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  • Cry Freedom (1987)
  • PG
    157 min | Biography, Drama, History
Cry Freedom (1987)
157 min | Biography, Drama, History

South African journalist Donald Woods is forced to flee the country after attempting to investigate the death in custody of his friend, the Black anti-Apartheid activist Steve Biko.
Donald Woods (based on 'Biko' by) (based on 'Asking for Trouble' by) | John Briley (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 6, 1987 (United States)


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99 cast members
Name Known for
Josette Simon
Dr. Ramphele (as Josettesimon-93556) Dr. Ramphele (as Josettesimon-93556)   See fewer
John Matshikiza
Mapetla Mapetla   See fewer
Juanita Waterman
Ntsiki Biko Ntsiki Biko   See fewer
Evelyn Sithole
Nurse at Clinic Nurse at Clinic   See fewer
Xoliswa Sithole
Nurse at Clinic Nurse at Clinic   See fewer
James Coine
Young Boy Young Boy   See fewer
Kevin Kline
Donald Woods Donald Woods   See fewer
Andrew Whaley
Sub-Editor Sub-Editor   See fewer
Shelley Borkum
Woods' Receptionist Woods' Receptionist   See fewer
Denzel Washington
Steve Biko Steve Biko   See fewer
Penelope Wilton
Wendy Woods Wendy Woods   See fewer
Kate Hardie
Jane Woods Jane Woods   See fewer
Graeme Taylor
Dillon Woods Dillon Woods   See fewer
Adam Stuart Walker
Duncan Woods Duncan Woods   See fewer
Hamish Stuart Walker
Gavin Woods Gavin Woods   See fewer
Spring Stuart Walker
Mary Woods Mary Woods   See fewer
Sophie Mgcina
Evalina Evalina   See fewer
Jim Findley
Peter Jones Peter Jones   See fewer
Patricia Gumede
Shebeen Queen Shebeen Queen   See fewer
Angela Gavaza
Shebeen Queen's Niece Shebeen Queen's Niece   See fewer
Basil Chidyamathamba
Brother-in-Law Brother-in-Law   See fewer
Alton Kumalo
Speaker Speaker   See fewer
Lawrence Simbarashe
Informer Informer   See fewer
Timothy West
Captain De Wet Captain De Wet   See fewer
Carl Chase
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
William Morgan Sheppard
Policeman (as Morgan Sheppard) Policeman (as Morgan Sheppard)   See fewer
Zakes Mokae
Father Kani Father Kani   See fewer
John Thaw
Kruger Kruger   See fewer
Neil McPherson
Lemick's Assistant Lemick's Assistant   See fewer
Claude Maredza
1st Rugby Player 1st Rugby Player   See fewer
Carlton Chance
2nd Rugby Player 2nd Rugby Player   See fewer
Glen Murphy
1st Security Guard 1st Security Guard   See fewer
Russell Grant
2nd Security Guard (as Russell Keith Grant) 2nd Security Guard (as Russell Keith Grant)   See fewer
Munyaradzi Kanaventi
Samora Biko Samora Biko   See fewer
George Lovell
Nkosinathi Biko Nkosinathi Biko   See fewer
Andrew McCulloch
Policeman Nel Policeman Nel   See fewer
Graham Fletcher-Cook
Nel's Partner (as Graham Fletcher Cook) Nel's Partner (as Graham Fletcher Cook)   See fewer
Karen Drury
Young Secretary Young Secretary   See fewer
Niven Boyd
1st Roadblock Policeman 1st Roadblock Policeman   See fewer
Tony Vogel
2nd Roadblock Policeman 2nd Roadblock Policeman   See fewer
Christopher Hurst
3rd Roadblock Policeman 3rd Roadblock Policeman   See fewer
Gerald Sim
Police Doctor Police Doctor   See fewer
Peter Cartwright
Senior Police Officer Senior Police Officer   See fewer
Gary Whelan
Police Sergeant Police Sergeant   See fewer
Dudley Dickin
Nationalist Party Delegate Nationalist Party Delegate   See fewer
David Trevena
Mortician Mortician   See fewer
Badi Uzzaman
Mortician's Assistant Mortician's Assistant   See fewer
Robert Phillips
Speaker at Funeral Speaker at Funeral   See fewer
Fishoo Tembo
Biko's Brother Biko's Brother   See fewer
Peggy Marsh
'Helen Suzman' 'Helen Suzman'   See fewer
Gwyneth Strong
Girl at Funeral Girl at Funeral   See fewer
Julian Glover
Don Card Don Card   See fewer
Philip Bretherton
Major Boshoff Major Boshoff   See fewer
Paul Herzberg
Beukes Beukes   See fewer
Robert MacNamara
Security Policeman Security Policeman   See fewer
Hans Sittig
Security Policeman Security Policeman   See fewer
Kimpton Mativenga
Black Security Policeman Black Security Policeman   See fewer
David Henry
Afrikaner Farmer Afrikaner Farmer   See fewer
Michael Turner
Judge Boshoff Judge Boshoff   See fewer
Ian Richardson
State Prosecutor State Prosecutor   See fewer
Kalie Hanekom
Magistrate Prins Magistrate Prins   See fewer
Paul Jerricho
Sergeant Louw Sergeant Louw   See fewer
Star Ncube
1st Prisoner 1st Prisoner   See fewer
David Guwaza
2nd Prisoner 2nd Prisoner   See fewer
Hilary Minster
1st Passport Control Officer 1st Passport Control Officer   See fewer
James Aubrey
2nd Passport Control officer 2nd Passport Control officer   See fewer
Peter Cary
White Frontier Policeman White Frontier Policeman   See fewer
Dominic Kanaventi
Black Frontier Policeman Black Frontier Policeman   See fewer
Sam Mathambo
Lesotho Passport Officer Lesotho Passport Officer   See fewer
Walter Muparutsa
Lesotho Businessman Lesotho Businessman   See fewer
Judy Cornwell
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Alec McCowen
Acting High Commissioner Acting High Commissioner   See fewer
Gwen Watford
Wendy's Mother Wendy's Mother   See fewer
John Paul
Wendy's Stepfather Wendy's Stepfather   See fewer
Louis Mahoney
Lesotho Government Official Lesotho Government Official   See fewer
Michael Graham Cox
3rd Passport Control Officer 3rd Passport Control Officer   See fewer
John Hartley
4th Passport Control Officer 4th Passport Control Officer   See fewer
Simon Shumba
Young Lesotho Official Young Lesotho Official   See fewer
Garrick Hagon
McElrea McElrea   See fewer
Nick Tate
Richie Richie   See fewer
Marilyn Poole
Acting High Commissioner's Wife Acting High Commissioner's Wife   See fewer
William Marlowe
Police Captain at Soweto Police Captain at Soweto   See fewer
Emmanuel Chari
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Aubrey Moalusi
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
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