by)
Jim Kouf (produced by) | Cathleen Summers (produced by)
Arthur B. Rubinstein (music composed by)
Michael Ripps (edited by) | Tom Rolf (edited by)
Casting Directors
Jane Feinberg (casting by) | Mike Fenton (casting by) | Sid Kozak (casting by) (as Sidney Kozak) | Judy Taylor (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 5, 1987 (United States)


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30 cast members
Name Known for
Richard Dreyfuss
Chris Lecce Chris Lecce   See fewer
Emilio Estevez
Bill Reimers Bill Reimers   See fewer
Madeleine Stowe
Maria McGuire Maria McGuire   See fewer
Aidan Quinn
Richard 'Stick' Montgomery Richard 'Stick' Montgomery   See fewer
Dan Lauria
Phil Coldshank Phil Coldshank   See fewer
Forest Whitaker
Jack Pismo Jack Pismo   See fewer
Ian Tracey
Caylor Reese Caylor Reese   See fewer
Earl Billings
Captain Giles Captain Giles   See fewer
Jackson Davies
FBI Agent Lusk FBI Agent Lusk   See fewer
Scott Andersen
Reynaldo McGuire Reynaldo McGuire   See fewer
Tony Pantages
Tony Harmon Tony Harmon   See fewer
Beatrice Boepple
Carol Reimers Carol Reimers   See fewer
Kyle Wodia
Jeffrey Reimers (as Kyle Woida) Jeffrey Reimers (as Kyle Woida)   See fewer
Jan Speck
Kelly McDonald Kelly McDonald   See fewer
Kim Kondrashoff
Billy Steeks Billy Steeks   See fewer
Gary Hetherington
Prison Doctor (as Gary Heatherington) Prison Doctor (as Gary Heatherington)   See fewer
Don MacKay
Prison Officer (as Don Mackay) Prison Officer (as Don Mackay)   See fewer
Don S. Davis
Prison Gate Guard Prison Gate Guard   See fewer
Roger Dean
Prison First Guard Prison First Guard   See fewer
David Brass
Cafe Waiter Cafe Waiter   See fewer
Elizabeth Bracco
Bar Waitress Bar Waitress   See fewer
Denalda Williams
Farol Bernie (as Denny Williams) Farol Bernie (as Denny Williams)   See fewer
Norma Matheson
1st Paramedic 1st Paramedic   See fewer
Blu Mankuma
2nd Paramedic 2nd Paramedic   See fewer
Lossen Chambers
Supermarket Cashier Supermarket Cashier   See fewer
Lloyd Berry
Gas Station Attendant Gas Station Attendant   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Chris J. Clayton
Pool Player (uncredited) Pool Player (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Prowse
Corvette Driver (uncredited) Corvette Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
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