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Top Gun (1986)
110 min | Action, Drama

As students at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school compete to be best in the class, one daring young pilot learns a few things from a civilian instructor that are not taught in the classroom.
Jim Cash | Jack Epps Jr. | Ehud Yonay (magazine article "Top Guns")
Jerry Bruckheimer (produced by) | Don Simpson (produced by)
Harold Faltermeyer (music score by)
Jeffrey L. Kimball (as Jeffrey Kimball)
Casting Director
Margery Simkin (casting by)
Production Designer
John DeCuir Jr. (as John F. DeCuir Jr.)
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Release date
May 16, 1986 (United States)


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34 cast members
Name STARmeter Known for
Tom Cruise
Maverick Maverick   See fewer
Kelly McGillis
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Top 5000
Top 500
Top 5000
Top 5000
Top 5000
Members only
Barry Tubb
Wolfman Wolfman   See fewer
Members only
Members only
Tim Robbins
Merlin Merlin   See fewer
Top 5000
Members only
Whip Hubley
Hollywood Hollywood   See fewer
Members only
James Tolkan
Stinger Stinger   See fewer
Members only
Meg Ryan
Carole Carole   See fewer
Top 5000
Adrian Pasdar
Chipper Chipper   See fewer
Members only
Randall Brady
Lt. Davis Lt. Davis   See fewer
Members only
Duke Stroud
Air Boss Johnson Air Boss Johnson   See fewer
Members only
Brian Sheehan
Sprawl Sprawl   See fewer
Members only
Ron Clark
Inquiry Commander Inquiry Commander   See fewer
Members only
Frank Pesce
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Members only
Pete Pettigrew
Perry Siedenthal Perry Siedenthal   See fewer
Members only
Troy Hunter
Radio Operator Radio Operator   See fewer
Members only
Linda Rae Jurgens
Mrs. Metcalf Mrs. Metcalf   See fewer
Members only
T.J. Cassidy
Self (as Admiral T.J. Cassidy) Self (as Admiral T.J. Cassidy)   See fewer
Members only
Debi Fares
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Mark Gadbois
Flight Captain (uncredited) Flight Captain (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Chase Jazzborne
Officer's Club Patron (uncredited) Officer's Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Monty Jordan
Cmdr. Phillips (unconfirmed) (uncredited) Cmdr. Phillips (unconfirmed) (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Scott Krambeck
Scott (uncredited) Scott (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
John C. Moran Sr.
Frog (uncredited) Frog (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Danny Nero
Radioman (uncredited) Radioman (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Victor Spadaro
F5E VF-126 Bandits Adversary Pilot / Mig Pilot (uncredited) F5E VF-126 Bandits Adversary Pilot / Mig Pilot (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Wilson the Volleyball
Volleyball (uncredited) Volleyball (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Wendy Wells-Gunkel
Vollyball Spectator (uncredited) Vollyball Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
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Top 5000

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Ratings Breakdown

6.9 / 10 | 310,627 votes